Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Cowboy criss cross knot - how to

When done with a 90 Carré I think of this knot as 'cowboy drape', rather than 'knot', as it seems so much more to do with arranging the folds than knotting.

Fold your scarf into a triangle

then fold the long edge over, about 5 inches wide

gather the ends together

and bring behind your neck

cross the ends..

pull tighter..

.. and bring them forward

From here, you can proceed in a variety of ways. You can simply tie the ends into a double knot, or use a scarf ring (moyenne size) to secure them. To see the criss-cross method, please click on the video link below.

Scarf ring used: MaiTai Collection moyenne size, light honey colour
Scarf: Hermes Cuirs de désert


  1. Lovely thank you MaiTai! Do you keep the 5 inch fold to the front?

  2. Yes, I do. Happy you like it, thank you, SA :-)

  3. Thank you Maitai for taking the time to realize this video on the Cowboy criss cross knot. The cowboy knot is one of my favorite ways to wear my la femme scarf, with my black MT scarf ring. I usually secure it with the basic slide but next time I'll give it a twist and try my hand at the criss cross knot.

  4. Twin hugs to you, my dear booksnchocolate! The black scarf ring is so beautiful with the LFASDV, I love it too. Wishing you much fun experimenting with the criss-cross version!

  5. Thank you so much, dearest MaiTai, for spending some of your time to make this lovely video for us. It´s so sweet of you! I will try this knot tomorrow, and I do look forward to it!<3 Warm hugs, Manuela

  6. Was this ever a timely post!! Than you dear friend.
    I must say that I gave up in frustration this weekend trying to mimic the cowboy knot with moyenne scarf ring ;(
    Now, I will give it another try and keep the fold in front.
    I am definitely knot challenged and would need remedial help if you were "knot" around !
    Hugs,T xx

  7. MaiTai, You're a sweetheart for making the video. Thank you! I tried the knot yesterday and it looked nowhere near as good as yours. Now, I know where I went wrong.

  8. My dearest MaiTai,
    You are a master teacher as well as an artiste extraordinaire! You have given everything one could ever ask for…most beautiful knot, gorgeous scarf rings to make it possible and the best how-to video - all amazing original creations. You have made many scarf lovers so happy and eternally grateful. I love this knot so much, it has become a major part of my scarf tying repertoire. And for me, though the official name will always remain criss-cross, I privately call it MaiTai knot.
    Also, thank you my dear friend, I am truly honored that something I mentioned may have influenced your scarf tying choice <3 Sending you all my love and warmest hugs always xx

  9. Great! Like booksnchocolate - I have always used the basic slide knot with my scarf ring to do this knot - this will make a nice change! Thanks MaiTai! xx

  10. Thanks for a nice video teaching us again who to knot our scarves nicely. Thank you so much again for reviving my scarves.
    Might I kindly ask something? Once upon the time, there was a waterfall knot featured in your blog. Might you prepare that video for us as well, as the knot itself is so nice? If possible, with the scarf rings, I prefer them over the knots for there security - they hold firmly all day long. I feel so comfortable with scarf rings, never think of losing the scarf, whether it will untie and so on.

  11. Beautiful new scarf MT, I got mine in a different color, many congratulations and thank your for the tutorial.

  12. Love this knot and wore it yesterday after I saw your original post. I used my Grande size MT scarf ring and during a shopping spree noticed it was missing. Luckily, I was able to retrace my steps and locate my new favorite scarf ring.....I will use the smaller one next time:) Thanks again for all your lovely posts and pictures Mai Tai.

  13. Superbe! I have been wearing 90 scarves in the "cowboy knot" for years, but the fold and using a moyenne scarf ring instead of a simple loop elevate the whole look. It is much neater looking, and allows to play with the design.
    Thank you for posting, my dear


  14. Dear Manuela, Trudye, Chocolate, Cookies and Candies, Scarf Enthusiast, sushi queen, Lilian, Birkinmary, Tulemar, Jamais sans mon Hermès and argone ~ happy you enjoyed the video, many thanks for your sweet and lovely comments <3

    Hope your knot was a big success, my dear Manuela! Big hugs to you too <3

    Awh, my dear Trudye, you are the sweetest. Hope the video helps, if ‘knot’, I’ll get on the next plane for a knotting party! Much love xx

    So glad to hear the video was helpful, dear Chocolate, Cookies and Candies, merci!

    My dear Scarf Enthusiast, I am blushing here like mad, but so happy and honored you enjoy the criss-cross so much! I will always think of you when tying this cowboy knot variation, so big thanks to you. With warmest hugs x

    And so have I, my dear sushi queen! So nice that we are all having something new to try, and lovely to share it here with you x

    Dear Lilian, it is truly wonderful to hear that you enjoy your scarf rings so much, and thank you also for your kind words re the video. I am long overdue for a video on the waterfall knot, thank you for reminding me!

    Twin hugs to you, my dear BM, and many congratulations to you too! <3

    Oh my dear Tulemar, my heart stood nearly still! So glad you managed to retrieve your ring! This knot is one of the few where a moyenne size ring is perfect for a 90, as the ends have very little bulk in the cowboy knot :-)

    Merci, ma chère Jamais! I just love how we get together here, and chat about the differences various knots make to our beloved scarves. So happy you like the new twist. Bon week-end! x

    You are very welcome, argone! :-)

  15. Mai Tai:

    Thanks for the tutorial on the Cowboy Drape. Like the perfect omelet, the beauty is in the details! ;)

    I've tried this one a couple times, not been satisfied with the look, and gone to another knot. Giving it another go today with the "Jungle Love" dip dye...

    (I anticipate some retail therapy in my future...will need to order the moyenne size scarf ring!!)


    1. Dear Gina, hope the knot came out well with the Jungle Love. With the softer dip dyes, the drapes should be lovely and gentle..