Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Coffee in Montpellier

I've been to Germany for a few days and only left there this morning, traipsing at 6:00 am from the rental car park to the airport terminal in a wet semi snowstorm, needless to say without an umbrella ..awhh. How glad I was to see the palm trees swaying in a slight breeze on my arrival! It was a glorious morning in southern France, so instead of heading straight home, DH took me for a much needed coffee to Montpellier. We sat in the sun in a café on the Place de la Comédie, eating Croissants, drank a petit café and caught up...

Wearing my Ex-libris Gavroche secured with a horn scarf ring.

If you follow this little street to the end, you'll get straight to H ! (I didn't go today though, I was far too tired)

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