Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Ode to the Regate scarf ring

with 90cm Carrés

With a Carré en Carré 90 scarf:

Aux Pays des Epices 90 scarf:

with a Belles du Mexique 90 Mousseline

with a Projet Carré Plissé, tied into a flower knot

in a Shoulder Wrap

with 70cm Vintage Carrés..

Chaînes et Gourmettes in a butterfly knot

OP'H in a Simple Loop

with 70cm Cotton Carrés

En Desordre in a butterfly knot

Chasse en Inde in a Papillon knot


  1. i have gone through your previous posts - you are a really beautiful woman. wow! i think you would make an old tattered potato sack look pretty appealing, but you wear hermes equally well.
    you're wearing one of my favorite patterns in this post.

  2. Thank you up and down town. Which one is it..Chasse en Inde?

  3. no, the op H one.

  4. Love it too. This season it came out as a mousse stole, have not got one but seen a pic. So gorgeous!

  5. Dear Mai Tai:
    You are an inspiration to us all. How difficult is it to use the Regate scarf ring with a 90 cm carre folded as you have with the Carre en Carres? Is there a trick to doing this without risking damage to the scarf?

  6. Merci for your kind comment Ma Folie. Pulling the CenC through the Regate was not an easy feat, I got there in the end with a lot of patience and determination and managed doing so without damaging the scarf. I wish there would be a bigger scarf ring to make it easier. It works very well with a 70 Carré though. :-)

  7. Thank you for the tip on the 70mm. Now I have a perfect excuse to purchase more scarves!

  8. Ma Folie, I hope the link works, as this is a post that shows you how it looks with a 70 Carré. Happy shopping! ;-)


  9. Dear MaiTai, I so very much love the look of you in the pink Mousseline with the Regate scarf ring. If you have time, would you mind showing a video how to get that fabulous look? (but only if you have time as I understand you're a busy beautiful mom) :)

    I browsed at the local H store today the SA actually recommended a Cosmo scarf ring as according to her it's easier to handle. And since you're the expert, I would like to see if you've used it before?

  10. Hi nuinuinui and thank you for your kind comment. Will put a how-to video of the Waterfall knot on my to-do list!

    Re. the Cosmos. It is a very pretty ring and I have tried it on in the store. Personally, I prefer the Regate, I find it more versatile and easier to use. You could ask your SA to show you the ways she uses the Cosmo. If you like what she does, go for it! :-)

  11. Dear MaiTai... I wonder if you have any instructional videos on using the Regate, I am struggling to find any. Many thanks, angela

  12. Most of the above pics are done with the same technique, you slide both ends of your scarf through the ring, coming from opposite directions. You can vary the look by leaving the ends at different lengths, by pulling the scarf closer to your neck, or letting it drop further down. Or, wrap your scarf around your neck before sliding the ends through. You can create a bow effect by feeding the ends through once more. You can also fold your scarf into a rectangle (best with the 70 size) and pull both ends through your Regate, coming from the same direction. And finally, a couple of video links. Have fun experimenting!



  13. MaiTai... thank you again so much... I have my first H scarves and am going to start playing :) kindest regards, angela

  14. You are very welcome, Angela, and congratulations on your scarves! Wishing you much fun and enjoyment with your ring and silks! x