Friday, March 4, 2011

Carré Stories - Spring/Summer 2011

To read the Carré stories of this season's scarves ..
• Le Pégase d'Hermès
• Mots de Soie
• Concours d'Étriers
• Rêve de Corail
• Fleurs d'Indiennes
• Din Tini Yä Zuë
• Marcelina
• Nuées Imaginaires
• Brides de Gala en Finesse
• Cuirs du Désert
• Alphabet des Métiers
• La Ronde des Jockeys
• Doigts de Fée
• Grand Manege

.. click here or on the image below


  1. Oh, love to hear this! Maybe get jungle love as my first dip dye!
    Thank you MaiTai! Love your blog!

  2. Oh, how exciting. I heard about the Apache design and it was described as stunning. The others sound great. Jungle Love in dipdye - too exciting!
    Hugs, dear MaiTai.

  3. Thank you! Can't wait to see AW 2011. It already sounds fantastic. I'm looking forward to see the Apache design as well as Fleurs d'Indiennes in GM Dipdye.

    Thank you so much for all this info MaiTai.

    Can I bother you with a question? Do you cut off the tag on your scarves? I find it's hard to fold the scarves to hide the tag and at the same time try to show all the colours the scarves have to offer.

  4. Just perfect, I knew your new scarf would look amazing on you, and your flair and inventiveness would bring some beautiful wardrobe combinations with it, inspiring as always!!

    DB xx

  5. Thanks for the news referring to AW 10/11 - I am pretty surprised it is possible to get such the news in this period of year! I put a lot of hopes into Annie Faivre compilation and will count the days until its release, hoping the corners will be different and it will be at least half versatile as Carre en Carres - hope I do not ask for too much!

  6. My dearest MaiTai,
    Thank you so much for bringing us one of my most favorite aspects of discovering these beautiful treasures - I very much appreciate the history and the special story behind each one, giving them so much more meaning than just a beautiful design. Most grateful to you for all the work you do for us, dear friend. Sending you all my love and the sunniest and happiest Alpine hugs xx

  7. Dear mimi, Maedi, A, DB, Lilian and Scarf Enthusiast ~ happy you enjoyed the booklet, many thanks for your sweet and kind comments <3

    Re care tags: I prefer them not to show. Hiding them in folds only works to a point, as it limits the knots and ways to wear a scarf. So unless they are not getting in the way, I remove them.