Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Capsule wardrobe #38 - Pearls and scarf with a twist

As promised, here part two of the 'scarf with pearls' mini-series.

Entwining the scarf and pearls into a silk and pearl necklace, here with a 70 Carré and a 72cm (28.35") strand. You can experiment with different scarf sizes and different length of pearls, or any other necklace that has a closure.

Capsule pieces: white jeans, black top and blazer
Shoes: canvas sneakers
Accessories: Modulation 70 Carré and black Birkin
Scarf tying method: Place your scarf around your neck with the strand of pearls on top. Start winding the pearls around the silk, then close the necklace. Ends secured in a criss-cross knot, (click here for a how to) alternatively you could also tie the ends together in a small double knot.
Scarf ring: MT Collection petite size in bone

Close up of knot

70 Carré (as above), but with a shorter strand (45cm/17.7") resulting in a knot closer to the neck


  1. You look fabulous again - as I like all twisted looks, I am looking forward to this one. Fortunately, I have one brown-white-black Prada scarf, 70 cm, which has some similarity with your Modulation carre (impression is very much alike) - in my opinion, this twisted look works best with such the simple patterns and darker colours, so that the pearls get their chance to pop up. Lilian

  2. Many thanks, my dear Lilian, happy to hear you like Ms Twist knot. Your Prada scarf sounds lovely, very fresh and modern. Have fun!

  3. It is an excellent twist...again:)I think it looks more fresh than the original look...yet very elegant!Bravo MaiTai!!!

  4. Thank you, dear Jana. I makes the scarf look very streamlined, almost like a new format. Even DH noticed (and liked it) ;)

  5. Many thanks for sharing this ingenious idea.
    You look .. impressive, so special and elegant!
    Warmest regards and fondest love, dear MT

  6. I've been planning to have my pearls restrung into one long strand. Thank you for all the eye candy and styling ideas--I will be putting them to use soon.

  7. Dear MT, I guess your Farandole would also work like a dream in a similar way, don't you think so? It is fragile, yet elegant and classy - same description as least I think so. (Don't have Farandole yet, but THE day is approaching...then will have a chance to try the idea myself...)

  8. Wonderful idea MaiTai... I love the look of pearls and a scarf entwined. It is such a treat to come to your site and enjoy your creativity.

  9. Smashing! You know how much I love the combination of a black top and white pants. ;-) Thanks for showing yet another wonderful, inspiring outfit - xox, Macs (

  10. Superb elegant idea Mai'Tai , thankyou . I'm also a' twister ', I like the edginess it can lend and shall also be getting out my pearls to try it out. Actually I don't have a 70cm , only gavroches ,twilly, and 90cm
    This may mean another trip to H !

  11. What a gorgeous look! And what a great idea to play both with the scarf and the pearls! Off to catch up on your previous posts: more treats for me after being away from the computer!

  12. What an interesting take on a couple of classics, MaiTai. I, too, will have to give it a try. Also, I like Lilian's idea of using the Farandole. Thank you, dears MaiTai and Lilian for your creative ideas! Off to the closet, I go!

    Warm hugs, CS

  13. I have always wanted to try this. Can't wait to give the pearls and scarf a whirl. Fabulous and chic! As always!!

  14. Love this look too MaiTai. It's very elegant and not a way of wearing a scarf and necklace that I had thought of before. Have you tried it withs different strands of beads?

    Thanks for another inspiring post!

    Melusine x

  15. Dear Aesthetic Alterations, Lilian, SMR, hair-mess, Anonymous, booksnchocolate, CS, gracekelly and Melusine, thanks so much for your kind comments and lovely compliments, so nice to hear you enjoyed the post x

    AA, such great idea to get all pearls restrung into one long strand!

    Lilian, the Farandole works beautifully with this too, in fact all kinds of necklaces do. I have a feeling THE day is approaching fast.. ;)

    Thank you, my dear SMR x

    Adore black and white too, my dear hair-mess, it is definitely the summer version of winter’s black in black! <3

    Hello Twister! Have fun with your pearls and I can see a trip to H coming up too ;)

    So lovely to see you again, my dear booksnchocolate. Hope you had a nice time away!

    Whirl away, my dear gracekelly, have fun twisting!

    Different strand of beads make such fun variatons on this, my dear Melusine, you are right onto it! Will post some more pics soon :)

  16. Wow. This is so quintessentially elegant. Absolument superbe, j'adore la photo!

  17. Merci, ma chère Jamais, so very nice to hear. Gros bisous x