Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Style sheets!

I have spent some more time thinking on how the 'capsule wardrobe' series would work best, and after some experimenting with photos and layout, came up with a style sheet format, where you can see the capsule pieces, accessories and the complete look all in one glance.

I had so much fun doing this that I went back to my archives, looking for photos that feature the chosen capsule wardrobe pieces. Here the first six, complete with their 'style sheet' make over. Over time, I will add more, and of course new productions too.

You can browse the 'capsule series' by episode, or by category of clothes, both features can be found in the sidebar on the right.

Hope you'll enjoy!


  1. Enjoy indeed! Elégante, racée and tech savvy! My dear MT, you put me to shame. This is simply wonderful. You should be a mag editor (we would see a lot of much nicer things, then).

  2. Amazing pictures ... so much better than any fashion & style books since the pictures capture real person's elements of style.
    I need your suggestion (again!).. me and my mother just bought a 35 Kelly in Soleil (Yes, we often share things. It really helps my budget..LOL)
    Unlike my mother who likes matchy-matchy outfit, I want to wear the Kelly with dark grey/dark blue outfit and I need a scarf which could "tied" my outfit together.
    I have considered Faubourg by Night in black/yellow cw. But it only has 2 major colors. Very limited choice of outfit to wear with the scarf.
    I'd love to have Passage de Moscou in grey cw, but I think it's impossible to acquire one since it sold out everywhere.
    Do you have any design to suggest? Thank you in advance lovely MaiTai ...

  3. You are way too kind, dearest ABG, but thank you very much for the sweet compliment. I'd be the slowest editor on this planet, judging by the amount of time it took me to get this together, lol! Hugs x

  4. This is wonderful!! I love style sheets =) And you look amazing as always, I especially love seeing how simple outfits come alive with just a little touch! Thank you for sharing this <3 Hugs to you.

  5. You should have your own fashion magazine Maitai, this is fantastic! Thank you so much for doing this.

  6. Congratulations to you and your DM on the happy sunshine Kelly, Erlina! I gather you are looking for a 90 Carré.. which brings La Femme aux Semelles de Vent with the yellow border to mind! It also has blue, grey, black, white, khaki, green and turquoise accents, and is such a beautiful and stunning scarf (ref no 002496S color code 02) It should still be availabe, so hurry, my dear! Other than that, a visit to H's scarf counter should be very fruitful too, as so many designs in the Spring/Summer had yellow in them. Good luck, and keep us posted!

  7. Thank you DD!! We can celebrate the style sheets on Friday, how fab is that! <3

  8. Splendid idea, once again, dear MaiTai. I wish your inspiring ideas could be issued in a book! I would buy it right away! Thank you! Wish you a nice weekend. Hug, M.

  9. Dear booksnchocolate, so happy that you like the new project. I had such fun doing the sheets, and it is wonderful to see that the new baby gets loved! Thank you <3

  10. Aww.. thank you, Manuela. You are so kind to say, many thanks for the lovely compliment <3

  11. Wow! Fabulous and look forward to seeing The MaiTai Collection!

  12. MT, love the new layout! thank you for your ideas.

  13. hank you Scarf Addict, so happy you like it!

    Gracias, Birkinmary! Really pleased you enjoy the new layout :-)

  14. pMai Tai, I love your Style sheets! i have leaned so
    much from you and it is so helpful to see things put
    together with new ideas. I can even "shop my closet"!
    This would make a wonderful style book! I have Elle,
    Bazaar and Rachel Zoe and yours is 100% better because you are including "H"! Thank you for all your
    time and research to do this.

  15. FABULOUS! FABULOUS! FABULOUS! ...wonderful style sheets ! CONGRATULATIONS !! and intrigued to learn more on The MaiTAI Collection. Amou.

  16. Dear MaiTai,
    Just lovely, so inspiring to see how practical and stylish fashion is put together. You make it seem so natural and easy. Thanks so much - this is my definition of enabling - accessible, gorgeous and fun! All the best

  17. Wow,Wow and Wow!
    Your style sheet layout is much fun.I look forward to the next page AND the horn cuff.
    You are so talented and creative!
    Lv Trudye

  18. P.S. No more Rachel Zoe for me...MT all the way!

  19. You are brilliant, MaiTai! What a great collection of looks! I am looking forward to your 'MaiTai Collection' - your horn cuff is beautiful!

  20. Maitai, The style sheets are fantastic! It's so helpful to see the individual pieces all laid out. Love the cross reference feature by both categories.
    An itsy-bitsy question/request? Would you ever consider including the footwear in some of your shots? I have often wondered what fabulous shoes/boots/sandals you are wearing to complete the look.
    Thank you for sharing your very special talents! You are a true inspiration <3

  21. Dear MT,
    Unfortunately H boutiques in my city doesn't have the Le Femme scarf..
    My lovely SA will try to find that scarf.. (Finger crossed!!)
    Meanwhile,my eyes struck to this beauty,Dip Dye Brides de Gala in chartreuse/grey cw..
    Talking about fallin' in love at first sight..
    (I thought,hey my style guru also has one..:D)
    Never thought that Ms BdG will get along with Ms Soleil..they're best friends ever since..
    I will pm you at TPF to show the pic..
    Love to chat with you

  22. Well, I just cancelled my subscription to "Vogue." Who needs it now that we have MaiTai?

    Well done, MT!

  23. I still think you should write a book - of style! Everything looks so lovely.

    Also, the Horn Cuff is intriguing too! Looking forward to more!

    Oh, and thank you! This must have been so much work to gather together, and it looks wonderful!

  24. pamella, Amou, Rosekirk, Trudye, sushi queen, Scarf Enthusiast, Jerrine and Mia T ~ bisous to you ladies, so happy about your wonderful response re the style sheets, thank you! x

    Dear pamella,‘shop my closet’ certainly is a win/win, leaving us more $$ for H ;-)

    Amou dear, the MT collection is only shaping up in my mind at the moment, but hopefully there will be news on the horn bangle soon :-)

    Dear Rosekirk, love your definition of enabling, accessible and fun are what I intend this to be, merci :-)

    A warm welcome to your, dearest Trudye, how wonderful to see you here, joining the fun! Horn news to be posted hopefully soon <3

    Thank you, dear sushi queen, truly happy you like the cuff and sheets <3

    Dear Scarf Enthusiast, I love requests and find them very inspiring, so many thanks for bringing the shoes up! I hardly dare think though what DH and DS will say if I start to take pictures of my shoes, but anything for you girls, LOL!

    LOL, dearest Jerrine, and a big hug to you x

    Only if you write the copy, dear lovely Mia T! ;-)

  25. Congratulations on the BdG DipDye, dear Erlina! What a great find/idea, looking forward to seeing a pic! And we are scarf cousins, what fun. Nothing beats trying, so often I decide against a 'must have' and end up with something that was not on my list, so glad you and your scarf found each other. Enjoy our chats here too, have fun with your sunshine colors <3

  26. Simply beautiful and very inspiring MT.... A great reminder for me that the best wardrobes are well-fitting basics with accessories that bring them to life. Now when I look in my closet I don't feel the same need for something new... it's more about making what I have work and maybe buying that special Hermes item-- like a bracelet-- instead of another article of clothing.

  27. Thank you, dear SMR. You have summed it up so well, my sentiments exactly! :-) Have fun planning and organzing, and yes, a special accessory would be a such wonderful (and long lasting!) reward.

  28. I've been out of town... just saw this post... looks like you have a book in the making!

    I'm totally serious!

  29. Welcome back, GirlMeetsParis! You are too generous and kind, merci beaucoup for the lovely compliment <3