Wednesday, July 21, 2010

H it Up ~ Aqua

Today the weather has cooled off a bit, so (reluctantly) upgrading my swim suit to a sundress for a trip to the green grocer. Inspired by my lazy days by the pool, choosing a dress in various shades of aquamarine,

'accessorizing' with my new grocery basket, and a few dear H items
• Brazil II Gavroche in veronese/marron glace/gris
• Turquoise Clic-Clac
• Oran Sandals
• Scarf ring: MaiTai Collection (honey petite)
• Scarf tying method: Basic loop. Click here for a how-to

this is the pretty place where I got my basket from last Saturday, a wonderful buy for just 12 Euros!

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  1. What a beautiful, summery combination! So refreshing yet very classic. A total winner!

  2. Oh the tones in that scarf are wonderful.

    Oh you look wonderful in Orans - I tried them on but I looked like a dumpy Roman soldier in them.

  3. Merci, Miss Kitty-Cat! The shift cut truly gives a little 'dressy touch' to the cotton dress, happy you like it :-)

    I love that scarf too, Tabitha, and it is amazing how versatile it is. LOL re the Orans. Have you ever tried the Ottomane or Night sandals? They are similar to the Orans, but come with a heel.

  4. So crisp, so fresh, so chic, so you - a wonderful inspiration in summer blue!

  5. hi

    love your blog --

    I saw Hilary Clinton wearing a berry necklace which reminded me of yours.....

    wonder if you'll have more in stock soon?

  6. Hi, I have been a big fan of your blog and always love to see how you H things up!

    Although I love all the H products, today I was so smittened by the basket you found!!

    I have been looking for a basket just like this but has been unsuccessful. Although I am based in London, I am going to South of France this summer (near Montpellier) so I would be very very grateful if you could tell me which shop I should visit to get this exact bag!

  7. You look wonderful as always!! Oh I love the Brazil, the blue one's gona find its way into my closet, and again we'll be twins =P Love the basket on you too!

  8. Very fresh look, all summery and elegant MaiTai. Love the tones of your outfit.

  9. Dear MaiTai

    Love your sandals and dress! Again, you are so good at putting beautiful pictures together! Your blog is a delight!One can almost feel the freshness around you. Hug M.

  10. Perfect, as always!!! Because you always reach perfection!!!
    And you always irradiate such a warm and clear brilliance.
    After seeing you, I'll try my Brazil gravoche on in summer. So thanks a lot.
    Love your scarf ring :)

  11. You look 'swimmingly' beautiful in your aqua ensemble! These colors are stunning on you,but I am not surprised. I have yet to see anything that isn't!!
    The days by the pool have given you a relaxed summer vibe that almost speaks through the pics!
    Bravo! I also love the summer basket and a bargain at that...more money to save for H.
    Big hug,
    xx T

  12. MaiTai, you look cool and lovely, as always.

    I was wondering, do you ever tie your scarves around the handle of your bags? I think I saw you do it with your Picotin and a twilly last year.

    This scarf would also look pretty on your basket.

    Thanks again for all the work and sharing your ideas with us!

  13. Mwah, dear hair-mess, and thank you. We missed each other again yesterday, let's try tomorrow <3

    Hi A, Hilary looks great with her necklace, which indeed is very similar to mine. I am very sorry to say that it has sold out, and there is no more coming in for the moment.

    Happy you like the basket, taichi, and thank you for your kind words re my blog. You can find this type of basket on almost all markets here in the South of France, but if your heart is set on this particular one, please drop me an email to

    Hugs to you DD, my Brazil II twin, it would be great to become twins on the blue one too, yay!!

    I was hoping the fresh colors would help keep me cool, dear booksnchocolate. Must be hot further North too, keep cool, dear!

    Aww, thank you, dearest Manuela. Your kind words always bring joy to my day, hugs!

    It was so great seeing you, and your beautiful family, my dear cecilia. Many thanks for your kind words, and happy you noticed the scarf ring ;-) Hope you had a great holiday, and have fun with your Brazil Gavroche!

    You and I think alike, dear Trudye, economizing on baskets and save for H, lol! Thank you for the sweet compliment, but I can assure you that there are plenty of colors that wash me out, only that you are not going to see them here! Hugs xx

    Many thanks for your kind comment, Ana. Yes, I sometimes do tie my scarves to my bags, especially when it is too hot to wear them around the neck. I will try your suggestion on my next shopping trip, I am sure the Brazil II would look lovely on the basket, thank you! :-)

  14. I long for summer. You look so crisp and fresh. Envious. Am cold cold cold here.

  15. Sending you some sunshine, dear Faux Fuchsia! Love your glam and cool winter looks though. Stay warm and cosy :-)

  16. Aaaah MaiTai,
    You look as cool and refreshing as a summer breeze in these colors. Have a lovely and relaxing weekend!

  17. Merci, dear dance, and have a wonderful weekend too! xx