Sunday, October 10, 2010

Reader's post ~ Styling by Trudye, scarf knot by AngelaB

Today's post gave me particular joy, as it has been brought together by the input of several dear blog readers.

Another big hooray to Birkinmary, for having brought up the initial style challenge, which inspired other lovely ladies to come forward with more fabulous ideas. Scarf Enthusiast's suggestion to have full length shots, including shoes, has improved this blog a long time ago, and AngelaB brought us the superb Twist-Wrap knot recently, which I tried today with a 90 Carré. It has been such fun playing paperdoll (as Trudy put it so well) to everyone's great ideas, I enjoyed every moment of it. Many thanks to all of you.

Today styling the navy blazer to Trudye's suggestion, which I adore for it's simple and chic fabulousness. Mille merci, my friend!

"Since you are in the navy and black mode,may I suggest your jumping boots with the jeans,white shirt and blazer?
Then you can fill in the H!"

'Filled in' with
• Courbettes et Cabrioles 90 Carré
• Muse belt with black box strap
• 35 black Birkin

The only thing not playing along today, was the light, it rained all day. Apologies for the bad photo quality!

Scarf tying method: AngelaB's twist wrap knot
Scarf ring: Grande black MT Collection

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  1. What a fabulous look, dear MaiTai!
    The boots are pretty and they go so well with the blazer, the jeans and the white shirt. Thank you, dear MaiTai, for being model to another beautiful look. Thank you, Trudye, for your great suggestion. Hugs, M.

  2. gorgeous Tai - as always ;)

    Hugs Bagmoma

  3. Good Lord, those boots are delicious. C'est chic as usual, Ms Mai Tai!

  4. Wonderful look, if only I had your add ons!
    I wore my jumping boots for the first time this week, I love them.

  5. It looks great! If I saw you on the street I'd do a double take of this outfit. It's so chic and well put together.

  6. I will never get tired of jeans tucked in riding boots. That's another thing that makes me happy fall is coming.

  7. I bow in honor of your post....and wowza you did the idea with great beauty and style! Thank you so much for the mention.I am forever grateful lovely,lively paper doll! Boots are TdF;-)
    Big hug and a kiss today, T xx
    P.S. I would expect nothing less than your elegance and style no matter what challenge we toss your way! T

  8. Hello MaiTai,

    I found your delightful blog last year; and have been enjoying following ever since! You have a wonderful sense of style; and are a terrific writer.

    This new pocket looks series is great. I have a question for you. Can you think of a way to tie one or two carres together so that they can be worn in a sort of men's tie fashion? I would love to wear my scarves like this sometimes, with french cuffed, crisp cotton blouse.

    I don't know if such a tie can be achieved, but if it can no doubt you will find a fabulous way to do such.

    Steady on with your brilliant blog!

    Thank you!


  9. Okay, first of all you look absolutely DDG! Sorry, big sister, but I'm just gonna have to "copy" that look - not that I'll come even close, but hey; never hurts to try, right? Thank you so much for playing along with being our "grown up barbie doll", love the idea and hope, I can also come up with a suggestion soon. ;-) Have a great week, your ls Macs

  10. Aww…you are so sweet, dearest MaiTai! Thank you for the very kind mention and for always being so open to suggestions and playing with us <3

    Wow, another exceptionally gorgeous MaiTai - and a blue & black heaven! Many thanks to Trudye for the terrific suggestion. The twist wrap knot works so well on the beautiful 'equestrian feel' CeC scarf, with a touch of brown peeking out - what perfect accompaniment to those amazing jumping boots. And thank you, this outfit certainly lengthens! Have a happy week ahead, warm hugs always, xx

  11. I've looked at this post at least six times today! It's so understated and chic in a totally accessible way. This, THIS is effortless glam.

    Ms Mai Tai, I was wondering, do you have any suggestions on how to wear a scarf with a fur wrap? I'm thinking of getting a vintage mink fur wrap (medium width and length) to wear this winter and was wondering if there was a nice way to wear a carré with it. Any ideas from you and all other readers please, would be much appreciated.

  12. All I can say, lovely, is that you make one fabulous "paper doll."

    You look so crisp and fresh and totally pulled together in your navy blazer, white shirt and boots.

    So simple yet so elegant.

  13. What a beautiful look! You always look so effortlessly elegant, dear MT. And the jumping boots...*sigh* Oh and I noticed you used the grande ring to tie AngelaB's knot! ;-P

  14. Your site just keeps getting better and better. I'm enjoying your paper doll moments as well as the creative suggestions from everyone.

    A very stylish bunch here, and I join Stephanie in saying that if I saw you on the street I would admire the look. I would think to myself, "Awww, I want to look just like that."

  15. Thank you, my dear Manuela. Modelling for you ladies is such fun, I hope others will follow your example and bring their ideas forward too! x

    Hugs to you, bagmoma, so great to see you stopping by <3

    Thank you Frances. I could not agree more with you on the boots! :-)

    Merci, dear FF. xx

    Congrats on your new Jumping boots, dear Tabitha! Nothing beats those first steps in them, n’est ce pas? feels so special.

    So happy to hear you like the look, dear Stephanie, thank you for your lovely kind words.

    I’m with you on the jeans tucked in boots, Anne, autumn here we come!

    The honour is all on my side, dear Trudye, Ioved your idea and look forward to trying many more variations! My heartfelt thanks to you, my friend. With hugs and kisses x

    Hello G, and thank you for your lovely comment. Wonderful to encounter a long time reader, so special in a fast moving cyber world! Re your question, are you in search of something that has a masculine, austere touch? Please let me know, and I will try and come up with something..

    Hello, little sister! Very happy for you to ‘copy’ Trudye’s look, lol! Love the grand melange of yesterday’s post, and hope to be playing doll for you one day soon too. Have a great week too, my dear Macs <3

    My dearest Scarf Enthusiast, I will always be grateful to your for having started the trend, without you we wouldn't have all this fun now! Our minds have been ticking alike again.. I had exactly your thoughts when choosing the CeC! There is something about it that makes me walk taller too, hats of to have observed it’s lengthening effect, lol! Have a great week ahead too, hugs xx

    Hello again, Frances! So happy you like the post, and yes, to me it’s all about accessible, easy looks. Getting a vintage mink fur collar is a lovely idea, and will get you warmly and stylishly through winter. Re tips how to wear it, please check my fur collar site, where you’ll find plenty of how-to’s and styling ideas for every scarf size. Have fun!

    How wonderful to see you stopping by, Jerrine! Thank you, my dear <3

  16. Well spotted, dear booksnchocolate, you have eagle eyes! I can just imagine how gorgeous AB's knot would look with the LF, high five and woohoo! x

    Aww, thank you SMR! I agree with you, the creative energy of those who come here is amazing, they make this place truly special. Your lovely comments make this place special too, they always warm my heart. Hugs x

  17. Just love your looks. So simple and elegant and will never go out of style.

  18. Thanks so much for your reply, dear MaiTai. I am getting a mink fur collar, a little like the fox ones you use, but smaller and narrower. I've been busy looking through your archives for tips, and so far it's been a lovely and very chic search.

    The fur wrap I had in mind was more something along these lines :;slide=12;

    but narrower, in a lighter brown. Do you ever wear such pieces?

    Thanks so much.

  19. LOVE the boots, MaiTai!
    If torn between sizes, do you recommend the smaller or the more roomier pair?
    Love your beautiful effortless chic style..what an inspiration you are. You should write a book and sell it here in the USA...!!

  20. I'm amazed.
    Thank you so much to all of you, and thank you very specially to you,dearest Mai Tai.
    The scarf knot is lovely.
    I've recently bought the Jumping boots. I love them. And you MaiTai are, to a large extent, responsible for it.
    Thank you MaiTai.
    You look, because you are, wonderful.
    Warmest regards.

  21. The more I look at this beautiful scarf knot the prettier it gets! So lovely. I must admit to being a tad "knot" challenged,but with your sublime videos I am by video!
    Thanks to AngelaB for this beauty and to you dear beauty for the "how to"! T xx

  22. Dear Maitai,

    Hello! Thank you for your open hearted and warm reply. How could I not follow your blog? Your site is so lovely.

    I am new to posting on blogs. Please excuse me if I do this incorrectly.

    What I had in mind is to wear a carre tied in a more masculine fashion either with a crisp, cotton, french cuffed blouse. The scarf would be tied to recall men's wear.

    As well, I thought or hoped that I could wear the same tie on an open neck with a suit that is somewhat men's wear inspired. The blazer is fitted and has single button placket; just hip length. The pants are pencil, and more ankle length.

    I don't know if such a tie is possible, and have tried without success. You are so very creative with the scarves, and always the look you pull together is fabulous. Maybe you will have an idea?

    Your blog is quite lovely; and I am happy to have found it.


    PS By the way, a single opinion, if it is not too controversial. Do you have any thoughts on the La Femme carre in absinthe? I am torn regarding this scarf and color way. Normally, I would select the pink that is also available. However, for some inexplicable reason, this wild green seems to call to me. I am concerned that it is not really a wearable color way.

  23. Thank you, dear gracekelly. It is always a joy to see you stopping by <3

    Happy you like it, merci dear Scarf Addict!

    Hello Frances, and thank you for the link! I particularly like those with a modern twist, they look gorgeous. And yes, I have a mink collar. Glad you found the site helpful, have fun!

    Dear texasgirliegirl, you are too kind, thank you. Re the boot sizes, I would definitely go for a pair that is comfortable on your feet. If they feel tight, I’d take the bigger size. Good luck!

    Hugs to you, my dear cecilia, how wonderful to be boots twins with you! Here’s to jumping boots, friendship and all good things in life! x

    I could not agree more with you on AngelaB’s gorgeous knot, my dear Trudye, it is ‘da bomb’! So happy that you find the videos useful, they are fun for me too, and over time, we’ll all be pros! <3

    Dear G, I very much enjoyed reading your reply, and thank you for explaining your question in further detail. Both outfits sound beautiful and stylish, and for a men’s inspired look the first thought that comes to mind is a tie knot. To emphasise further, you could place your scarf under the collar of your shirt. Alternatively, you could try a half Ascot knot. Or fold your scarf into a rectangle, and tuck on end over the other, ad then tuck both ends into your shirt. For the second outfit, you could wear the tie knot or Ascot knot again, but pull the knot further down to emphasise an open neckline. Please let me know if any of this works for you. It is a great question, and I will put it on the list of future style challenge posts, so a big thank you to you! Re the La Femme, go for it! It is always so exciting when a scarf calls you, then it’s meant to be yours. If still unsure, try and figure out a few outfits that would go with it. If successful, run!

  24. Oh dear, I got my last comment wrong - blues and the blacks for this instead - I love this look, tres chic, and the scarf knot is just lovely <3

  25. Mai Tai, I've been wanting to ask this question for a long time! How do you store your jewelry and accessories?

  26. Not to worry, my dear DD, there has been so much blue and black recently, no wonder it becomes confusing. Happy you like the look <3

    Hello, Heather B. I store my jewelry and accessories in the same way as my scarves, in shallow, wide and deep drawers (90x50x10cm). All items are in their boxes, with open lids, so I can see everything at one glance :-)