Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Cascade knot ~ how-to

 Fold your scarf into a triangle, place around your shoulders and follow the video instructions below:

The Cascade knot is perfect for:

70 scarves
90 dip dyes
90 jerseys
90 PM mousselines


  1. Hi MaiTai,

    Just wondering, is the cascade knot the same as the butterfly? I've watched both videos and they seem to be done the same way and achieve the same result? It's a great way to tie a scarf though and I often use it! I like the volume it creates!

    Also, at some point, please would you be able to redo the snowball knot video as it looks like such a great style and I would love to know exactly how to do it. I know you've commented on it saying it's similar to the twilly wrap, but an individual video would be very helpful.

    Thank you for all your scarf knotting inspiration! My husband can't understand my fascination with scarves as I'm always coming home with new ones, but I love choosing a scarf to go with an outfit then choosing the scarf ring and which clever knot to use!

    Celia xx

  2. Hello Celia, So nice to hear about your love for scarves! I took the Butterfly knot down, as it's an old version of the cascade. You can find the snowball knot tutorial in the menu bar on the right hand side. If you have troubles viewing it, you could try and update your Adobe Flash Player. Good luck!