Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Criss-cross bow 'how-to' video


  1. What shall I say - already always loved your how to's, but this one makes me think that you have yet again mastered a quite difficult "task" and transformed it into fun perfection! Off to scarf playing ... xox, Macs

  2. I am so behind because I am away on vacation, but I just wanted to say how stunning this is. Can't wait to try it when I return to my scarves and to colder climates. Thank you so much for making this video, and for the previous posts, made me think about my scarf buying pattern (and realise I had one, actually).

  3. Hehe, a ribbon round the old Oak Tree???? What a fun to listen and to look! Best, Ingrid

  4. Tie a yellow ribbon? Oh, MaiTai! My morning tea nearly hit the computer monitor ...again. LOL.
    I like this knot with the MT scarf ring. It's a much nicer, polished look versus wrapping around and pulling through, which is what I often do. With the scarf ring, there is better control over which color comes through to make the bow. Well done (as always), dear MaiTai! Scarf twins on the TdC!
    Orange hugs, CS

  5. Can't wait to try this knot! Thanks for posting dear MT.

  6. Many thanks, dear Macs, Jamais, Ingrid, CS and booksnchocolate!

    Have fun playing, my dear Macs <3

    Bonnes vacances, ma chère Jamais, sounds as though you are enjoying lovely warm sunshine..! x

    I know, dear Ingrid, I know!! :)

    Dear CS, will send you a few screen wipes over! Twin hugs to you, and cheers to the ole oak tree ;)

    Hope you'll enjoy Ms Bow Knot, my dear booksnchocolate <3

  7. You are such a knotting genius, MaiTai. What would I do without your inspiration?

  8. Dear MaiTai, your video made me very happy, as it extended my scarf knotting approach again and opened a whole new knotting world. As you know, I have the same CPdM and your video really opened up an array of possibilities, which were totally unrevealed to me. I am so much happy for it, as I adore the design and cw and your video taught me how to use it in many different ways. The video itself is a small work of art, I know how difficult it is to produce it, for the fact I missed doing different vieos numeours times, LOL! Thanks for a new lesson. The today's knots are exceptionally beautiful - all are the candidates for "best of" collection, for the possibility to totally change the scarf nature by a small move in know - fabulous. Your devoted pupil, Lilian

  9. love it...thanks MT. Your video's are getting more elaborate and more fun. xo

  10. Fantastic! I couldn't stop smiling while watching the video, what a happier thing to do than tie a beautiful H scarf to a great tune. Shall whistle while I work. Thanks for brightening the day :) Ps this song brings back sweet seventies childhood memories!

  11. Thanks for yet another inspiring how-to, dear MaiTai - will try this one today! I love how it looks so different when done with the 70cm, compared to the 90 - a very versatile knot for sure!

  12. I am so impressed by your artistry, flair, and sheer creativity . I'm sure you can apply this anything you chose , happily you have shared your gift with us . I never really appreciated my scarves before, actually I thought they were a little frumpy , now I'm riveted by them and my favourite MT scarf ring . Now off to practice this knot !

  13. MaiTai, once again, WOW! Look at how your new criss-cross technique makes the cent plis pattern emerge perfectly as if one half of a pleated bow. Genius! Adds another consideration when buying a scarf...what part of the pattern will show when tied in the "MT CCB?" Thank you!

  14. A heartfelt thank you, dearest MaiTai! The video is a pure delight and a ray of bright sunshine. As msT said, just can't stop smiling and skipping about with joy. Your ingenious new creation, Ms criss-cross bow is a most lovely, enchanting, feminine knot. I'm totally in love with this beautiful new member of the criss-cross family - and as sushi queen said, so incredibly versatile, and absolutely fail safe. Your tremendous talent and enormous generosity has opened up a whole new world for so many, bringing so much happiness. Wishing you a most wonderful weekend ahead. Sending you all my love and the happiest hugs xx
    PS Thank you always for your sweetest dear words <3

  15. Wonderful, both the bow and the video setting. Besides the knotting you are a real talent in making videos as well!

  16. Really happy you enjoyed the knot and video, many thanks for the lovely comments dear xandrah, Birkinmary, Lilian, Ladylove, msT, sushi queen, Chiarina, Scarf Addict, Dr.V.O., Scarf Enthusiast and Mary Ka xx

    Aww.. thank you, xandrah! <3

    Merci, Birkinmary x

    Twin hugs to you, dear Lilian! So great to hear you like the new knot with your CPdM. I adore the CCB too, it achives so much, with so little..x

    Thank you, Ladylove! I finally worked out how to work with iMovie.. it’s simply amazing.

    So lovely to hear the song brought some happy memories back, msT! Thank you for sharing :)

    Hope you had a fun playtime, my dear sushi queen! <3

    Dear Chiarina, I am so thrilled to hear your scarves are enjoying a revival, happy knotting!

    Thank you, dear Scarf Addict :)

    Well observed, Dr.V.O., bravo! And yes, there are always scarves which work better in some knots than others. The CPdM seems indeed o be made for the CCB!

    I hoped you would enjoy Ms criss cross, my dear Scarf Enthusiast! It’s like the feminine sister of our cherished criss-cross, n’est ce pas.. Wishing you a most wonderful and happy weekend too xx

    Thanks so much, dear Mary KA! I so enjoyed doing this post, and happy you liked it too :)

  17. I just got my grande scarf ring and it's perfect size and very lightweight! Thanks Mai Tai you are my style guru!!!
    Feli from Chicago

  18. So happy to hear, dear Feli, many thanks. Happy knotting! :)