Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Waterfall knot - final sequel

Ending the waterwall knot series with a post inspired by my friend Begoña, who had the wonderful idea of applying it to a Plissé. Thank you for sharing with us, dear Begoña, I absolutely love the way it drapes!

To add to the fun, one can create endless variations by pinching the fabric in different places (or by giving it a little twist) before pulling it through the final loop.

Featured scarf: Projet Carré Plissé
Scarf tying method: Waterfall knot. Click here for a how-to
Scarf ring: MT Collection, grande size in black

I enjoyed exploring this knot with different scarf formats and sizes, and have compiled the variations here..

Looking forward to Spring, and to trying the ripple effect on a GM mousse!

PS. Thank you for the icon, my dear SE! xx


  1. Fabulous plisse look MaiTai - great idea Begona! Love the video and music too!! SA

  2. What a wonderful idea! I wanted to experiment with the waterfall knot but don't have a mousseline scarf or a 70. Using a plissé is a fantastic idea. It will give mine a new life since I tend to leave it in its box for lack of (new) ideas on how to knot it. Thank you Begona and dear MaiTai.

  3. The knot is so nice on mousselines and I guess there are numerous variations, depending on pinch...sad for not having any mousseline. However, I have been really experimenting much with my H carres, both 90 an 70 and even managed to knot the Tiffany scarf very nicely, the knot is very creative and provides ample range of possibilities. P.S. I am thinking about how Cuirs de Desert would beautifully function in this know, right? (I do not have it and I am hunting my colour). Thanks to Begona and to you.

  4. Great series Mai Tai...thought I'd give the waterfall knot a try this morning... works beautifully with 70 vintage and Mai Tai moyenne scarf ring, definitely a new favourite knot. Wishing I had a mousse!

  5. What a wonderful video, my dear MaiTai! Real profissional!Love the waterfall knot with the plissé. Thank you to Begona for the great idea and to you, dearest MaiTai, for all the variations and for showing them to us! Warmest hugs, Manuela

  6. Love this look! Am going to have to "try this at home!"

  7. MaiTai... Ilove them all. I cannot wait to try them out. Blessings -P

  8. My dearest MaiTai,
    You know how much I love theme & variations, so this is an extra sweet treat and a wonderful culmination to the very special Waterfall knot series! The plisse adds such a unique dimension to this angelic knot - thank you Begoña for the wonderful idea and to our dear MaiTai for showing us the way to many marvelous variations. The video is fantastic - love, love, love every aspect - makes this beautiful journey so complete. Thank you so much for all you are giving us. Sending you all my love and sweetest hugs xx
    P.S. You are our beautiful sunshine, dearest MaiTai <3

  9. Can't believe this - can you read my (our) minds? I was thinking of asking you to show us this beautiful knot with a plisse and there it is! Simply stunning and making me want to finally get one. ;-) hugs, Macs

  10. Dearest Mai Tai: Wonderful posting as always; the videos are lovely! I was wondering if you'd consider creating an index for accessing posts by carre colorway? I'm often looking for inspiration based on the colors I'm wearing on a particular day. Also, if you ever have an extra minute, a posting on what you have learned firsthand about care for carres would also be so much appreciated.
    With gratitude as always for your gracious gifts of insight into timeless style!
    Yours, Dr. V.O.

  11. MaiTai, the waterfall knot on the plisse is absolutely brilliant! I'm excited to try this right away.

  12. Thank you, Scarf Addict!

    So happy the waterfall is going to bring your Plissé back to life, dear booksnchocolate! Please let us know how it went :)

    Excellent point re the Cuirs de Désert, dear Lilian will try it out asap! Good luck with the hunt. Let me guess... is it the CW 26 you are eyeing?;-)

    So happy you are having fun with the knot and scarf ring, dear msT, thank you!

    Many thanks, my dear Manuela! I had such a good time making this little series, happy you enjoyed it too!x

    Merci and good luck, dear Deja Pseu :)

    Thank you, dear Penney, have fun experimenting!

    I am so happy you enjoyed this mini series, my dear Scarf Enthusiast. I had to stop myself from going on and on.. if only a day had 48 hrs, I‘d start a new blog and name it ‘themes and variations’, in honor of you and the wonderful descriptions you come up with. Thank you for the sunshine you bring here <3

    Just had a look at your blog, what a fabulous waterfall knot, woohoo dear Macs!

    Dear Dr. V.O., so pleased you enjoyed the videos, thank you. A post re caring for scarves is on the list, your request has strengthened my resolve to get down to it, so thank you :) The colour index is a wonderful idea too, but would require many rainy afternoons!

    Thank you, dear xandrah. Have a great time playing!

  13. Thank you MT for this beautiful series on waterfall knot, I've been tying my scarves like this during the past week and getting lots of compliments. :)

  14. So wonderful to hear it's been a success, dear Birkinmary, merci!

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