Monday, December 20, 2010

Friendship knot

tied with a Carré en Carré 90 scarf

Starting point: basic bias fold

Place round your neck (ends hanging down your front) and proceed as shown in the video below.


  1. I feel very much depressed due to your loss and there is no interest for scarves right now...then, it comes to my mind that it is not good - when I was in same situation, it helped me to do something, to keep my mind busy.
    Therefore, we should try to move step by step...let me try it.
    Please, tell me which is width of the "finished" basic bias fold before knotting it. I have tried numerous times and I always end up with numerous "subfolds" in that knot...and how to "secure" basic bias fold against unfolding?

  2. Dearest MaiTai

    Thank you for the video teaching us how to make the friendship knot.
    It is one of my favourite knots and your last posts made it so much more special to me. Wishing you all the best for Christmas and for the new year. Warm hugs, Manuela

  3. My dearest MaiTai
    As Manuela said, the beautiful friendship knot has became quite special to me too.
    Many thanks for your video.
    And many thanks for your delightful collection, and for your so special blog.
    With my warmest regards

  4. thank you and Merry Christmas from rainy form California!! And my deepest condolences on your mother's death!

  5. Dear MaiTai, in your last post you showed that the friendship knot is not just a pretty way to tie a scarf but has special meaning too. Thank you for sharing a how to. Warmest regards.

  6. Thank you for the easy to follow video....and in friendship wishing you and yours all best wishes this christmas and for the New Year. Amou.

  7. Dear MT,
    This was the perfect video to post right now. Very symbolic and so right for many reasons. I am very proud of myself because I actually was able to do this today with my silk/cashmere Etendards et Bannieres scarf! I think of you every time I look at it and have a big smile on my face!

  8. I am thrilled that I have finally mastered the friendship knot, thanks to your video! You made my day. I will be sharing it with my friends since they are equally fascinated by it. I enjoy your blog very much and always find inspiration there. Thank you for graciously sharing your talents.

  9. My dearest MaiTai,

    Thank you so much for the best how-to for this very special knot - you make it look so easy. I've tried this beautiful knot only a couple of times - I'm going to practice it all winter and think of you.
    I am in awe of your strength and generosity, dearest MaiTai. Thinking of you and wishing you and yours all my best, with love and warmest hugs, xx

  10. Thank you so much for this video, Mai Tai. You're so gracious, generous and inspiring.

    The friendship knot has become very special thanks to you. You'll be pleased to know that after watching your video and practising just a couple of times, I managed to tie this beautiful knot!

    Wishing you much love this holiday season.

  11. Thank you for this fabulous and very poignant video. The entwining of you and your DMs scarf was especially moving for me as I have almost purchased the gold CW but am holding out for the gray as this is one of my grails!


  12. Dear Mai Tai;During this difficult time ,I hope you can recall, the very good times with your Mother.Blessings and peace to you and yours. Jean

  13. Dearest Manuela, cecilia, booksnchocolate, ann, gracekelly, Kathleen, Scarf Enthusiast, Simone and Maisie ~ thank you for your kindness and for sharing. The friendship knot is truly a special way to remember, cherish and rejoice. I’ve been wearing my Cent Plis de Miao in a friendship knot today, in honor to the wonderful friendships formed here; you ladies are very special to me.

    Dear A, thank you for your sympathy. For the basic bias fold, please check the link in the above post, it shows you a detailed how-to. I vary the width of the strip, but in the post above it was approx. 3 inches wide. To avoid unravelling, you could pick up the scarf with both hands when placing around your neck (hold hands about 13 inches apart) Hold the strip firmly together while doing so and you should be fine. Good luck!

    A blessed Christmas to you, my dear Manuela, and a very happy New Year. With hugs and love.

    Dearest cecilia, you are so lovely and kind, thank you <3

    Thank you for your kind good wishes and sympathy, dear Tatiana. Remember the song ‘It never rains in California’? Hope the sun is shining again.

    Thank you for your empathising words, my dear booksnchocolate. My warmest best wishes to you too.

    Wishing you and your family a blessed and joyous Christmas, dear Amou, and a happy New Year.

    So happy to hear, dearest gracekelly. I can imagine how stunning the EetB must have looked x

    Dear Kathleen, I am so glad to hear. Sharing the knot with friends is such a lovely thing to do, wishing you all a wonderful playtime.

    You are the kindest soul, my dearest Scarf Enthusiast. My best wishes to you, with much love and hugs <3

    It is so wonderful to hear, dear Simone, congratulations! Wishing you blessed holidays and a great New Year x

    My dear Maisie, I very much hope that Ms Storm-Grey will be yours one day soon. I will always keep my eyes open for you. Hugs

    Dear Jean, thank you for your warm and comforting words. Wishing you a blessed and joyous holiday season.

  14. Thank you for sharing this how-to video dear MT, it is perfect, and you make it all so easy. Hope all is well, sending you, D and E, all the warmest wishes for the coming year. <3

  15. Hi Mai Tai,

    The friendship knot looks beautiful and so elegant. I am thinking of wearing my new 'Coup de Fouet' this way for an important upcoming business meeting. I ordered 2 scarf rings yesterday and while I await them, do you recommend any other knot for professional occasions?

    1. Congrats on the CdF! For a business meeting, you could go with a criss-cross knot or a twist wrap. If you want a more feminin look, you could wear your scarf in criss-cross bow knot. Without a scarf ring, a classic tie or Ascot knot are neat and beautiful options. Good luck!


  16. Yours is the only video for the Friendship knot where I'm able to keep up with instructions. Love this compact, neat knot but I need to practise ! Maitai, you are truly mistress of the art of the scarf. Recently, under influence of your blog, I purchased an Hermes scarf Astrologie from Jan Goode !
    Cheers and best wishes, Mandy

    P.S I don't suppose you can do some style shots of this black, white and gold scarf ? :-)

    1. Glad the video is helpful, dear Mandy. Congratulations on your new scarf, it is particularly beautiful in the black/white/gold CW! I have a Pointu with a similar color and atmosphere, hope you'll find these posts useful: All the best, MT


  17. I found your Pointu scarf post; looks smart with classic black jacket... However, doubt I'm brave enough to wear a Hermes scarf in my kitchen. ;-0
    Many thanks for your promopt reply, Madame Maitai!
    In a knot of Friendship, Mandy

    1. Glad it was helpful, dear Mandy! Friendship knot greetings to you too, MT