Monday, May 16, 2011

Asymmetrical wrap

This is Cecilia, my new best friend and assistant. With her help I am starting a new project, which is to create individual look-sheets for all scarf knots. The sheets will show variations of the knots, and how they turn out in different scarf sizes/materials.

Starting the series with the 'Asymmetrical wrap'. Creating different effets by securing the ends with a double knot, or using different sized scarf rings in the basic slide method. For a how-to of the asymmetrical wrap, please click here

With a 90 Carré, ends secured with..

.. a grande scarf ring. It allows to pull out the ends longer, resulting in a a closer wrap

.. a moyenne scarf ring. The ends are shorter, resulting in a looser wrap with more volume

..a small double knot. This takes up more fabric, resulting in a closer wrap and shorter ends

With a 70 Carré and..

.. a moyenne scarf ring. It allows to pull out the ends longer, resulting in a a closer wrap

.. a petite scarf ring. The ends get shorter, resulting in a looser wrap

..a small double knot, resulting in shorter ends and a closer wrap

With a PM Mousseline, ends secured with..

.. a moyenne scarf ring with longer ends and a closer wrap

.. a petite scarf ring. The ends are shorter, the wrap is looser

ends secued with a small double knot (shorter ends and closer wrap)

With a Gavroche (45 x 45 cm), ends secured with a petite scarf ring, worn off center

as above, but centered

When I have the time, I will edit this post to add a few more variations on draping :)

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  1. Mai'Tai , this really is scarf tying brought to a whole new level, the devil is in the detail indeed. The nuances of each tie according to scarf ring are amazing , I can see I shall need to get the Moyenne to join its two companions in my scarf drawer.
    I was especially fascinated by the gavroche which is my current favourite , and shall

  2. You have opened to me the whole new level of what i can do with my scarf:)I like especially the variations with 70 carrè. Have a nice week, MaiTai!

  3. You are so right about details and nuances, dear Suzanne! Looks can vary so much just by slightly shifting the balance between volume of silk and size of scarf ring :)

    So nice to hear, dear Jana, many thanks. Have a lovely week too!

  4. Your imagination has no limits. Wow! I hardly have words to express how I feel! You keep on surprising me!
    You are an amazing, dear, sweet, lovely and extremely elegant lady, who spoils us far too much.

    Thank you, is all I can say. I know what I will do when I have some days off. Warm, orange hugs, M.

  5. Das ist eine super Idee! Aber wann kommt denn das ganze in Buchform? Dann kann man es direkt vor dem Spiegel oder im Ankleidezimmer machen. Und vor allem kann man dann das ganze auch ohne PC knoten und vergisst die schönen Möglichkeiten nicht mehr so schnell.

  6. Warmest hugs to you, my dear Manuela. You are a most wonderful, sweet and supportive friend <3

    Herzlichen Dank für das nette Kompliment, liebe Majara. Ein Buch ist sehr reizvoll, aber ich befürchte, das es mit allen Anleitungen und Variationen grösser und schwerer als ein PC ausfallen würde! Überlege jedoch was es für eine Lösung geben könnte.

  7. This is a genius idea, MaiTai. So incredibly helpful. I can't thank you enough. Although nowhere near as lovely as you, Cecilia is, nonetheless, quite fetching in her H. :-)

  8. I'm tickled pink. Love your new assistant. =) I've also been puzzled with the styling and tying of the wrap previously, so this post is so useful. Thanks!


  9. So beautiful and very vesatile! It can transform even the simplest of attire into a lovely look (looks)!

  10. Ms. MaiTai: I have a beautiful Regate
    Scarf ring but I am never sure what knot to use to show it off. Any ideas?

  11. So happy to hear, dear xandrah! I enjoy putting this together, and it's so nice to hear that it is helpful too, many thanks :)

    Cecilia! As you might have guessed, I love your name :) Glad the post is useful to you, happy wrapping!

  12. Many thanks, dear solargal, have fun knotting!

    The Regate ring is beautiful, dear Nancy. You could try the Butterfly and Plisse flower knot (follow the links in the right hand column). You could also fold a 70 Carré into a rectangle (or try an accordeon fold), feed both ends through the Regate and push the ring up
    Or, fold your 90 Carré in the basic bias, and feed the ends through the ring, coming from opposite directions, then tighten Or tie your scarf in a double knot, feed the ends through the Regate and push it all the way up to the knot Good luck!

  13. Thank you Cecilia and MaiTai! Looks like you two have been very busy!

    Amazing how you think of all the details. Many thanks for sharing your passion and helping all of us at the same time!

  14. Oh, what a treat this is! I love the asymmetrical knot for its versatility from elegant to casual. Thank you, dearest MaiTai for showing all of the looks achieved by using different scarfs and scarf rings. A person really can change the look of an outfit just by changing rings. This idea is perfect not only for everyday use, but a wonderful idea to help extend a wardrobe when traveling.

    I love La Femme aux Semelles de Vent, and am wondering why I didn't try it on when given the chance. Perhaps the store didn't have the same beautiful colorway that you have. There are always regrets of the ones that got away! ;-)

    Thank you for such a lovely presentation, dearest MaiTai.

    Warm orange hugs, CS

  15. You don't have to publish this, MaiTai. Please use your own discretion, as I would not want to spoil the surprise for the other dear readers.

    The question that I have is, is Cecilia a model for something else down the road? Like a book, perhaps? ;-) Now, wouldn't that have us all jumping up and down for joy? That would surely create more buzz, excitement, and celebration than the release of the new H scarves!

    Warm orange hugs, dear. CS

  16. Wow,that mind of yours is always looking for ways to surprise and delight! Very ingenious dear MT:)
    Cannot wait to see what Cecilia has in store for us and very happy you have an assistant! However,she pales in comparison to you dear friend! Pale, being the operative word here,because she is in serious need of a tan :)
    To happy days and serious mischief with your new best friend,
    Orange hugs, T xx

  17. Hello Cecilia and welcome aboard! Look forward to seeing the results of all the assignments the lovely Mai Tai will give you in your new role as assistant with the Picture Book!

    May I start by saying that the ASW knot with a gavroche is a clever invention, I'd never thought that it would work, will definitely get onto it. X

  18. Oh my God. Oh my God. Oh my God. MaiTai I can't believe you have chosen THIS name for your new best friend and assistant. I am honoured LOL. I love your blog - your style, your taste, your writing, your smile, your everything. Count me a big fan. Cecilia xx

  19. MaiTai, I love the idea of look-sheets, and these new displays of differences in knot/ring combos is fantastic. I think I'll start my summer course teaching tomorrow in a burgundy tank with a small square scarf worn off-center! I'm with Xandrah -- Cecilia is charming but does not compare to you. :) Oh, and I have a question: where do you find square-necked tanks? Hard to find in the U.S. Any online suggestions? Thank you for your continual inspiration!

  20. Wonderful idea and great post, as always, my dearest fairy Mai Tai.
    I stand in awe of your great intelligence and delicate elegance.
    Thanking you very much for your magic place and for your magic presence :-) Fondest love

  21. Sorry Mai Tai,

    You're my favorite mannequin.


  22. MaiTai, I quite like Cecilia although she isn't half as pretty as you! I am very much hoping you will show how to do the waterfall knot on a silk carre, rather than the mousseline you show on your how to video, as I have struggled and failed to master this knot with the 90cm & 70cm silk twills. I'm still not sure where to pick up the fabric for the 'third pull-through' and my end results are not waterfall-ish in the least!
    From this post I have learned much, and hope to continue to be an eager pupil. Thank you so much!

  23. Pleased to meet you, Cecilia! I hope this doesn't mean that we are not seeing MT's beautiful face any more! Thank you for sharing, fab as always.

  24. I too send a warm welcome to your new assistant and look forward to seeing her modelling the different looks! Such a wonderful idea, it really helps to show the changes that even subtle alterations can bring about.

    Melusine x

  25. I love this and your attention to detail.

  26. Dearest MaiTai,
    you never cease to amaze me! It's so helpful to see all the different results..and all from the same knot. However as many ladies have already pointed out, she cannot compare to you, your smile and sense of style.
    Thank you for the beautiful and inspiring pictures of your trip. Looking forward to more surprises

  27. May we hear her diet and exercise regime?
    She has the same body as you, MT!

  28. Helloooo Cecilia!! It is a delightful pleasure to meet your new best friend and assistant, my dearest MaiTai! As always, you new project is simply fantastic. I marvel and am in awe of your brilliant creativity, constantly innovating and driving forward with an amazing momentum. I love how this new format highlights the knots and the role your special scarf rings play in creating subtle yet big differences - so clear and comprehensive. Thank you for continuing to share your rare talent with us. Much love to you with warmest sunny hugs xx

  29. My dearest Samantha, CS, Trudye, msT Cecilia (!), Dr. V.O., Begoña, Kathy, Catharine, Birkinmary, Melusine, marymary, Tania, Tabitha and Scarf Enthusiast ~ thanks so much for the lovely comments, I am so happy you enjoyed the sheet. Cecilia blows kisses, and says hello and thank you. Special hugs of course to all her name cousins and sisters! Having been away, I am having a hard time catching up, so please forgive me for not coming back individually this time. Much love, MT

    In answer to the questions:

    CS, you are so sweet, but there is nothing you could write I would not publish. Alas, there is no surprise to spoil, since there is no book in the making. With technology advancing, I hope we’ll soon all have build in computer screen in our bathroom and dressing rooms, and can watch how-to videos instead <3

    Catharine, I will try and add a sequel to the waterfall video soon, featuring the last step with a 90 Carré.

    Tabitha, as far as I know, she does not exercise and sleep enough ;)

  30. Oh no! My dear MaiTai, have you been talking to my Dear Husband? LOL Just kidding, dear. We are doing a lot of remodeling to our home right now, and DH wants a computer/TV built behind the mirror in the bathroom. i hope he's not reading your blog. I'll never hear the end of it! LOL

    Hugs, dear. CS

  31. Lol, my dear CS. But honestly, what a great plan, makes me want to remodel my house too! x