Saturday, January 15, 2011

Spring Summer 2011 scarf booklet

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  1. MaiTai, The scarves are beautiful. I love the pink one. Continue to enjoy your weekend. Blessings-P

  2. Thank you, Penney. Have a wonderful remaining weekend too x

  3. How wonderful to see the new booklet. I have bought a couple of things from the SS 2011 collection, but had not seen the catalogue, thank you so much for posting and a belated Happy new Year. Sending you warm thoughts while I catch up with the last few lovely posts.
    Bonne Année,

  4. Beautiful scarves!!!
    Thank you so much, dearest MaiTai, for showing them to us! They make me long for the Summer! The little booklet is very pretty! <3 and hugs, Manuela

  5. How lovely to see you, ma chère Jamais! Hope you are well, and wishing you a very happy New Year too. Meilleurs voeux! xo

    Oh how I agree with you on the divine little booklet, dear Manuela! Isn't it just so wonderful to have seasons, there is always something to look forward too. Hugs right back x

  6. Fab to see new scarf book, the Soleil Mouss, does it have any beading can you see?

  7. Beautiful! Thanks so much for the sneak preview!

  8. Bonjour Mai Tai,

    Thank you so much for posting the scarf booklet. This season's scarves are irrisistable! Actually, I'm from tPF too and I have been a big fan of yours since I got into Hermes in 2009....and I have been so addicted to scarves somehow because of you! :P

    Anyway, I'm going to Paris end of March and I hope to try the new collection there. Can't wait!

    May I ask you if the booklet has stipulated the style no. / color code of the "Lujo Criollo" GM shawl (the white color on the model's head with green/red/orange colors etc) shown on Page 29? I love the contrast black hem of this scarf and the color seems to blend so well in the picture. If you know the style no./color code, please let me know so I can ask my local Hermes to find for me.

    May I ask also if the color on the model's head is different from the "Lujo Criollo" shawl shown on Page 28 (bottom right one) as I don't see any green color for the one on Page 28. Any idea?

    Sorry for so many questions. I get very excited with scarves..hehe!

    Anyway, thanks also for sharing the beautiful pictures of FSH's window display. So pretty! I can feel spring already although Paris's weather is still very cold. :P

    Thanks again for sharing the wonderful pictures! Bon weekend!


  9. Dear Mme MaiTai, How exciting to see the new catalogue! My girls and I looked at many many scarves from the previous collection at the Buenos Aires Airport and I bought a red one - La Charmante aux Animaux. In the words of Ms FF, I luff it 11/10. I have been attentively reviewing your posts for new ways to wear it. Thank you for such excellent instructions! How hard to decide which of the new collection is the most beautiful. Which one do you have your eye on? Warm regards Linda

  10. Hello Mai Tai,
    Long time no talk from me.
    I have been travelling for 5 weeks, and found out that you are virtually internetless in Russia, Scandinavia, Italy and now London.
    Apart from London, the wiFi coverage in Hotels is incredibly slow, (45 mins to put one photo on my blog) and now London has internet - but it is 6 pounds an hour!

    I hope you are well and cheering up with the new year after the sad end to 2010. You looked terribly thin in the last post I read (before Christmas) and so I hope you are eating well and feeling better.

    In exciting news, I have managed to wear 3 Hermes scarves in Rome and London. It's the first time they came out of my suitcase. I'm in training to try to look presentable for Blighty tomorrow.

    All the H shops in Italy were sold out of scarves. Can you believe it? No stock at all after Christmas.

    We stayed at a very beautiful hotel in Rome (the Raphael) and there were very glamourous ladies at breakfast: wearing Hermes scarves and accessories and speaking French. I had to text my sister and tell her I was looking at some "almost, but not quite as beautiful" Mai Tais in the flesh!

    Lots of love
    PS The Dodgy Brothers (Arne and Siggi) send you greetings from Australia as well.

  11. Hi MaiTai, thanks for this post, the scarves are wonderful...
    yellow with the horse is my favorite...

  12. Yummy ... stunning !
    My rings have arrived - today, I will try them out !
    Thank you !!

  13. Thank you SO MUCH for sharing, Mai Tai! The Spring Summer 2011 scarves are absolutely gorgeous.

  14. Thank you for sharing the new booklet.... Every time I say "no more" Hermes comes up with something else beautiful to tempt me.

    Have a wonderful week MaiTai.

  15. What a wonderful treat to wake up to on a lazy,rainy Sunday ! This SS/2011 scarf booklet is deLIGHTful.
    So full of bright and beautiful color palettes in all shapes and sizes. Thanks to you I am able to have a sneak peek
    before they make it to local H. Some are just starting to trickle in and upon my next visit I will be able to have a wish list in hand.
    So fun to study with a cup of tea in front of the fireplace.
    Thank you so much dear MT for adding a touch of Spring to the day and for your tireless efforts in getting the booklet out to all. So grateful for you....Big hug, T xx

  16. Hi Julie, the Soleil mousse in the booklet is not beaded :-)

    You are very welcome, Reese, glad you enjoyed!

    Dear Mia, I am honoured to have contributed to your departure onto the silk road, many thanks for your kind and lovely words. The style number for the Lujo Criollo GM is 242240S. The contrast hem on page 29 is truly stunning, and the photo so beautiful.The CW there is 06. The number for the red/blue CW on page 28 is 05. Have fun plotting your list for Paris, hope you’ll have a wonderful trip (and a new window display to marvel at)!

    Bonjour Linda! It is so nice to share the excitement about the catalogue here with all of you ladies :-) Congrats on your Charmante aux Animaux, and happy to know the videos are useful, thank you! From the new 90s, my favourites so far are: Cuirs de Desert, Concours d’Étrieres, Fleurs d’Indiennes, Grand Manege and Rêve de Corail. Look ing forward to try them in different colours, and who knows.. perhaps fall in love with something else altogether!

    Welcome back, Louise! Your trip sounds absolutely wonderful, what a great adventure!! Please say hello to Blighty, wishing you girls a fun and fabulous day together tomorrow. The hourly internet rate in London is the same as for their parking meters, absolutely horrendous. Keep rocking your silk, and have a great rest of your trip. Sending a woof to Arnie and Siggi. Please tell them not to worry, I’ve eaten huge amounts of Christmas cookies over the holidays! x

    Hello A, I’m happy you enjoyed the post :-)

    Wonderful to hear, dear Elizabeth, many thanks for letting me know. Have fun playing!

    You are very welcome, dear Simone :-)

    LOL, my dear SMR, they are so good at making us want more!! Goddess of temptation seems to be more to the point than messenger of the gods! ;-)

    Keep cosy by the fire, my dear Trudye. I wish I could hop next to you on the sofa, and we could drink tea, discuss scarves and plot lists together! Or better still, you come over here, as it’s nearly apéritif time! Mwahs and hugs x

  17. A million thanks, my dearest MaiTai, for all your dedicated work in sharing with us another gorgeous booklet. There is always so much beauty and creativity. It is truly a treat and of course most helpful. It is always interesting to see what we eventually end up with - I'm smitten with the Ferronnerie at the moment. Sending you all my love and warmest weekend hugs xx

  18. Super...let me just throw a few things together and I will be right there for cocktails ;)
    Love your editorial favorites and in total agreement about falling in love with something new IRL.
    Oh,what is for dinner??? More mwahs to you, T xx

  19. Thank you for looking at the mouss MaiTai. Do you know how often Hermes changes its beautiful window displays? I will be in Paris this July time..

  20. Thank you, MT! I love the fact that Hermès has published pictures of an adult woman this time, she looks beautiful, doesn't it?

  21. Posted a comment yesterday but it went missing - just wanted to say thanks so much for the sneak peek, dear MaiTai - I can't wait to see them for myself - hope my local H has lots of the new designs to see - I am particularly looking forward to seeing the Pegasus (and that gorgeous MetM in cotton jersey....) will let you know how I get on!

  22. Thank you so much for sharing! I haven't had my copy yet so this taster is just fabulous!
    My heart has been lost to the Pegasus already....among others!
    Hugs DB xxxx

  23. Isn't it such a game each time, my dear Scarf Enthusiast! First the early rumours of the new collection’s designs, then the exciting wait for some sneak previews, at which time the plotting starts.. then the long wait for the scarves to slowly trickle into the boutiques, all the time hoping the favourites turn out the way one imagined... and then to walk home with something completely different! The Ferronierie is absolutely gorgeous.. now, which CW to chose! Warmest hugs to you too <3

    Oh Trudye, I came back to this so late, we have to plan another party! How about orange and brown as our colour theme for the food? Drinks have to be pale of course, like the printing on the Bolduc, woohoo! xx

    You are very welcome, dear Julie! To my knowledge, the window displays get changed four times a year. Let us know what they have in July, and have a great trip!

    She is absolutely stunning, dear Birkinmary, I agree! And a great model too, she looks so different and fabulous in all the pics.

    So sorry the comment got swallowed, my dear sushi queen! Hope your local gets tons for you to indulge in. So far, I have only seen the Pegasus in the very pale CWs, but would love to try the bolder ones! Looking forward to your report :-)

    My dear DB, so happy you enjoyed the preview! Happy shopping and big hugs to you xx

  24. Hello there
    Would you be kind enough to tell me the cw of the Marcelina in the catalogue? Must. Have. It.!
    Thanks, MaiTai