Friday, June 12, 2009

H it Up ~ Chaîne d'Ancre Horn Scarf Ring

Today it is scarf ring day and I am wearing my Chaîne d'Ancre in horn, the first scarf ring I ever bought. My preferred way is to fold the scarf in the bias, wrap it once around the neck, pull the ends through the ring and leave them hanging long.

H it Up!
Aux Pays des Epices 90 Carré
Chaîne d'Ancre horn scarf ring
Muse belt buckle and gris-t belt strap
• Silver rings and Enamel bangles


  1. The horn ring is lovely..Horn is definitely growing on me :D

  2. I can imagine you getting quite horny ;-)

  3. Lovely! I love how the edges of the scarf are the same color as the belt strap,very chic indeed! The scarf ring is a lovely tone with the belt and scarf too,I am really starting to lean towards a horn ring as neutral option,its lovely!

  4. Thank you dill.bob and very well observed. Little details that pick up on colors pull outfits together and you are right, the horn ring is a wonderful neutral choice!