Sunday, February 20, 2011

Asymmetrical shoulder wrap 'how-to'

Valentines week has been great fun, I very much enjoyed realizing the additional posts. I wish I'd had the time to continue in the same way, but will at least try and get back into the old habit of more frequent updates.

Here as promised the how-to for the shoulder wrap, hope you'll enjoy!

Sorry this took so long, dear Frances, and many thanks for the great request!

Edited to add:
When pinching the corners (just before pulling them apart in opposite directions), please make sure to select the 'open' corners (see A) with one hand, and the 'folded' corner (see B) with your other hand.

Scarf ring sizing info:
Petite ring: perfect for 70 Carrés and Gavroches
Moyenne ring: perfect for 70 and 90 Carrés

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  1. A persuader is speaking lol...I see you might make a movie after having written the book - this your video is very clear and very professionally made, now I have a new homework, as well as all beautiful ladies participating here. It is very joyous and I can personally tell you that your blog has tremendously helped me to build my own style, with the existing ingredients and addition of your accessories. I really sincerely think you should write a book. I have browsed Amazon to check the situation there and have not found any book written by the lady gifted with such an effortles chic and style which might be compared to yours - my sincere opinion. And - Trudye was so much right, spoilt we are, by your attention, thoughtful posts and care. Hugs, have a nice week, Lilian

  2. Magnificent "how-to" for such a special knot !!
    Thank you very much for sharing it, and thank you very much for your magnificent and such a special blog.
    Looking forward to next posts and next items in MT collection.. wishing you a great week,and sending you all my love

  3. Thank you so much for taking the time to realize this video dear MaiTai. I've never managed to achieve this knot, and now it's seems so much easier to do!
    Have a wonderful week ahead.
    xxx S

  4. May I add my thanks for the generous gifts of your time and talent.Fabulous job on the video. How lovely also to see one of my grails in action again!



  5. My dearest MaiTai,
    Thank you so very much, my dearest friend, for your immense generosity in giving us a most extraordinary and unforgettable week! You've truly done everything for us - shared, helped, shown, taught, and given so very much. You weren't even supposed to reply to us individually, but you did, with utmost sweetness and kindness, infused with extra sweet love <3 So very grateful and most appreciative - truly the happiest and the sunniest place where many wonderful ladies and friends gather to celebrate the beauty and the joy you so generously share with us.
    The video is just brilliant! The asymmetrical shoulder wrap can be so elusive, and even more difficult to explain and to illustrate. Yet your demonstration and presentation is so clear, concise and very doable - simply a very beautiful production. And with many thanks to your incredibly gorgeous scarf rings, even I can do it. Your knowledge and talents are phenomenal.
    Thank you so much, dearest MaiTai, for your many kind and lovely words. Hope you'll have a chance get some rest this coming week. Wishing you a most wonderful, joy filled week and sending you all my love and the biggest, warmest hugs always xx

  6. Thank you SO much, dear MaiTai! I cannot wait to get home and practise with my dear cream Sichuan :-) I'm doing an internship with a bank soon, and scarves are very much recommended for women. Oh no, I suppose I shall have to buy more H!

    I can't tell you how much I've enjoyed this lovely week!

  7. Thank you MT for a new useful tutorial, I find it had to do with a GM though, any tips? :)

  8. Excellent how-to video MaiTai... thanks. Many thanks as well for all the wonderful ideas you have shared recently.

    Hope you have a wonderful week. xxxS

  9. MaiTai,

    Thanks for these instructions, they were just what I was looking for.

    Very easy to follow and will definitively become a favourite knot of mine.

    Have tried it with my beloved Daimyo today and am chuffed to bits with the effect.

    Big hug and thank you


  10. If I might leave a comment related to the ladies gathered by the beauty being celebrated here - I enjoy reading the comments and the spirit and vibe I feel at your fabuolous blog. If I might suggest, Scarf Enthusiast would be a wonderful candidate for writing a preface to your book - she says what I think, but have troubles to express. The above post is so nice. In my office, two more ladies got addicted to your blog and openly admitted it to me today, lol - it seems that good things spread and penetrate. So nice to feel it. Hugs, Lilian

  11. Hi MaiTai, I greatly enjoy visiting your blog! You have an amazing collection of scarves and also impeccable style. Most importantly though, a warm smile.

    I was hoping your could answer one little scarf ring question for me (tried to look around on your pages, but couldn't find the answer). I am hoping to slowly build up a Hermès scarf collection. I am thinking 70 carrés will be the most versatile and therefore want to focus on them, please give me your input if you disagree. Would you say the moyenne size will give me most options, or is petite best?

    Kind regards

  12. My dear MaiTai

    I don´t mind at all having Frances and Lilian on my side if that´s what it takes for you to write a book, lol! I think we are many here that would appreciate it <3
    Thank you for a gorgeous video and your patience in explaining how to make the asymmetrical shoulder wrap in detail.
    Thank you as well for your sweet and kind words! I do hope we meet one day!!! The warmest hugs from a still ice cold Scandinavia, Manuela

  13. Dearest MaiTai

    I fully agree with Lilian in her last post. Scarf Enthusiast writes so beautifully! I often wish I could "tell" you such beautiful things but when English is not one´s mother language, it is a little difficult sometimes...
    Your blog is my daily break and I enjoy it so much!
    Warm hugs to you, my dear. M.

  14. Oh my, what a treat this week has been, dear Mai Tai! The scarf rings, the asymmetrical shoulder wrap so beautifully presented in a casual style, followed by the video, executed in such a clear, easy to follow way, that only you can do. And what a wonderful way to present the video, by wearing a rollneck! Casual, and yet elegant at the same time! Beautifully done! Also, thank you for the link at the bottom of the page linking us to the cashmere GM also worn in an asymmetrical, paired with a white button down. What a timeless look, dear MaiTai. And thank you again for such a fabulous week! Warm orange hugs! xxxxxx CS

  15. Thank you for your lovely comments, my dear Lilian, Begoña, booksnchocolate, Maisie, Scarf Enthusiast, Frances, Birkinmary, SMR, Bienchen, Thea, Manuela and CS, so glad you enjoyed the video!

    Lilian, your comment relating to all the special ladies was heart warming and beautiful. I feel the same way as you, and am grateful to everyone for making this such a special place. You, my dear are appointed chief researcher and project manager!:)

    My dear Begoña, I am so pleased you like the ‘how-to’, wishing you the happiest time knotting and experimenting! <3

    I am sure you have become a grand-master by now, my dear booksnchocolate! Have a wonderful rest of the week! x

    I have been thinking of you when choosing the scarf, my dear Maisie, hoping to give you twin hugs one day soon..

  16. My dear Scarf Enthusiast, you are unanimously elected as our chief-editior and writer, I hope you accept! We would have to plan a workshop, and with Lilian help, come up with parts for everyone.. oh the fun of our book and knot parties to come! Your comment was more than touching, I don’t have adequate words to thank you. Everything you write is so full of beauty and joie de vivre. Thank you for making all of us so happy here xx

    You are VERY welcome, my dear Frances! Oh and how clever of you to get a job where scarves are recommended for woman! You know who to ask if another intern is needed... please, please.. let it be moi!

    I took the Grande recommendation right down after reading your comment, dear Birkinmary. I tried it with the Damier, which of course is much thinner, but with a regular GM the grande is too small. You could secure the ends with a double knot though, or try the criss-cross method by wearing the wrap in a loose way..looks as if I need to come up with a new scarf ring size!

    So glad you enjoyed the video and recent posts, my dear SMR, many thanks. Wishing you a wonderful rest of the week! <3

  17. How wonderful to hear, dear Bienchen! Very honoured that you have chosen to wear the wrap with one of your favourite scarves, merci! :)

    Dear Thea, I am happy you enjoy it here, and wishing you a wonderful time building your H scarf collection. The 70 Carré is a lovely size, and you can knot it in so many great ways. Occasionally it is nice to change formats for variety, so it’s worth experimenting with the other scarf sizes too. The most versatile scarf ring size to go with a 70, is a moyenne ring. Please check this link for ideas and how-tos's To see 70s with the petite rings, please check here

    My dear Manuela, I am sure we will meet one day, looking very much forward to it already! Loved your response to Lilian, I adore it when you lovely ladies chat to each other. And of course, I completely agree with you! Keep warm and cosy in cold Scandinavia x

    My dear CS, so happy you enjoyed this week! I am grateful to you for the wonderful requests, which were very much part of the success and fun of it. And yes, the rollneck did work well in the end, especially as it was not too bulky. Warm orange hugs to you too, and thank you again x

  18. Dearest MaiTai - With so much correspondence from your many wonderful and loyal followers I am deeply touched that you remembered my love for this carre.
    Maisie x0x

  19. How could I forget, my dear Maisie <3 I just wish you or I would come across it one day, so we could finally become twins! x

  20. Great video, and thank you for sharing this "how-to", hugs! =)

  21. Glad you like it, my dear. Hugs right back

  22. love the music that is playing during your tutorial for the ASW. Please share the artist?

  23. Hello Ladylove, I used Apple iMovie library music, but the artist is not marked. If you have access to a Mac, open the iMovie application, click on the music symbol and go to 'jingles'. Scroll down until you see 'Piano ballad'.