Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Reader's requests - Waterfall knot 'how-to' with a 90 Carré

Received by Catharine via blog comment:
Dear Mai Tai,
I have enjoyed learning from your wonderful tutorials and have mastered many of the knots with the aid of your excellent scarf rings: one in particular escapes my command. The waterfall knot I have tried and tried, yet still not been successful.

I don't have a mousseline, rather a 90cm carre which you have a picture of rather than a video, and am unsure where to pick up the third 'pleat' to thread through the two already secured by a scarf ring. I have tried lots of different places on the silk, but it's definitely not a waterfall effect I end up with!

Are you able to advise how to pick up the silk for this third loop?

Best wishes from a would-be waterfall knotter x

Dear Catharine, Many thanks for the suggestion of making a sequel to highlight the third step, and apologies that it took me such a long time. So nice to hear you enjoy the tutorials, and hope that with the help of this one, you'll become a pro-waterfall knotter in no time. Wishing you the best of luck!

The above video highlights only the last steps of the waterfall knot. To see the previous steps, please follow this link here

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  1. MT, I have just tried the waterfall knot with a GM mousse and it's stunning! I love your ideas, thank you for sharing. xoxo

  2. Oh, dear MaiTai, I'm afraid that some of my domestic tasks for the day have fallen onto the back burner. That's right. I've decided that practicing and mastering this knot was far more enjoyable and so much more important than being outside weeding the garden. Thank you for such a wonderful diversion and excuse. ;-)

    Warm orange hugs, dear.

  3. Dear maitai,
    please help I have a new pc and can't watch ANYof your tutorials! What progam is required?

    Many compliments for each and every blog, you are such an inspiration!!!

  4. dear Mai Tai

    Exactly what the doctor ordered! I am so pleased to find the cure for my third waterfall knot loop and will be practising with confidence. Thank you SO much for your video.


  5. I can't watch it either, using Explorer or Firefox. Help?!

  6. Many thanks, dear ladies. Will come back to your comments later :) A quick first aid for A and Robin..I have no idea why the video is acting capriciously, but you could try watching it on my Facebook page, or on Youtube. Hope it works.

  7. This particulary knot gave me so much joy and happiness - it is a good base for knotting and ending up with most unexpected results. I managed to get rose-like, rope-like and other "-like" knots and had such fun with it. Your video is perfect as it very clearly shows where to hold the scarf edge, which is most important for the final result.

  8. I had the same results as you, Lilian! Isn't this knot going to be one of your favorites? Doesn't the thick border of Monsieur et Madame look like ribbon cascading down?

    Thanks again, dear MaiTai!


  9. Thank you so much for doing this much needed and most timely new video, dearest MaiTai! And thank you, Catharine for making this request. Recently I have been trying my hardest with a 90cm carré but just could not get it to fall and drape properly, and I knew it all rested on the last step - had much better results with the 70's and the mousselines. I love this knot so much, I was absolutely determined to keep trying until I got it…then voilà, your super video appeared like magic. So thank you, dear MaiTai, for always coming to our rescue <3 As the other ladies said - I could knot all day… Have a most wonderful weekend. Sending you happiest knotting hugs and much love to you always xx

  10. Dear CS, you are very much right - the waterfall knot is a fabulous knot, can be both feminine and casual, and I like Monsieur et Madame border very much, as it forms a beautiful waterfall! I tried to pick the hanging ends and loop them back once again through the scarf ring - depending on what I do, I get the most surprising and charmy result. My colleagues ask me many times what I did, they guess that huge training is needed to do it. My answer is mostly that I don't know what I did and that only a lot of luck is needed to achieve my messy result which looks so demanding, lol. Knotting with scarf rings is so playful, I adore them as they hold the scarf in its place and the scarf does not unknot unexpectedly.
    Dear MaiTai, have you made us addicted to scarf knotting, lol?

  11. Lilian, thank you for the idea of picking up the hanging end and looping them back through. I'll have to try that, too! Congratulation on having your colleagues ask about your scarf tying. That's always a good sign.

    Your question to our dear MaiTai: "Dear MaiTai, have you made us addicted to scarf knotting, lol?" My answer is yes. I blew off gardening on afternoon to practice the waterfall knot! LOL

    Have a wonderful weekend, ladies.


  12. Many thanks, dear Birkinmary, CS, ‘A’, Catharine, Lilian and Scarf Enthusiast, great to hear you found the ‘petite episode’ useful.. Dear A and Robin, have you been able to watch the video on FB or YouTube? If others have experienced similar troubles, or if anyone knows where the problem might lie/have a solution, I’d love to know..

    Oh, your waterfall mousse sounds divine, dear Birkinmary!

    Dear CS, it is just wonderful to hear you are having so much fun playing with your scarves, and hope the creative diversion gave you super energy to get those other tasks quickly out of the way. Life is too short to ‘knot’ enjoy it ;)

    Dear Catharine, hope you are having fun and success while experimenting and playing. Many thanks again for coming forward with this question, and hope the doc provided the right remedy :)))

    Aw, Lilian, how I love reports on play times! Will try your creative variations, such a great idea to feed the end through the ring one more time!. Looking also forward to trying the rose, rope and other like knots, mille merci :)

    Dearest Scarf Enthusiast, so happy to hear the video appeared right on time. Hope you are having fun arranging the silky drapes...isn’t the rustling sounds of the silk in this knot just divine! Perhaps it is one of the most sensuous knots. Looking already forward to cooler autumn days and cascading silks. Much love to you too, and a very happy weekend.

    My dear Lilian and CS, like so often before, it is so nice to follow your lively chat, and seeing you ladies hitting it off like a house on fire! You are right re the Mr et Mme being such a good candidate, the waterfall brings out distinct borders in a most stunning way (contrast hems come out beautifully too). Let’s toast our new AS Club (Anonymous scarf knotters) Any more members? ;-)

    Have a most wonderful weekend everyone!

  13. MaiTai,

    I asked super geeky DH for his advice regarding the problems that some readers were having watching your video. He said that the problem could be that they don't have the latest version of Adobe Flash. , click on Downloads, under Readers and Players on the right side, click on Get Adobe Flash Player. Note: Adobe Flash does not work on an iPad or an iPhone.

    Hope this helps.

    CS - secretary, and many, many other things to super geeky DH.

  14. You and your DH are real stars, thank you so much for the info, my dear CS. Please thank your super DH from me too, it is comforting to know that the remedy for the problem is so easily downloadable. Merci <3