Thursday, October 7, 2010

Twist wrap knot ~ by Angela B.

I have been away a lot recently, and it feels good to be back again. Many thanks to all who have posted comments, or sent emails with ideas for style challenges. Your contributions are wonderful and inspiring, and I look forward to putting your ideas and suggestions into action.

Today's post is about a fabulous new knot, the Twist wrap, invented by the lovely and creative Angela B, who generously allowed me to share her idea here with you. Mille merci, dear Angela, I absolutely love this knot.

For a how-to, please click on the video below

As the video shows, this knot really is two in one. Once you have finished tying it, you can pull it closer to, or further away from the neck, or puff out the bows to various degrees. Playing around is tremendous fun, and you'll end up with a fantastic number of different ways to wear it.

The first stage gives you a square knot, which you can leave loose, or pull tight around your neck..

The second stage gives you a beautiful bow, which you can pull out and puff up to various degrees.

As shown in the video..

or puffed out further and worn off center..

or with a flattened bow..

Enjoy discovering your own way!

Scarf: Jeu de Omnibus et Dames Blanches 70 Carré
Scarf ring: MaiTai Collection, moyenne size in honey

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  1. Hi MaiTai,

    I'm SO honoured that you've used my idea. You have done great justice to this knot by showing even more ways to wear it. Now, I'm more inspired than ever to wear my scarves. Thanks!


  2. Dear MaiTai

    Thank you for showing us one more way of tying a scarf. Your little video is very good! Thank you, to AngelaB as well, for the pretty knot. I can´t wait to try it!
    Hug, M.

  3. Thank you both AngelaB and MaiTai for the idea/instructions. I am having lots of fun trying out all the different ways of using my rings! Thanks for the inspiration and added uses for my many scarves.

  4. Wow AngieB know is amazing! I am going to have to go and practice so many styles from one knot! thankyou AngelaB xx
    And of course Dear Tai for showing us

    Of to practice with my black Hermes Couvee

  5. WOW - what a fabulous way to tie (tieway as in colourway - TW, CW?)our treasures. Many thanks to Angela and Mai Tai for sharing once again.


    PS As others have written, you need never apologise for abscences, you are so generous w your time. M x)x

  6. Dear MaiTai and AngelaB, it's so amazing knot! Thanks a lot! I'm going to try it just now!

  7. Wonderful knot, I love these videos, they have benso helpful, thank you for taking the time to do them and thanks too to Angela.

  8. What a lovely knot! Thank you to AngelaB for sharing this idea, and to you dear MaiTai for taking the time to make a video for us.

  9. Really nice. Thank you Angela B and MaiTai.

  10. I enjoy seeing how you put together a classic and simple wardrobe in so many lovely permutations.

    As someone with messy drawers full of scarves getting rumpled I'm wondering how you store your spectacular cache of scarves? Folded in drawers, hung in some way? I love and can't resist scarves and especially shawls but can't figure out to store them wrinkle free.


  11. Dearest MaiTai,

    Welcome back! It is so good to have you back. 
    A big thank you to Angela B. and to MaiTai for bringing this great, versatile knot to us. It's so lovely and creative - I love both versions, 'closed-knot' and 'open-bow' - and love that it's held securely in place with your beautiful scarf ring. Coupled with a black? jacket (it can be so hard to tell the difference between navy and black on computers!), you've also shown that it can go very nicely with more formal attire - thank you, my dear.
    I join Tabitha and bnc to thank you for your helpful videos!  Your illustrations on all your videos throughout this blog are just wonderful - crystal clear and absolutely indispensable - as the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words! 
    Thank you, dear MaiTai, and have a wonderful, restful weekend.  Warm hugs, xx 

  12. That is such a stunning knot, I especially love it pulled off centre!

    Mai Tai, I bought my first little orange boxes!! The first was Cent Plis des Miao

    I bought in the blue and red shown, the colours are MUCH more vibrant in real life than online, aren't they? I'm very tan, with jet black hair so the colours are set off really nicely. Yours is so lovely, with your blond hair.

    The second one I bought was the cream and green Sichuan

    It's so pretty, neutral yet with that pale green and blue through it. I'm dying to wear it with a string of pearls and dark jeans.

    Love my orange boxes!

  13. Thank you, AngelaB for giving MaiTai such a great idea - isn't it just wonderful how she presented it in such an elegant manner and with so many variations? Love it! hugs, Macs

  14. I have enjoyed reading your blog for quite some time. The videos you post are wonderful and have such clear instructions. Your horn scarf rings are beautiful. Are we able to purchase them in the United States? I would love to have some. Thank you for such a beautiful blog.

  15. I am the one who is honoured, dear AngelaB, honoured that you have let me share this wonderful idea of yours. With thanks and hugs MT xx

    Many thanks for your kind comments, dear Manuela, Scarf Addict, Neishy, Maisie, Tereza, Tabitha, booksnchocolate, SMR, A, Scarf Enthusiast, Frances, hair-mess and nana. I hope you are all having fun with Angela’s fab knot, and happy you enjoyed the video and photos. Have a wonderful Sunday everyone xx

    Hope you are having fun, dear Manuela!

    So happy to hear you like the scarf rings, dear Scarf Addict, thank you.

    I bet the knot looks stunning with your black beauty, dear Neishy!

    TW, love it, dear Maisie! And thank you for your sweet words <3

    Hope you had fun playing, dear Tereza :-)

    Really happy you enjoy the videos, Tabitha, thank you x

    You are more than welcome, dear booksnchocolate, hope you had fun!

    Thank you, my dear SMR, happy you like it.

    Hello A, I store my scarves in shallow, wide and deep drawers (90x50x10cm). All scarves are in their boxes, with open lids, so I can see them at one glance. In a single drawer, I can store 8x 70 Carrés, 5x Gavroches and 7x Twillys, or 8x90 Carrés and 2x Gavroches. Hope this helps.

    Thank you for the warm welcome back, dear Scarf Enthusiast. You are so right re colour distortions on computer screens, and also they sometimes get distorted by the digital camera too... the jacket is navy though, and the t-shirt black. Happy you find the knot useful for more formal settings, and hugs re the saying x

    Many congratulations you your beautiful purchases, dear Frances! I can just imagine how fabulous the CPdM looks with your colouring, and you are right, the photos don’t do the richness of the colours full justice. The Sichuan is such a gorgeous scarf too, and I very much like your idea of combining both with jeans and pearls. Enjoy your orange bliss!

    With such a great idea it was easy to take a nice video and pics, my dear hair-mess, but very happy of course that you like them! <3

    A warm welcome to you nana, so nice to hear you enjoy it here. Happy that you like my scarf rings too, thank you. I do ship world wide, and you can order the rings through here:

  16. That's the most amazing knot/use of scarf ring! Thank-you to both you and to AngelaB. I have a feeling I will be using this a lot in the future! xox

  17. Hello MaiTai;I am new to your blog and I adore it.Your chic ,elegant,yet simple ,wearable style is what I am aiming for.You and your readers really are inspiring.A navy blue jacket is in my future.And one of your lovely fur collars.I live in Canada and we have WINTER.Be well and thanks again.Jean

  18. Thank you for your sweet comment, dear dance. Have fun! x

    Hello Jean, and a very warm welcome to my blog. I completely agree with you on my readers, they are the best, and contribute so much. Very happy you like my approach to fashion, and hope you will continue to find enjoyment here! :-)

  19. Thank you Mai Tai for the lovely welcome.I will be checking in frequently.I've already begun the search for the perfect navy jacket. Jean

  20. Love this - blue with black, and one of my fave silks too =)

  21. Thanks for the info