Thursday, February 17, 2011

Paper bags

Today I've been clearing out my closet, and realized I had accumulated a few too many orange shopping bags..

Not having the heart to toss them into the recycling bin, I've prepared 20 sets to give away. Postage will be paid at cost by the recipient, packaging and PayPal fees are on me.

Specs of sets:
a) 2x large and 2x medium
b) 2x large, 1x medium and 1x small
c) 3x large and 1x small
Large: 43 cm x 28 cm (16.9 x 11.0 inch)
Medium: 29 cm x 21 cm (11.41 x 8.26 inch)
Small: 22 cm x 15 cm (8.66 x 5.90 inch)
Shipping costs for international priority airmail:
France: 3.15 EUR
Europe: 6.50 EUR
Rest of the World: 7.70 EUR
(If you like to have send it registered and insured, please add 4.30 EUR)
If you would like to receive a set, please send a short email to :
and provide the following information:
Specify set (a, b, or c):
PayPal email address:
Country of residence (to calculate shipping charges):
You will then a receive a PayPal invoice, and on receipt of your payment I will confirm your set and send it within 1-2 business days to the address linked to your PayPal account.

First comes, first serves!

Edited to add:

All paperbags have found new homes, many thanks to those who participated!


  1. Hello MaiTai - Wow, even your collection of bags is very impressive and beautifully arranged ;-). And who is that patient soul waiting outside in hopes of un petit morceau?

    Hugs, Maisie

  2. no wonder, with all the scarves that you

  3. Great minds think alike...I have been sorting out and cleaning up, and came up with wayyyy too many H orange shopping bags and dozens of boxes of all sizes. How sweet and generous of you, ma chère amie, to give them away.
    I love the picture of the dog at the threshold of the boulangerie, two of my favourite things (does the doggie know that in my beloved homeland unlike here he is allowed inside?).
    And yay, I wore the MT waterfall knot successfully with a plissé and with a GM mousse that I forgot I had -- before the aforementioned cleaning up of one's H closet. It is so beautiful, merci de nous avoir intitiées.

  4. You are the sweetest and the most generous, dearest MaiTai, to give these dear orange paper babies a new home - each holds such special memories… The picture is just adorable, the doggy is so sweet and well-mannered, waiting patiently. Sending you much love and the warmest orange hugs xx

  5. Dear MaiTai!
    It tears my heart to part with anything from Hermes packaging.
    Thus I store all of tge scarves and scarfrings in the orange boxes as well as keep all the ribbons - in a number of years I shall be able to decorate a whole firtree with it.
    How do you store your scarves? In boxes?

  6. You know, I have similar pile and similar dilemma. I haven't the heart to toss them or recycle. Maybe I'll be forced to make a decision if I am ever lucky enough that they start to push my shoes and things out of their home as they take over!

    You are very generous to donate them to new homes like this!

    Gorgoeus pic of the doggie too!

    DB xx

  7. Hello, dear Maisie! It is probably fair to say that I am an 'arranger', lol. The doggie was the cutest, so loyal and sweet.

    Lol, dear rs!

    Congrats on the waterfall, ma chère Jamais! Well done cleaning up your closet, and what a fabulous find to reward you, and just in time for spring! PS. Ah the rights of dogs in your beautiful homeland! Clearly, the one waiting outside the boulangerie must have been a 'touriste'!

    Much love to you, my dear Scarf Enthusiast. I am happy that all but a couple of paper babies have found a new home, and yes, each one was special and joyous to hold, bringing new treasures back home!

    Love the image of an orange decked fir tree with chocolate ribbons swirling around it, dear Anna! I store my scarves in their boxes, with the lids tucked under, all arranged in wide, shallow and deep drawers.

    You made me laugh, my dear DB, the orange army threatening to occupy shoe territory! So many of us seem to feel the same about the bags, if only we could think of an arts & craft project to put them into good use!

  8. I simply put mine in the basement, a room in my appartement that I use to keep things I don´t need much, like the box of my Christmans`s tree, and things like that, as all the bags of others wonderful stores.
    I put then away.
    I´ve never expected , never , to make some money of it,...And in my house, my beloved pet, never stays outside of any place...

  9. Good to hear you have found a solution for your shopping bags which works for you. Making money on them is something I would not consider either, which is why I have given mine away.

  10. I always worry that when it comes time for someone to clean out my home what they will find will be paper bags from my favorite stores! What is it about women and their bags!

  11. You made me laugh out loud, dear Nancy! Seems that we are all doing it ;-)

  12. Do you have one set left? I am in the states. Thanks!

  13. I've replenished my stock yesterday ;) Please email me your details, and I will get your set on it's way.