Monday, May 30, 2011

Beaded scarf necklaces

Applying the 'pearls and scarf' how-to method to make summer scarf necklaces with strands of beads, a cool and airy way to wear a scarf when temperatures are getting warmer. The possibilities of teaming up different types and lengths of necklaces with varying scarf formats are truly endless, just make sure the necklaces have no sharp corners or details which could damage your scarves.

Detail of 'De Madras à Zakynthos' 90 Carré with a long strand of beads

'Fleurs Indiens' with a short collier (there was no need to secure the ends, the necklace is holding the scarf firmly in place)

I am posting this 'on the go', and won't be able to come back to comments. Looking forward to catch up soon, and wishing everyone a great week ahead x

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  1. This is brilliant, MaiTai! I've got gobs of long strands of pearls that I can use with this method!

  2. Another lovely post with stunning variations, thank you for inspiring us again! I particularly like the second look and will be giving that a go soon. I'm also pleased to see Cecilia getting involved. ;)

    Melusine x

  3. Glad you enjoyed the post, dear Elaine et Melusine. Have fun playing!

  4. I love it, and can't wait to try! Thankyou!
    I bought my first gavroche today and the SA said they don't come in a box! Is this true?

  5. I totally adore your style and I´m so in love with 'Fleurs Indiens'. Is this scarf a limited one?

  6. Great variations! I have a couple necklaces that might work with my scarves.

  7. Hello A, and congrats on your Gavroche! All scarves (incl. the Gavroches, of course) always come in a ribboned box lined with acid free tissue paper. Next time you go past the boutique, I would go in and ask for the missing box. If it is the same SA, ask for the manager. Good luck!

    Have fun with your necklaces and scarves, my dear booksnchocolate <3

  8. Oh, this post, along with the previous posts have really inspired me, dear MaiTai. I was very close to parting with a long Swarovski bezel necklace (fuchsia crystals) until I discovered found how perfect it goes with my Tres Kelly in brown/black/fuchsia trim.

    I confess to having spent a couple of hours playing around with necklaces and scarves when I should have been busy painting (walls, ceilings, trim - not canvas), but this was much more enjoyable! Thank you for the lovely and fun distraction and for showing us the endless possibilities of scarf and necklace (H and non-H) combinations, dear MaiTai!

    MaiTai, your Chaînes et Gourmettes would probably look great with your Farandole! Maybe we could see that combination sometime soon? Lilian was also interested in seeing the Farandole with a scarf. Hint, hint. ;-)

    Warm hugs, CS

  9. Oh sorry Pinguin, your comment went into the wrong folder. Many thanks for your kind words :) The FI is a regular part of the Spring/Summer 2011 collection :)

    My dear CS, I can just imagine how stunning your fuchsia Swarovski would be with the Très Kelly! Playing with the treasures we have is so much fun, happy to hear you had a fun afternoon. How could I resist you and Lilian! A Farandole/scarf post is on the list x

  10. Thank you re. gavroche/box info. I spoke to my local H today, who said they will give me a box next time I drop by (different H to where I purchased!) Great service, thank you again! xx

  11. So glad to hear, many thanks for the update :)