Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Capsule wardrobe #7

Today's post is in honor of Erlina and Birkinmary, who suggested the Puzzle II scarf and Bolide to go with the beige jacket and jeans from the last post. And without Scarf Enthusiast's request, there wouldn't be any shoes to see. A big thank you to you, dear ladies, your ideas and requests are wonderfully enriching, and they add so much fun.

Capsules: beige jacket and beige 3/4 length jeans
Shoes: mesh ballerinas
Accessories: 'Puzzle' 90 Carré, chaine d'ancre enamel, BdP Bolide, 'clou de selle' horn pendant.
Scarf tying method: click here for a how-to

Below, a simple variation, achieved by taking off the jacket, and a change of necklace. The coral colored cluster necklace is a new addition to the MaiTai collection, please click here for more details


  1. Did I say you always look like "a million bucks"? Have to correct myself - make that two million! ;-) And as to your last outfit - a gold bag would look awesome as well. A gold bag, surrounded by an orange box, that is. Tehe! :-))

  2. Love this burst of colour on you, you look terrific!! =) Do I sense more colours coming up in accessories? Lol, as you know, I've already given in to the bags..looking forward to seeing you soon! xx

  3. I'd forgotten to congratulate you on your new collection!! Cheers to you my dear <3

  4. How I love the chic,simple looks with the pops of much fun!
    You look amazing as always and your smile is always the icing on the cake!
    I also love the shoe addition,especially the mesh ballet flats.Now over to check out the new necklace!
    Hugs to you:-)

  5. It is difficult to find words to describe how you look like! Each time you come up with a new suggestion.Dear Maitai,you are so creative and so elegant!And as mentioned before you have a beautiful smile! The necklace adds joy to the outfit. I like it!xx

  6. Hi MaiTai! I've been following your blog for some time now, and I must say, you look utterly fabulous! I love the simplicity of your outfits, without ever looking boring, must be the gorgeous bags and scarves ;)

    I'm new to Hermès, and I've been considering a scarf for some time, but don't really understand the Hermès scarf world. Could I suggest a series of this? An introduction of the Hermès scarves?

    Hope you're having a lovely evening!


  7. So sweet of you mention my idea..
    Couldn't agree more with hair-mess, two million bucks look indeed.. :D

    Thank you to show me how to optimize capsule wardrobe..
    Looking forward to see your upcoming elegant style..


  8. MT, love it beyond expectations! good job! my favorite is the look with the necklace, just stunning! thank you for posting :)

  9. Absolutely love this outfit on you, gorgeous...and you made me really need to go out and get that scarf!!!

  10. Dear hair-mess, lifeatmyfingertips, Trudye, Manuela, Thea, Erlina, Birkinmary and Aurene ~ many thanks for your warm comments and lovely compliments, you ladies are just the sweetest <3

    hair-mess, I gladly take another million, lol! Don’t get me started on a gold bag, my dear, still kicking myself for the one I let go pass! But with the extra million of course, I'll get two.. one for each of us!!

    Tehe, sharp eyes and mind, dear DD! Many thanks for the good wishes, so sweet of you to say <3

    Thank you, dear Trudye. I love the happy pops too, especially in summer. Perfect for our capsules! x

    Dear Manuela, you are so kind, many thanks for the lovely words. Happy you liked the latest capsule episode! <3

    A warm welcome to you, Thea, so nice to hear that you enjoy it here. Thank you for your H scarf introduction suggestion, it is something I have not thought of before, but I do like the idea . Will think about it more, and try and work something out :-)

    Erlina and Birkinmary, here’s to you, darlings! Big mwahs to you, and happy orange/blue waves! x

    Thank you, Aurene! Good luck with the scarf, I hope you will find yours soon :-)

  11. You're just too kind ;-)! <3, HM

  12. Thank you, MaiTai, you are absolutely the sweetest! - and you are totally spoiling us! I love your shoe collection - they are so pretty and they all look very comfortable. What a great idea to show two versions - really goes to show just how one or two pieces can create completely different moods. Love the way you tied the Puzzle scarf with the rose in the middle. You are positively glowing! Congratulations on the MaiTai Collection - the coral necklace is absolutely delicious - like yummy ripe fruit! I truly cherish coming here - you've created such a wonderful world. Have a great week. x

  13. More lovely looks from you, MaiTai, and a big congratulations on your new collection! Looking forward to seeing it grow! xx

  14. Amazing how a change in accessories gives a whole new look to an outfit. You look fabulous MaiTai!

  15. While I always thought you the queen of neutral chic, I'm loving this new departure, and orange and blue are always fabulous together and somehow look like summer personified -- on some wonderful Greek island, or better yet - Capri!

    And, those coral beads. Have to have them. Sign me up. Order to follow.

  16. Your new cluster necklace looks fabulous.
    And your pearl necklace I've just received is just fabulous... another exquisite and refined treasure coming from Chez Mai Tai.
    Thank you very much.

  17. Very nice! Very stylish!
    I love to wear neutrals, too, and my pops of color always come from H. Orange looks great on you - a favorite color of mine - and ballerinas... well, hurray!

  18. You are more than welcome, dear hair-mess :D

    You are the sweetest, dear Scarf Enthusiast, and many thanks for your lovely comment. Glad you like both versions, and many thanks for your good wishes! The vast majority of my shoes are comfortable, as low/no heels fit my lifestyle best :-)

    You are too kind, She Wore It Well, merci!

    Many thanks for the lovely good wishes, dear sushi queen <3

    Merci, dear booksnchocolate, and I could not agree more, accessories rock! :-)

    Ms Coral is on her way, dear Jerrine. Capri here we come! x

    So happy to hear the pearls arrived safely, dear cecilia, and so nice to hear that you love them! Thank you also for your lovely comment re Ms Cluster :-)

    Here's to neutrals, orange, and to Ballerinas, dear dance! Happy you liked the combo, and thank you for saying so <3

  19. Its been a while since I posted on your blog but have been following. Loving the new capsule wardrobe and of course your clever and creative splashes of H. I'd love to know more about the beige jacket, it is a fantastic cut. PS Ms Bolide is a joy.

  20. Dear MsT, so nice to see you commenting, and happy to hear that you like the capsule series! The jacket is a couple of seasons ago from Mexx. The fabric is a cotton with a little bit of elasthan, which I like very much, as it allows the fabric to stretch with one's movements, making it very comfortable and easy to wear :-)

  21. Hey MaiTai
    i am Audrey's daughter Alexandra who lives in Italy. I have an all important question for you about your various hermes halter top looks. How do you resolve the bra question? Have you come up with a closed back way to wear a scarf as top? I have worn some scarves this way with a blazer, but would love to have a mid summer solution, ie no blazer or cardigan to cover up. Ideas?

  22. Dear Alexandra, a great method to cover the back is to wear a tube top underneath. In addition, you could wear a halter style, or strapless bra. Hope this helps :)