Friday, February 11, 2011

Waterfall knot - How to

Fold your scarf into a triangle, and proceed as shown in the video below :

(if the video doesn't show, please click here to see it on YouTube

More detailed instructions for the last step, with a 90 silk twill carré:

(If the video below doesn't show, please click here to see it on YouTube)

Scarf ring sizing info:
Moyenne ring: perfect for 70 Carrés and PM Mousses
Grande ring: perfect for 90 Carrés and GM Mousses

With various scarf sizes and formats:

Edited to add: I've been asked a few times for more specific instructions on how to fold the scarf into a triangle/place it around the shoulders. Please follow as shown below:


  1. Wow !
    Great knot and a wonderful scarf !

  2. Thanks a lot, dear MaiTai, this knot has been so intriguing for me and I loved it the same time did not have any idea how to make it. As my scarves are already out waiting for the video (lol), now I will be off for exercise. This know shows all the beauty of the scarf design and is so elegant at the same time - I am so glad to have all sizes of your scarf rings in natural horn; their material makes them exceptional, as horn, bone and mother of pearl are all so much warmer than metal. So many combinations with them - thank you for all your innovative knots you created for us. Hugs

  3. You are more than welcome, dear Lilian! Having been more than year behind, I credit this video to your persevearance, so all thanks to you! ;-) Really happy you love the rings, have a great time playing!

  4. drop dead gorgeous and a huge champagne toast to you for clueing us in! kiss, me

  5. This is so beautiful, thank you so much for taking the time to make this video my dear friend.
    I will try this beauty with the grande scarf rings -- whe they arrive-- or with my chaîne d'ancre ring in the meantime. I am sure that it will speed up the arrival of Spring.

  6. Champagne toasts are always highly appreciated, my dear Macs! ;-) Chin chin to a fab weekend!<3

    Have fun playing, ma chère Jamais! To help Spring on it's way, try the waterfall with a GM mousse, it's sensational. Hope your scarf ring babies will arrive soon! Bisous

  7. So beautiful this knot, my dear MaiTai! And I love mousseline scarves. The perfect scarves for the Summer. Enjoy your weekend and thank you so much for your great video. Warmest hugs, M.

  8. Full-on, flat-out GORGEOUS, MaiTai!

  9. Hope you will have much joy with your mousses in a cool rippling waterfall this summer, my dear Manuela! <3

    Many thanks, dear LuxeByte, happy you like it :)

  10. My dearest MaiTai,
    The video is amazing - so beautiful - love the title page, the great music throughout, and your helpful words to carry us along. Of course, your superb demonstration is like none other. Thank you for showing us, helping us and enriching our love affair with the beautiful and magical scarves. You are the best, my dear. And thank you always for your kind and generous words. Wishing you a most wonderful weekend. Sending you all my love and happiest warmest hugs xx

  11. What a great homework for the weekend, MT, love it! thank you so much for sharing. Love.

  12. So happy you enjoyed the video, my dear Scarf Enthusiast! Thank you for the lovely compliments and hope you'll enjoy playing with the knot. Have a wonderful weekend too! xx

    You made me laugh, dear Birkinmary! Looking forward to the class turning up on Monday morning ;-)

  13. Mai Tai
    I'm so impressed by the great video complete with music! You only do things first class.

  14. Thank you for the instructions MaiTai - it looks lovley!

  15. What a perfect tutorial for this fab knot. Why oh why does it look so easy when you show us, but upon attempt I sometimes remain all thumbs ? Mantra to self,"practice patience ".
    I think a knotting workshop in the South of France would be great fun! Much like a cooking school,with you as our fearless leader, sampling the local fare,drinking champagne,shopping for H, and of course creating beautiful H looks !
    Now that would be a BLAST ;)
    Many thanks for your tireless efforts and creations dear MT.
    Enjoy your weekend and sending sunshine and hugs to you. T xx

  16. Great knot and great video.
    I've just tried the knot with a plissé, and it works as well as - or even better than- the flower knot.
    Thanking you for sharing, and for bringing sunshine back. :)
    All my love <3

  17. Dear MaiTai, I have had a knotting workshop which began yesterday evening - in that period I actually realized how great your skills are and waterfall knot has really revealed so much about my own scarves - how their appearance change depending on the knot created and on the end point where the scarf is taken when finishing the knot. Is the knot in the capsule wardrobe post # 15 also a waterfall knot - I guess not? I am honored by your credits, thanks for the video again. Hugs

  18. I am a new reader to your blog and a new H scarf owner. You are so generous with your blog! Lovely and classy.

    Can you tell me, is a "PM mousse" a 90cm square of mousseline silk? And is it true that they are not currently being offered? I live in Arizona (no Hermes stores here, so I am purchasing only via the website), and imagine that the mousse would be ideal for warmer weather.


  19. Dear Maitai

    I love your wares. Have you ever considered designing your own scarves?


  20. Thank you, dear MaiTai! I will spend some time this evening practising this beautiful knot. By the way, I love the addition of music to the video, and you chose a beautiful song that somehow suited the lovely soft colours of the scarf.

  21. Amazingly beautiful knot, MaiTai. Thank you for taking the time to make the video for us. I can't wait to try this out!

  22. Beautiful knot MT, thank you, I always enjoy watching your videos :) Happy Valentine's Day!
    IceEarl (Sam)

  23. Just wanted to drop you a note to let you know how grateful I am for all your help in making my scarves be a wonderful, creative element in my wardrobe.

    I ordered 4 scarf rings and I received everything in perfect order today. They are lovely and so light, which makes them even easier to use than some of my other rings! Let playtime begin!

    There is only one negative: they are so beautifully packaged that I didn’t want to open them :)

  24. This knot is beyond gorgeous, I wish I had a PM mousse =) I think the GM might be too huge for this knot, a plisse would be so pretty too!

  25. A belated thank you for the lovely comments, dear Sam, Julian F and lifeatmyfingertips, so sorry for not having come back to you before.

    Sam, hope you had a wonderful Valentine's Day!

    So happy to hear you enjoy the rings, dear Julian, many thanks for your kind message. Have a wonderful time playing and knotting! :-)

    Looks as though it's high time for a PM mousse, my dear DD! So glald you posted, I would have missed the above comments without you x

  26. So happy to hear, dear Donna. Thank you x

    Merci, dear Scarf Addict!

    Oh how I love the workshop idea, my dear Trudye, the fun we’d have! I’ve put your name down, woohoo!!

    How wonderful to see you here, my dear Begoña! Ingenious idea to try this with a Plissé, the result is truly spectacular. Mille merci!

    Dear Lilian, you are so right re the knot, pinching the scarf in different places makes huge changes to the look. You can also try twisting the pinched fabric when pulling it through the final loop. The knot on post #15 is like a Twilly wrap, only done with a PM mousse.

    A warm welcome to you, Kay, and congratulations on your first H item. A PM (=petit modèle) is a 90x90 format indeed. They are sold in the boutiques, but the selection is often limited. Good luck!

    Thank you, J. So far, I have not!

    Merci, dear Frances, so lovely to hear you enjoyed the video :)

    Thank you, dear xandrah, wishing you much fun practising!