Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Ode to the Gavroche ring

Gavroche rings are beautiful and versatile scarf rings. They can be worn both sides, one is enamel (they come in other colors too) the other palladium.

They are perfect for a Gavroche...

but they also work with Twillys...

and 70 Vintage scarves..

as well as 90 scarves


  1. Hi, I know this may be a strange question but can you please tell me what sort of clip you use to put your hair up, it always looks so neat and perfect, thank you in advance, Caroline

  2. Hi MT, my fav out of them all (they are all so lovely!) are the first and fourth! Is the fourth passage Tokyo? I love the black and white shades! Thank you for the wonderful ideas :)

  3. Hi Caroline, not a strange question at all, it's all part of styling, n'est ce pas? Most of the time I use two horn combs, twist the hair into two strands and fix them to the head with the combs. When I'm lazy, I use a clip similar to the plastic ones hairdressers use, only that mine is horn and actually quite pretty.

  4. Thanks dreamdoll. Well spotted, the Twilly is a De Passage à Tokyo indeed. It is one of my favourites too. :-)

  5. I need one of these. Badly.

    Do you ever wear the little pocket squares? If so, do you do anything besides a simple square knot around the neck or knot them on a handbag handle?

    After watching your plisse flower video last night, I was inspired to do my fuschia "" plisee that way and have gotten such a kick out of how beautiful and easy it is. I would love to see more suggestions for the plisse, if you'd be so inclined.

  6. I love Pocket Square/Pochettes and wear them a lot. In this blog they are refered to as Gavroches, as this is how H calls them in France. (here H calls the Men's Pocket squares 'Pochettes') No idea why they've been given different names in different markets.

    I got a list of new projects and will definitely add a Plissé video to it, it's a great idea.