Monday, April 26, 2010

Voyage d'Hermès

Seeing the beautiful images of the 'Voyage d'Hermès' commercial gave my week a wonderful start. I hope it brings a happy lift to your Monday too.

To see the video, click on image below


  1. Hermes certainly knows how to make life more beautiful--even with it's ads. Thank you for sharing <3

  2. This literally brought tears to my eyes and made me smile all the same. Thank you so much, dear MaiTai, for posting this - bringing back the memory of my favorite horse and the beautiful rides I could share with her! orange hugs, HM

  3. This is really beautiful, thank you for sharing dear MT, hugs to you! xx

  4. oh, this made my day. thank you for posting this lovely ad.

  5. I recently received "Voyage" as a present from the manager of my H store. I've been wearing it almost every day since...
    It's a wonderful scent, difficult to describe, but spicy, airy, natural are words that come to mind.
    I do love the video!

  6. Dear Maitai,

    Thank you so much for sharing this. Love the freedom and the energy! You are the best <3

  7. Glad you enjoyed the video, ladies. Have a wonderful rest of the week. xx

    andiamo, exactly why we love H so much!

    hair-mess, orange hugs to you and your beautiful horse <3

    Such fun to share with you girls, hugs to you too, dear DD

    A happy day to you, angolfa :-)

    dance, what a nice store manager you have! I love the scent too.

    JTandDis, here's to freedom and energy!

  8. Mai Tai, thank you so much for this stunning ad. It
    is truly a feast for the eyes and senses! We did not
    get it here in the states, so what a treat to get to
    see it! They are so unbelievably talented!

  9. Thank you, dear pamella. It truly is a feast.. I've watched it so many times now, and still don't get tired of it.

  10. Thanks so much for sharing this...the ad is sooo beautiful just like the smell of Voyages..I have deepened by love of a horses beauty!

  11. I like the scent too, HermesCrew. The horse is just magnificent!