Thursday, June 3, 2010


Last night, I indulged in a fun browse at, a place one could easily spent far too much time at! The site is basically a modern paper doll game, or virtual closet (waving to you, Trudye), offering thousands of different clothes and accessories to play with.

You choose a model and background (there are more than a dozen different ones), and then you continue to add clothes and accessories to your hearts content. You can alter your creations at any time, change the model's hair and expression, transport her to different locations, and restyle the 'ingredients' in endless varieties.

I started out by choosing a scarf. The selection of H scarves is limited, but I very much liked this Early America 90 Carré. The rest followed from there.. clothes 'shopping' for a specific scarf again, lol!

Have fun creating your own looks with Looklet

add a big smile..

or see how the look works on a different model, and transport her to another location


  1. This is so much fun! I'm playing with (sorry "creating") new looks that are so different from what I usually wear. And aside from having fun and playing "dressing dolls" it gives ideas about new outfits. Great link MaiTai. Thank you for sharing.
    BTW love the diesel tank top.

  2. Swamped with work, and just breezing by for a few relaxing peeks at your blog, dear MaiTai! Will definitely plan for some playing around on Looklet when I have more time! xox

  3. Thank you so much for reminding us of this wonderful "playground" for (grown up) girls. This really is a lot of fun and also easier than tearing apart my own closet, trying to find new looks and outfits. ;-) Wishing you a wonderful weekend, hugs, HM

  4. this is fun. i like the outfit you created. i am going to try the site.

    have a nice weekend!

  5. Chere MaiTai, thank you so much for your kind response to my questions in the last post. I am saving my pennies for more carres, a twilly or two, another shawl, and an enamel bracelet or two! I appreciate your seasoned advice greatly.

    I have the Early America carre in a beautiful country blue with cream, terra cotta, and a medium green. It is actually my least favorie carre (my favorites being my first, Trophees de Venise, and the Tapis volant, both with predominant browns) but you may have me pulling it out and giving it new life with some of your scarf-tying tricks!

    I've had a wonderful time looking back through your posts and noticed that while your archive only goes back to January, some of your cataloged posts date to 2009. I would love to see your earlier posts if you are willing to archive them. I'm finding I am equally inspired by your beautiful joie de vivre posts (I am hoping to find some juicy apricots and good goat cheese at the market tomorrow!)

    Do you know about Polyvore? I know a lot of people enjoy using it to plan outfits, but I don't think there is the fun virtual model!

    Je vous souhaite un tres bon week-end, bien ensoleille et joyeux!

  6. NEED a bolide LOL

    thanks for sharing this.

    Love a bleu bag in my collection, and a bleu bolide seems like a nice addiction.

  7. What fun... thank you for the link to Your models are beautiful and the clothing choices are fun.... I am especially loving the Diesel tank top and the wedges... and of course the Bolide. Can't wait to create a few looks. Hope you have a lovely weekend.

  8. This is so addictive, I just spent way too much time playing...but all my "creations" had the Kelly in hand -- and some had the large H shopping bag.

  9. Waves back to you dear MT,virtual closet it is!Fun looks you have created and look forward to "creating"this weekend.However,I much prefer looking to your site for ideas and inspiration.There is nothing like MT to keep us on our toes and looking good!I so appreciate your tireless effort!
    I just received your coral necklace and love it! The color is perfect to punch up a summer wardrobe and I would reccommend it for everyone!Hugs,T

  10. Dear MaiTai, Looklet is so much fun - truly a virtual fashion candy store! You're not kidding about how easy it is to spend a lot of time - yet a fantastic way to explore and discover many options. Love your creations - a great balance between the bold and vibrant top with the chic and earthy bottom - of course, the gorgeous bolide is irresistable!

    Thank you for your sweet, kind words, dear MaiTai. Your blog is a very special place - thank you for all the joy and beauty you've brought into my life! Have a very happy weekend. x

  11. Thank you for the new site, dear MaiTai. It is fun composing different outfits. However, I do prefer your site to get new ideas and inspiration. As mentioned by "Scarf Enthusiast" your blog is a "very special place". Enjoy the sun and have a lovely weekend! Hug, M.

  12. Dear booksnchocolate, dance, hair-mess, Julia, Corry, casiewbao, SMR, ABGinDC, Trudye, Scarf Enthusiast and Manuela ~many thanks for your kind comments, ladies. Hope you all had a great weekend, and a fun time creating your looklet looks! x

    Dear booksnchocolate, so thrilled to see that you joined the‘friends and readers’ of my blog. A big, warm welcome to you, and hugs xx

    I can imagine how busy you are right know, dear dance. Hope all is going well! :-)

    A playground it is, dear hair-mess, and such fun. A wonderful weekend to you and the HFT too x

    Have fun, Julia! :-)

    Dear Corry, great to hear that you have found my earlier reply useful, and wishing you a wonderful time building up your collection. So nice to hear how much you enjoy it here, and yes, I really should archive the 2009 posts by month one day, I’ll put it on my list. For now, you can browse them under the various headings in the right hand column of the blog, or go back while clicking ‘older posts’ at the bottom of each page. Thank you for mentioning Polyvore, it is a great looking site, even without the virtual model! Hope you found delicious things on the market, happy cooking! :-)

    A Bolide would be great on you, casiewbao. Good luck, my dear! :-)

    SMR, love the Diesel top too, such a great color combination. Hope you are having a great time playing! <3

    LOL, dear ABG! I build my ‘creations’ around the (limited) H there, and then just see what goes with it, hehe.

    So happy you love the coral necklace, dear Trudye! The next post will feature it again, hope you'll like it :-)

    And your appreciation makes this blog a very special place for me, dear Scarf Enthusiast, you are so very kind, thank you. <3

    Manuela dear, and Trudye ~ so lovely to hear that you find beaucoup inspiration chez MT, with your wonderful words you’ve made my day! x

  13. This is really so much fun! Thank you for sharing, and I love the looks you've created =) (Just sent you an email yest, can't wait to see you soon!)

  14. Thank you, dear DD. Looking very much forward to seeing you soon, can't wait! x