Sunday, May 22, 2011

Capsule wardrobe # 37 - Pearls and scarf classic version

A strand of pearls and a 90 silk scarf is probably one of the most classic accessory combinations, and sometimes it is great fun to dip into this realm of timeless elegance. My recent trip to Paris inspired me to get my pearls out of the drawer, here combining them with an all beige outfit and the 'Aux Pays des Epices' 90 Carré (in a criss cross knot with a Grande Scarf ring in MoP).

Part two of 'scarf with pearls' will feature a look with a twist.

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  1. Lovely. I have a pearl circle pin. Can you show some ideas / tips on how to wear it with a scarf? Merci!

  2. Unfortunaltely I don't own a pearl circle pin, but I imagine you could use it in a similar way like a scarf ring, as long as it is big enough to pull the silk through. Check carefully for any sharp edges beforehand though. If not big enough, just clip it on for decoration, while avoiding piercing the silk.

  3. MaiTai... Hello, it has been a while. I love how this look works for comfort but it looks chic also. Have a great week. Blessings -P

  4. Classic, French chic at it's! You are stunningly beautiful in your silk and pearls<3
    I can't wait to see the twist;)
    Have a wonderful week and keep your glow on!
    Peace and love,T xx

  5. I love a long strand of pearls under a scarf or as a choker. I also used pearls in the winter with one of your wonderful fur scarves in lieu of a scarf. The stand held the scarf in place and looked wonderful!

    Nothing like pearls to make the most feminine statement!

  6. Welcome back, dear Penney, lovely to see you again. Hope you have been happy and well, and wishing you a great week too!

    What a day in Paris can do, my dear Trudye! Happy you like the classique look, it was the perfect background for our marron glacé! Off to see where the glow is hiding this morning...

    Awh, dear gracekelly, the mention of pearls and fur makes me dream of high tea while listening to Rachmaninoff! ITA with you on pearls, they make you feel like no other piece of jewellry can.

  7. So fresh, classic and elegant, just perfect.

  8. Thank you, dear T. All I need now, is a bourbon!

  9. Dear MaiTai, I've awarded you the "One Lovely Blog Award". I love your blog. Cheers!

    Have a wonderful Monday!

    Fashion Cat

  10. Thankyou for this post, you have a most elegant look with the paleness of the scarf highlighted by the pearls.

    I'm now imagining what you have in store for your modern take on pearls with h scarf

  11. I love the color of palate of that outfit. Vey chic.

  12. MaiTai!!

    So lovely! The neutral palette with the pearls is just amazing and tres chic! I'm so glad you modeled the look (as I'm sure Cecilia would do a great job but it's just not the same)!! Can't wait for the twist! Thanks for another wonderful post!

  13. Interesting; I've never paired my pearls with scarves, I always felt like it was too much clutter, but on you it looks great, Mai Tai. You are inspirational as always; time to get out the Mikimotos and give it a try!

  14. Loving this outfit, MaiTai! Neutrals are always so elegant and chic. Like the new sandals, too.

    Could a person also wear a shorter strand (my own collection - triple strand) of pearls with this, given the knot is high, or is it best to keep some sort of separation between the knot of the scarf and the pearls?

    Warm hugs, dear.


  15. It seems all classic and nice things can be bought where you live...sigh...I particularly like your shirt, it looks like one of those soft, comfy, yet elegant blouses, chick and causal at the same time...

  16. Tres chic, quintessentially french.. For me there's something very 'grown up' about pearls, maybe its from playing dress ups wearing my mothers pearl necklaces when i was a little girl!!! Ha!
    Ps Looks like you've been shoe shopping these sandals are another beautiful summery addition.

  17. Dear MaiTai, my apology for the word in the previous post: instead of "chick and casual", it should have been written "chic and casual" of course. Sorry for this typing error. Lilian

  18. What a lovely, modern day interpretation of a classic. I will think of you from now on every time I am at the Palais Royal/Louvre station, wonderful how you find inspiration everywhere.
    The colour palette of the Epices carré is subtly illuminated by the classic pearls, it is so pretty.

  19. You are so beautiful, my dearest MaiTai! You are so right in what you said to gracekelly - the feel of pearls against the skin is so magical, nothing else can replicate this very warm and intimate experience. And together with silk - pure sensual luxury. How I adore your gorgeous ensemble, just genius - you can blend like no one else, nothing gets lost nor protrudes. And of course, what can say for our dear criss-cross knot but blow you a huge kiss <3 Hope you are having a happy week, dear MaiTai. Love to you always with warmest hugs xx

  20. Kate L., Chiarina, Belle de Ville, Samantha, Reese, CS, Lilian, msT, Jamais and Scarf Enthusiast - please forgive me for thanking you so late for the lovely and sweet comments you have left, it was so nice of you to write.

    Dear Kate, many thanks, I am truly honored. I looked at your blog, it is fabulous.

    Hope you liked the modern take too, dear Chiarina :)

    Many thanks, dear Samantha, so happy you enjoyed!

    Have fun with the Mikimotos, dear Reese, the more the merrier <3

    Go wild, my dear CS! Anything goes, have fun experimenting :)

    The shirt is by ‘Les Kooples’ and it is from this current collection. If anyone can track it down, it’s you my dear Lilian. Good luck!

    Lol re the shoe shopping, dear msT! Pearls make me feel this way too..

    Oh please don’t apologize, my dear Lilian! I was rather enjoying being referred to as a ‘chick’. Lol x

    There is such an amazing abundance of inspiration in your patrie, my dear Jamais, I feel so lucky to be here. There is a small expo at the Centre Pompidou about Jean-Michel Othoniel’s work, and every bookshop seems to have their windows decorated with his books too. Have a great time!

    My warmest hugs to you, most dearest Scarf Enthusiast, as usual I am blown away by your beautiful words and evocative descriptions. Blowing a huge kiss right back to you xo