Monday, April 5, 2010

Gorgeous Birkin looking for a new home!

This beautiful Birkin is looking for a new home, and since she belongs to a dear friend of mine, I am delighted to introduce her here ~

30 size Birkin
Gold Togo leather
White contrast stitching
Palladium hardware

The leather has no veins, and the condition is pristine, as she has only been carried lightly. The year of the original purchase is 2007, and the blind stamp is a 'K'. Light surface scratches on the hardware and light corner wear, as to be expected.

Comes with clochette, tirette, lock, rain cover and dust bag. No orange box. I have taken all photos at my local H, which is where my friend bought the bag originally.

The price is 3950 Euros (about 5325 USD) firm, plus shipping and PayPal fees (if applicable). The current retail price is 5400 Euros (8650 USD in the US)

If you are interested, or would like to see more photos, please email me at:


  1. Hi!
    I just joined your site. I have a few questions for you.
    I just was given two Hermes scarves from a friend who works there as she gets a nice discount.

    She gave me the brun/rouge rose/indien Chasse En Inde and the Jardins d'Hiver chocolat/orange. I can send you pictures if needed.

    My questions are this:
    1. Should I keep these both or one of them as I will be able to get plenty of colorful looks and ties out of them or
    2. Should I go with a geometric one like the Belles du Mexique in black (currently on the Hermes website).

    What would give me the most versatility wise?

    Thanks for any advice you can provide.

    I enjoy reading your website, great ideas!

  2. Hi Linz, and welcome to my blog.

    The scarves your friend gave you sound lovely, and if you enjoy wearing them, I would keep them. However, if versatility is your main criteria, go for the BdM in black. Personally I would choose whichever scarf excites me most, and not theorise too much. Good luck!

    mackt_gattis, thanks.

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  4. Thanks so much for your advice. I am going to get the Belles du Mexique in black. Thanks again!

  5. Elle, a ‘helpful’ comment from you is not at all what it seems. As you very well know, I do not wish to be in any kind of contact with you. You also know, that I have very good reasons for this. Sadly, I can not stop you looking at my blog, but please take notice that I do not appreciate you coming here in any form, be it as Elle, Mstyle, fsh, Michelle, or as any of the many IDs you invent or appropriate.

  6. Such a lovely and classic Birkin, and believe it or not, this was lilyhermes' first, and I miss her but decided that the 35 cm was my Birkin of choice.

    It's dear of you to help your friend find her a good new home. I'm just hoping that she won't miss her when she's gone!

  7. A true classic she is, dear Jerrine. Deciding between a 30 and 35 will remain a tricky dilemma, unless H was to come out with a 32.5, lol!

  8. I know, that would be a perfect size wouldn't it. They really should listen to us!

  9. Mai Tai, what an absolutely gorgeous Birkin, I
    love the color and size.
    Such an easy bag to carry and very lightweight.
    I really love PHW with gold leather. The white
    stitching is the final touch! What a beauty!

  10. Jerrine, that would be the day! We could get started on a list, just in case, LOL!

    Dear pamella, you summed her up so beautifully, thank you :-)

    Update: Delighted to say that the Birkin has found a new home, happiness all around! Many thanks everyone for your kind comments and good wishes! xx

  11. MaiTai and Jerrine - you ladies do know, that there is such a thing as a HAC 32? LOL! Just kidding, of course, I know it's not the same. In any case I just wanted to say, that I had no doubt, that with the help of our lovely hostess MaiTai this beauty would find a new home in no time! (Must add, that the HFT is still very happy, that she didn't meet all my specs for a gold birkin) :-))

  12. Wonderful news that the gold Birkin has found a lovely new home. It's certainly going to make its new owner very happy!

  13. hairmess, now there is another thing for the H wish list, a HAC with Birkin proportions, lol. Cheers to the HFT, anything to keep him happy!!

    hair-mess and Jerrine, thank you for joining the celebrations :-) x

  14. Now, that's what I've always wanted - a HAC with Birkin proportions and more importantly, Birkin handles!

    Come on, Hermes, how difficult could it be?

  15. Put my name down on that signature list!