Friday, April 15, 2011

Horn bracelets

Finally they have arrived!

For more info, please click here or on the image below.


  1. Lovely, a twilly around it would be nice won't it?

  2. Gorgeous! I think I'll need one in every colour! Just in case. :) They look beautiful. Thank you too for listing the details on how to get the perfect fit for the size.

  3. Beautiful. Congrats on your new design.

  4. Dear MaiTai, sugar, did you hear coming through cyberspace the collective "yippees" of your readers and delighted customers? I love how you've collected a wonderful range of colorways (using an H & scarf-friendly adjective!) and sizes. And the photographic presentations are spectacular! You are a truly talented artist-entrepreneuse. It helps to see how you match them with your scarves and outfits. I am trying to figure out which one would work best with my "New Springs" in prune/rose (fuchsia border)...any suggestions?

  5. Dear Tai, With elegance and kindness you are teaching a generation how to dress with style, no matter what our station in life. I love that you bring your personal touch to our lives, by way of these gorgeous accessories. Thank you for all your time and the care you take, tending to every detail of the quality of these items. I can honestly say that I have more fun with my wardrobe, while I now find it easier to pair my things with each other. Your blog is like a style classroom - only lots more fun.

    I can appreciate how much time and work goes into the blog. Speaking for your readers, I truly appreciate all your advice and endeavours.

    Bisous, Terese

  6. I would like to second the Fourth's words - so much true and so well expressed. I feel very much same - combine my wardrobe items much better than I used to, use the scarves and learnt relly much. This bracelet is one more item where one can see so much work involved - it is not easy to process it so that it looks nice and I can imagine how much work it actually needed on MaiTai's side, since it is not easy to find a good supplier, who uses good raw material, to correct all mistakes which inevitably happen during that process. The bracelets are beautiful, I have spent so much time in front of the screen watching them. Thanks MaiTai, for everything :-)

  7. My dear friend, How do you always seem to know what we need and absolutely must have?
    Wowzer...another hit on your hands(or wrist) ;)
    I love every color...really! I cannot wait until they arrive and I can try out my own pairings!
    As always, I am in awe of your talent and creativity,but more importantly your kind generosity towards us all.
    Warm hugs for a lovely weekend and Easter week ahead, T xx

  8. My dear MaiTai,

    I couldn´t agree more with Fourth, Lilian and Trudye. You are simply amazing and your blog made my life so much richer. Your effort and kindness in answering us all, one by one, your creativity and style, your precious lessons, your sharing the beautiful things in life, the "joie de vivre" that we all should feel, etc... I do not have words that can express my gratitude. Thank you, my dear, for sharing not only the pictures of your new stunning bracelets, but moments of your life with us. I can´t wait to get one bracelet myself. Not only because it is pretty, but also because it comes from you. Enjoy a lovely sunny weekend. Lots of warm hugs, Manuela.

  9. Gasp...these are so beautiful, MaiTai! I agree with Fourth, Lilian, Trudye, and Manuela's comments. It's quite obvious that you have put a great deal of time and your impeccable style into each piece, and into your scarf rings, and furs as well. Congratulations on being sold out in such a short time in several of your cuffs! Champagne toasts to you, dear. Warm hugs, CS

  10. ITA with CS!
    May all of the members of this merry band of followers raise a glass of the bubbly to our fearless and lovely leader!
    Cheers, T xx

  11. Bonjour MaiTai,
    je m'excuse mais si j'arrive à comprendre l'anglais, je n'arrive pas à l'écrire, donc me voilà en francais pour te dire que j'adore ton blog, que tes post me font rever la doucer de vivre un France et avec toi j'ai appris à aimer Hermès dont j'avais en effet una sacré "peur".
    Donc hier j'ai debuté et j'ai acheté mon premier carrè Fleur d'Indiennes en tout bleu/azur, magnifique. Maintenant il me faut un anneau ;-)
    Merci et bravo

  12. Will come back to you lovely ladies tomorrow xox

  13. How utterly gorgeous MaiTai and the caramel one is perfect for the our Australian autumn.
    Can you tell me when the shawl rings will be available?

  14. lifeatmyfingertipsApril 18, 2011 at 9:16 AM

    Beautiful, and fabulous on you!! Congrats on this new line =)

  15. I just received my bracelet !! It fits and looks fabulous. Thank you so much. Wishing you and your family a lovely Easter weekend. Regards, Karen

  16. My dearest MaiTai, I'm afraid I'm very late to the celebration since I've been away…but I wholeheartedly join all the dear ladies in extending my heartfelt gratitude, admiration and appreciation to you, our dear MaiTai for all you have given us. And a huge congratulation for the phenomenal launch of your beautiful bracelets! - wow, sold out in the first week - it's so wonderful to know that these precious beauties, imbued with your special sparkle and love is sprinkled around the globe :-) As always, you've captured their unique beauty so beautifully in their individual presentations - each coloration is so unbelievably gorgeous!! Sending you much love and happiest congratulation hugs xx

  17. Dear ladies, many thanks for the warm and wonderful welcome for the bracelets, and good wishes for the launch. So happy and excited by how well they were received, but also very sorry that so many have missed out. Doing my best to overcome the problems re restocking, and hope to be able to bring them back one day soon.

    Anna, this is a very cute idea, thanks!

    So glad you like them, my dear MiaT!

    Thank you, markdownmaven :)

    You are so kind to say, thank you SMR <3

    You made me laugh, my dear Dr.V.O.! I am afraid the yippees have changed into sighs of disappointment as stock went down.. with your gorgeous Springs the high contrast or ebene/ecru would have been wonderful, their pattern resembling the pencil strokes of your scarf.

    Bonjour MarinaM, je suis ravi d'entendre que mon blog te fais plaisir, merci! Felicitation sur ton premier Carré, le FdI en bleu est vraiment beau. :)

    Thank you Kate. The shawl rings will be available around the end of May, if all goes well (the height of our summer, lol... winter for you though, so at least I got something right!)

    Merci, lifeatmyfingertips! x

    I am so happy to hear, Karen! Many thanks. Wishing you a wonderful and happy Easter too :)

    Most dearest fourth, Lilian, Trudye, Manuela, CS and Scarf Enthusiast, I can not express how touched I am by your comments, the warm support and wonderful compliments. Your words are beyond special to me and mean so much, I have cherished each and every single one. You have so often made my day, I can not thank you enough. Blowing you sweet ladies a million bisous, and sending much love xx