Monday, November 8, 2010

Scarf ring additions

Very happy to present the latest additions to the MT scarf ring collection, complementing the existing honey and black horn rings.

The first is bone, which (like the horn) comes from the domestic water buffalo. It is carefully handcrafted by skilled artisans, and all the corners and edges are completely smooth. The colour is soft ivory.

The second addtion is Mother of Pearl, which has two different, shimmering sides. One is charcoal gray/iridescent, and the other pale silver. Again, these are handcrafted, and all edges and corners are completely smooth, but as MoP is a hard material to work on, the shape of the ring comes with some slight irregularities.

For more info and how to order, please click here

Wishing everyone a great week ahead x


  1. I'm first! - don't know, what for yet, but still I'm first!!! LOL!

  2. Yes you are, woohoo! First for a glass of champagne, of course :D

  3. Yay! Simply beautiful, this makes me very happy, and I just ordered one in each size, the weather is now officially cold (I know you can't live without my weather reports ;) so I can prance around town à la Mai Tai with so many new ways of wearing my H collection.
    Now if I could only convince you to do a faux fur collar ...
    C'est vraiment superbe, j'adore, mille mercis.

  4. Ha, ha - of course. Not that I need alcohol to put me in the mood, but it might make me shop even more of your beautiful goodies. :-)

  5. MT-these are gorgeous! Waiting with much excitement to receive these beauties! xo L.

  6. Yay! More colours! Just placed my order too (and have sent you an email also) - Fantastic additions to the collection, MaiTai!

  7. Great! Rings are so beautiful! Let's go to order!

  8. So happy to see more gorgeous scarf rings!I'm looking forward to receiving mine! Keep the MT collection growing please.

  9. What wonderful items MaiTai, you are a retail goddess! xx

  10. Dearest MaiTai!
    Beautiful additions to the MaiTai collection! I hope they don´t get sold out right away! Both colours are so pretty! Big hugs, M.xx

  11. I just place my order dear MaiTai. Can't wait!

  12. These 2 are lovely additions! Yes, the MoP is challenging, so these are especially beautiful. Thanks for expanding your collection and I'm in line also for the faux fur if/whenever!

  13. Had to order the Moyenne MOP for sure since my H one is a little too large given the way I usually wear my scarves and shawls. Glad to see this fab little addition to your line!!! Laura

  14. Beautiful new additions!! =) Just in time for winter too...

  15. Just placed my order, I can't wait! MT you have the most exquisite taste, fabulous ideas and ability to see just what we need! I already have black and honey, and they are just PERFECT!! Winter will be so much more fun with these beautiful additions, thank you!

  16. hello Maitai, I am sad I missed you in London, but I had great fun meeting Blighty-thankyou for your lovely message. I brought my Maitai scarf ring with me and I thought of you in Hermes when I bought one of those small tres Kelly numbers with the strap whatsies all over them (bridles? harnesses?) Hope all is well with you xxx

  17. My goodness, I think you must have been inside my mind when I was wishing for a scarf ring in bone. And of course the MoP one is an amazing addition I hadn't thought of (luckily for us you have). I'm waiting forward to trying all of them on!!!

  18. Love the M-o-P rings - SO beautiful! You are the classiest of the classiest!

  19. The leather jacket gave me an idea about how to upgrade my suede jacket ,which is chocolate brown.As I am a seeking the look for less,I find you most
    inspiring.Hermes is out of reach for me,sadly.'Tho I am scouring the Consignment Shops for a "find"We have Embassies here and I may have luck.Have a truly wonderful day.Jean

  20. Simply brilliant, dearest MaiTai!  So beautiful and versatile.  I've never seen scarf rings in bone or MoP, but it makes so much sense. Thank you for bringing these new beauties to us scarf lovers! What will you think of next... Warm hugs, xx

  21. Jamais sans mon Hermès, lanit, sushi queen, Tereza, uyenchikr, Blighty, Manuela, SMR, Maisie, Laura, lifeatmyfingertips, A, Faux Fuchsia, Tania T, Foxgal, vintage1944 and Scarf Enthusiast ~ thank you ladies for welcoming the new scarf rings with such enthusiasm and warmth. A lot of preparations preceded the launch, your wonderful comments made it so very rewarding. Merci <3

    Mwah and lol, dearest hair-mess!

    So happy that scarf weather has finally arrived chez vous, my dear Jamais! Scarf ring babies are on their way to join the fun :-)

    They are winging their way over to you as well, dear lanit, hope they will be with you soon.

    I hope they have arrived, my dear sushi queen. So happy you like the new colors, thank you!

    And so you did, dear Tereza! Merci x

    Your word is my command, dear uyenchikr, and your rings will hopefully be with you soon!

    As always, you are cracking me up, dear Blighty! :D

    Aww, my dear Manuela, thank you!

    Hope they will be with you soon, dearest SMR <3 (Latest additons leaving tomorrow..)

  22. Hope they will be with you soon, my dear SMR <3

    Thank you, dear Maisie! So happy you appreciate the MoP. There will hopefully be a faux fur in the collection one day :-)

    I felt the same like you, dear Laura, the reason why I developed the rings. Really happy that the Moyenne is perfect for your needs! :-)

    Big hugs and thanks, dearest DD x

    Dear A, it is so wonderful to hear that you are happy with your black and honey rings, and I hope you will have just as much fun with your new additions! x

    My dear Faux Fuchsia, I am so sad too to have missed you! We will make up for it another time <3 Congratulations on your Trés Kelly, and you got the fuchsia border one, how fabulous! The design features the straps and hardware you close a Kelly bag with. Have a wonderful remaining time in England! Hugs xx

  23. What a wonderful coincidence, ma chère Tania! I hope you will have a fun time matching your scarves with your rings. I discovered it can become quite an obsessive hobby.. :D

    Many thanks for your kind and lovely words, dear Foxgal :-)

    Dear Jean, it is truly wonderful to hear that my ideas work for you. I am a firm believer that accessories are the most effective way to style up a wardrobe, and for me, it’s definitely the most fun way! Any pretty scarf looks fabulous when tied in a beautiful way, but I do hope you will be lucky to find a treasure one day :-)

    Thank you for the lovely welcome for the new rings, my dear Scarf Enthusiast, so happy that you like them! I am having such fun matching the different colours with my scarves, it is amazing how they can change the overall look so much. Warm hugs to you too, my friend.