Friday, May 21, 2010

Bolide 1923 and Kelly Sport ~ looking for a new home

A good friend of mine needs to clear some space in her closet, and is looking for a new home for her gorgeous 1923 Bolide and 25 Kelly Sport. Both bags are authentic Hermès bags in absolutely pristine condition, they have only been carried a couple of times and look like new. There is no corner wear whatsoever.

Kelly Sport Specs:
Size: 25 cm
Color: Black
Leather: Togo
Hard ware: Gold

It comes with it's shoulder strap, dustbag and orange box.

The price is 2400 EUR (approx. 3015 USD) plus shipping and PayPal/bank transfer charges if applicable. The Kelly Sport is discontinued, and those that are still available have a current retail price of approx. 3800 EUR (approx. 4770 USD)

UPDATE: both bags have been rehomed

Bolide 1923 Specs:
Size: 30cm
Color: Marron foncé or Chocolat
Leather: Togo
Hard ware: Palladium

It comes with it's lock, keys, clochette, tirette, dustbag and orange box.

The price is 2000 EUR (approx. 2520 USD) plus shipping and PayPal/bank transfer charges if applicable. The Bolide 1923 has a current retail price of 3100 EUR (approx. 3900 USD)

If you are interested or if you have any further questions, please contact me at

Have a great weekend everyone!!


  1. yummy, esp. that stunning bolide1923. If I didn't have my choc birkin, I'd grab that one in a heartbeat!

  2. Gorgeous!! Too bad I have Kelly and Bolide in Ebene...

  3. Oh so fabulous - if I could, I'd take both!

    The Kelly Sport reminds me of the So-Kelly - can you say a bit about the difference between these two?

    By the way - LOVE your blog and your style! :-)

  4. Same here, dear hair-mess and Tatjana, no doubling up on colors! Otherwise I might have snapped her up in a heartbeat..

    A warm welcome to my blog, dear Ferret And Hound. Thank you for your kind words, and for subscribing, I hope you will continue to enjoy it here!

    The main difference between the SO Kelly and the Kelly Sport is the shape and proportion, the SO is longer, and the widest part is in the lower third, it has a tapered bottom. The Kelly Sport is a trapeze shape. The SO has just the turnlock, the Kelly Sport has a plaque as well. Otherwise they close in the same way. I hope this helps. If someone else wants to chime in on the differences, please do so! :-)

  5. The Bolide is gorgeous! What does Bolide 1923 mean and are there any differences with a "regular" bolide?

  6. It is a gorgeous bag indeed, dear House Hunting in Paris, and has just found a new home, leaving France tomorrow.

    The '1923' is a reference to the year the Bolide came out, as a travel bag for the new mode of traveling, the automobile.

    The main differences are:
    Size: 1923 is 30cm, the Bolide 31cm or 37cm
    Handles: the handles of the 1923 are about 3cm shorter
    Front: the 1923 has an open front pocket, but no medallion.
    In general, the shape of the 1923 is slightly lower and longer than the one of the regular Bolide. Hope this helps :-)

  7. Hi, is the Kelly sport still available?

    1. I am sorry, but it has found a new home a while ago.