Wednesday, June 2, 2010

How to wear a hermes scarf in a criss-cross knot

Starting point: basic bias fold

Then place your scarf around the neck and follow the video instructions below


  1. so happy i found your site. great new ways to tie my scarves.

  2. So happy to hear! Have fun knotting and tying :-)

  3. Love your site - two suggestions please
    1- could you have a 'summary' page that shows a thumbnail picture of all the different knots so one can look at it and decide on the style and click from there - the individual names down the right-hand column don't always help
    2- could you have a non-video version as well for the various knots i.e. a few photos showing key steps - don't always have the bandwidth for video and sometimes just the key picture is needed no need to watch the entire video
    thanks! AB

    1. Many thanks for your comment and suggestions. I'm aware of both! The thumbnail pictures are not possible on the Blogger format, but if I'll upgrade my site one day, this option will be available. The non-video version is also on my list, but will have to wait for the moment.. time wise, I'm pretty much strechted as it is.

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