Sunday, May 16, 2010

Capsule wardrobe #6

Beige and orange

When adding bright splashes of color, I often choose capsule pieces that are tone in tone, hereby avoiding a look that might otherwise become too busy, or overloaded. Here toning down the effect even further, by wearing the scarf in a plain knot, half tucked away.

Capsules: beige jacket, white shirt and beige 3/4 length jeans
Shoes: tan loafers
Accessories: 'Carré en Carré' 90 Carré
Scarf tying method: Fold scarf into a rectangular strip, place around neck and make a loose simple knot. Tuck ends into shirt, while placing them on top of each other.

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  1. Dear MaiTai

    The colour combination looks great on you!It reminds me of Spring. Thank you for including the shoes.
    Wishing you a great week ahead!xx

  2. I love the bright scarf with the beige/white tone-on- tone capsule pieces. It's quite the opposite of what I usually do (bright scarf with black or white and neutral scarf with beiges for all over tone-on-tone). I'm definitely going to mix it up and give this a try (will just have to not be too disappointed when I don't look like MaiTai when I look in the mirror LOL!). Just curious ... what bag would you have used with this outfit? Your Picotin, perhaps?

  3. Dear beautiful MT,

    Very cheerful combination..
    A splash of orange really brighten up your neutral outfit..
    Allow me to visualize if you use "Puzzle" instead of "Carre en Carre"..
    It would add a bright blue tone in your outfit and you could ask Ms Bolide to accompany your trip..

    Actually, the key factors in this picture are your figure and your smile..
    Love your smile.

  4. Subtle neutrals with just the right touch of "orange". And h-bag or not, you always look like a million bucks ;-), HM

  5. No matter what you do you always look fantastic. I try to stay away from light neutrals like beige because they make me look like a corpse. But adding that fun splash of color might be the solution....which means that I will have to(!) rush to Hermès since I don't have any bright colored scarves... ;-P

  6. Brilliant to match orange with beiges, beautiful balance! And of course, you look fabulous as always! Good week to you xx

  7. Dear MaiTai, Once again you take my breath away! What a fantastic way to wear bright orange - it pops just in the right way and at the same time brings out the beige jacket. Simply brilliant! Love the style and the color of the shoes - for me, it completes the picture. Thank you and have a great week <3

  8. Bravissima MT, I'd love to see this outfit with your Puzzle + Bolide!!! Thank you for sharing, you look beautiful!

  9. Late again, however, love the Swarowski trip pics and the wedding outfit. It's as if a fairy-tale has become real! And we are a litte part of it. Stunning outfit - romantic yet grown-up - makes me not wanting to see the bride's. Thank you, MaiTai, your blog always reminds me that life is wonderful.

    re: Capsule No.7
    Perfect again. The orange is just the right amount of colour to it.

  10. Somebody said: “perfection has been reached not when there is nothing left to add, but when there is nothing left to take away”.
    You always reach perfection.

  11. Another latecomer here, who thinks your wedding outfit was perfection! Love this combination too, MaiTai - we are twins yet again with this scarf! The combination of orange and beige/white is so fresh!

  12. i love this color combo. now i got one more idea to wear my orange scarf.

    thank you. :)

  13. MT...

    The scarf as ascot is such a nice, classic look and you do it tres chic! A style and treatment seen rarely in these parts, alas...

    John in DFW Texas

  14. Dear Manuela, xandrah, Erlina, hair-mess, booksnchocolate, lifeatmyfingertips, Scarf Enthusiast, Birkinmary, angolfa, cecilia, sushi queen and John ~ many thanks for the lovely comments, compliments and suggestions. You always bring happy sunshine to my day! Bisous xx

    Dear Manuela, so true, Spring/early Summer is the right time of the year to wear this color combination! Happy you like it, and wishing you a wonderful rest of the week too x

    Spot on with the Picotin, dear xandrah, I carried her indeed that day. Glad you like the bright splash with the tone in tone, I often wear neutral scarves with these type of clothes too, but sometimes it is fun to do something different. Have fun experimenting :-)

    Dear Erlina, love your suggestion of the Puzzle II with Ms Bolide! Happy to oblige... will post a pic later on today!

    Doesn’t a touch of ‘orange’ always brighten one up, dear hair-mess, and especially so, if it comes in the shape of a box, tehe!

    Always happy to instigate a trip to Hermès, dear booksnchocolate, hehe! Any luck? Please keep us posted!

    Happy you like the match, dear DD. It was so great to see you last week, we'll catch up on the champagne later ;-)

    You are so kind, dear Scarf Enthusiast, thank you. I have such fun including the shoes, so again a big thank you to you, and your wonderful suggestion. x

    Gracias, dear Birkinmary, both for the compliment and the suggestion! Will get a pic out later today :-)

    Always happy to see you joining in, dear angolfa, and thank you for your lovely words. Wherever I go, I try and take photos that might be interesting for you ladies, so you are very much part of it all x

    Dear cecilia, what a wonderful saying! Thank you for sharing, and for applying it so generously to me, I feel truly honoured. x

    Twins again, dear sushi queen, yay!! Here’s to you, and to our twin scarves! <3

    Have fun with your orange scarf, dear Julia. Happy Spring!

    Dear John, so nice to see you, and thank you for your lovely comment. Classic and warm greetings to you.