Saturday, August 6, 2011


Tomorrow I'll be going away for a week, and wish I had taken a pic for today's post yesterday, when we had blue skies and sunshine. This morning, I've been busy preparing the trip, and when finished, the sky got dark and heavy and it rained for the rest of the day.

Adieu, natural light and scarf wearing pic,

whereas the plants could not have been happier

A couple of days ago I went past H, where since my last visit, more 'beauties of the past' have materialized in the scarf drawer. It was a wonderful surprise to see Bolduc scarves in b&w and blue, it felt just as exciting as seeing the latest arrivals of the autumn/winter collection. There was also a Monsieur et Madame, in the same CW as seen it lately in NYC.

Bolduc in french means 'gift ribbon', and the one H uses to tie up the orange boxes is dark chocolate colored and has raised, off-white stitchings, print and logo.

The design of the 'Bolduc' scarf represents a Paris street layout,

where H's signature ribbons stand for rues, avenues and boulevards

The short doubts I had regarding the abundance of logos were swept away as soon as trying it on, the graphic pattern and cool and chic black&white look made my heart flutter with excitement. At the same time, it is truly lovely to have a scarf as a hommage to the late Jean-Louis Dumas , who designed the Bolduc in 1983.

The CW of the Monsieur et Madame scarf is (tabac/marron/vieil or, Ref No:002355S CW01), and since I know many of you are looking for this scarf, I had it put aside for me until I came back. If you are interested, please email me at:
You will have to add shipping and PayPal fees to the cost of the scarf, which is 292 EUR. As before, I will collect and print out all emails, and put them into an envelope. By the end of next week DS will draw the winning one, good luck :-)


  1. The Bolduc is so beautiful and classic. I want it in the original orange, and could kick myself many times over when it was re-issued briefly in orange several years ago and I missed out on getting one. I would like to see it in the blue; this time I'll move fast before everyone beats me to it.

    The rain photos are lovely; nice to have a change in the weather occasionally. Hope you have sunny skies and balmy breezes for your trip!

  2. Your Bolduc is really cool - I reacted same way when I saw Bolduc twilly, which was my first Hermes treasure; my promise to not ever buy any logoed item simply vanished. Your Bolduc is a beautiful classic item which embodies so many opportunities, enable combinations with various jewellery items and clothing - I must say I am totally jealous. Bon voyage, dear MT, wishing you lovely weather with decent amount of sun. :-)

  3. Have a lovely trip. Congratulations on your Bolduc, and please send the rain to me!

    Alles Gute,

  4. Oh I love this scarf! It's very timeless yet fun with the bolduc pattern. It would be perfect for an upcoming present for my mother... or for myself!
    Have a wonderful trip!

  5. MaiTai... I love that scarf. Have a safe journey and have a great trip. Blessings -P

  6. has an orange Bolduc pointu. I have not dealt with them, but they were written up in the Wall Street Journal a few weeks ago.

  7. Have a lovely week MaiTai - Love your new Bolduc - such a classic and chic design!

  8. great scarf - what is the code number please for the Bolduc and the M et M carres? TIA

  9. Have a great trip; a good bit of rain every so often is a good thing in my book

  10. Even in the rain everything still looks lovely! That olive looks very tasty too.

    Your scarf is stunning and very chic indeed. I'm looking forward to seeing how you wear it!

    Have a lovely trip,

    Melusine x

    PS: am busy packing for my own trip and so your NY style sheets have been a wonderful inspiration!

  11. My dear MaiTai, I love to hear from you the story behind these wonderfull scarfs knowing the meaning of the designs makes them all the more special, have a wonderfull trip and look forward to hearing all about it and the wonderfull pics of cource

  12. Hi dear - and I love the bolduc - you have the magical touch and knack of discovering the best silks! I have the mousseline white with black bolduc and it is a fun stole to wear. I would love the MetM, but the colors of the tabac (the golds), would not work too well on me. Have a fabulous trip! Hugs, L.

  13. Thanks for the heads up Pam! Portero is a very good company; they often have some great stuff. Can't believe I missed seeing the Bolduc; I'll have to check it out.

  14. That is one nice scarf. I long for rain everything is dying here x

  15. Just love your Bolduc in black and white, what a find! I too had made a no logos exception, and have the Bolduc Twilly in pale blues. It's such a subtle and classic, graphic design. Enjoy, and thanks for sharing your find. and the story behind it.

  16. I'm sorry you're having rainy weather, we haven't had any summer at all but a warm winter! I love your new Bolduc, it's a real winner.

  17. Dear MaiTai, during your absence, your rainy pics reminded me that there IS charm and magic in rain and it was adorable to watch the "rain soaked" pics from time to time. I hope this tranquil day will end with your new charmy post, which is always a treat.

  18. Dear Reese, Lilian, Pamela, ritournelleblog, Penney, Pam, sushi queen, A, Bienchen, Melusine, ladyjane, lanit, Faux Fuchsia, NiniKnows, Birkinmary, thanks so much for the good wishes for my trip and the warm welcome to Ms Bolduc, it was so come home to your sweet and lovely comments <3

    Reese, wishing you the best of luck for getting hold of the Bolduc!

    Lilian, so nice to be twins on the Bolduc, I love how it comes out in a Twilly.

    Pam, blowing some rain clouds over to you right now! Dir auch alles Gute :-)

    ritournelleblog, hope you can find two, for you and your mother! ;-)

    Pam, thank you for posting the info!

    sushi queen, many thanks, happy you like the new family member.

    A, the reference number for the Monsieur et Madame is 0023550S and the color is tabac/camel/gold. I do not have a refernce no for the Bolduc, but hopefully someone else can chime in.

    Bienchen, could not agree more with you on the rain (as long as it does not become a daily event)

    Melusine, have a most wonderful and fun trip to NYC! Safe travels :) The little olive will be pressed into oil in autumn..

    ladyjane, so glad you enjoyed the post, thank you.

    lanit, the Bolduc mousse is exquisite, big cousin hugs to you! Have you seen the MetM in grey/pink/cream with a black border? Think it would look perfect on you :-)

    Faux Fuchsia, hope you will have some rain coming soon. The flowers in your garden still look as lovely as always.

    Birkinmary, this year the weather has been strange, it must have been one of the wettest summers on record. Hope you’ll have a sunny remaining summer!

    Lilian, so glad the pics sang to you <3 A new post is coming later today. .

  19. Dear MaiTai, your outdoor space is such beautiful, and calming retreat. Slowly (snails pace, slowly) we are beginning to get there. We have loads of work and planning ahead. It won't be a lovely as yours by far, but once again your sense of style has been my inspiration, and for that, I thank you.
    I am loving the "old" scarves that you have recently discovered. ITA with many other comments, the Bolduc is so classic. I'll add that to my dream list! ;-) Looking forward to seeing you model Ms. B soon, I hope.
    Warm hugs, dear.

  20. Congratulations on your new scarf! It's beautiful! The black and white IS very chic!

    xo, sam

  21. Good luck for your projects, my dear CS. Remodelling is always such an upheaval, but hope everything will go as smoothly as possible, and that the results will make up for any inconveniences (I imagine build-in screens in every room, lol)!

    Many thanks, dear Sam, glad you like Ms Bolduc!