Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Collier knot with 90 Carrés

I am currently abroad for a few days, and hope the remote posting will work.

While it is cool and fresh here up North, at home it continued to be hot before I left, with temperatures reaching up to 32 degrees celsius. Not willing to wait for autumn to wear my new Ex-Libris en Kimonos, I experimented further with the Collier knot instead. Even though many readers live in hot climates, have spring ahead or still experience warm days, for others autumn has already started. Originally I came up with the Collier knot as a cool way to wear scarves in hot weather, but found it works in colder temperatures too. One can add a blazer or cardie (thank you, Bienchen), or dress up a simple top for the evening.

To adapt the Collier knot to 90 Carrés, I minimized the volume by tying three simple knots into the centre, before attaching it to the top

As pointed out by Elaine, the Collier Knot method has more advantages than just keeping you cool. When threaded under the shoulder strap of your top AND bra strap at the same time, it keeps everything in place all day long (thank you, Elaine!!) I chose a top which I love, but don't wear too often, but as my dear friend T (hugs to you) observed, the Collier knot gives a little more modesty, especially when a neckline can be too low.

To get the scarf resting exactly on the neckline, I pulled the three central knots a little tigher, resulting in a longer 'necklace'. For a 'how-to' of attaching it to the top, please click here

Capsule wardrobe: camel top and beige cotton trousers
Accessories: Ex-Libris en Kimono 90 Carré, Lift earrings, MT horn bracelet, Picotin bag
Scarf tying method: Collier knot with three tight knots in the middle, secured to the top with Petite size scarf rings. Please click here for a how-to (or make double knots instead)

For an alternative look, leaving the three middle knots looser, which takes up more fabric and results in a higher neckline
secured with double knots or petite scarf rings

Instead of three knots, you can also have just one middle knot. It leaves the ends longer (you need to switch from Petite size scarf rings to the Moyenne size), which makes it a great look for evenings too
90 Carré and Moyenne size scarf rings

as above, but with the ends knotted together behind the neck
you could also secure the ends with a petite scarf ring in a basic slide

Adapting the original outfit for slightly cooler temperatures by adding a blazer

90 Carré knotted into one middle knot and secured with moyenne size scarf rings to the top (you can also secure them with small double knots) The ends are knotted together behind the neck, as in the picuture above

Capsule wardrobe: camel top, beige cotton trousers and navy blazer
Accessories: Ex-Libris en Kimono 90 Carré, Bleu Indiens clic-clac bracelet, 32 Kelly
Scarf tying method: Collier knot with one knot in the middle, secured to the top with Moyenne size scarf rings. Please click here for a how-to (or make double knots instead)

There will be no travellouge when I come back, since the purpose of this journey is not to visit a place, but to give support to someone close and dear.

Hope everyone had a good 'rentrée' (back to school/work), and wishing you all a great rest of the week xx


  1. I really love the versatility of the Collier knot, especially as shown with the 90cm carré. And you new Ex-Libris en Kimono looks fantastic on you, MaiTai.

    Take care, dear.

  2. MaiTai, you continue to be a Scarf Genius,that way of wearing it looks so chic and neat xx

  3. I love this post! =) Thank you for sharing, it's an excellent idea and so functional as well xx

  4. Arrrgghh.. You look flawless and elegant in AALLL of your posting :) *envy-envy-envy*
    I just started collecting scarf myself, but here in tropical country,Indonesia, the weather is hot and humid all year. It's almost impossible to wear scarf outdoor. Your idea here is very refreshing.. Any other ideas? Thank you Mama MaiTai.. You are my idol. xxx

  5. Tremendously chic will just have to do today - as I'm dashing off to my scarf drawer to experiment with this look right away! :-) (PS: really have to talk to my little h-fairy about finding me "the" perfect kelly - after drooling over your lovely model again) hugs, Macs

  6. The little knot that keeps on giving...much like you dear MT
    The cw of this beautiful silk is fab on you and really brightens all of our beige/ greige! Thanks for thinking of us during your busy time. Big hugs,T xx

  7. U make it look so effortlessly chic! I experimented it with the twilly yesterday using my twilly rings while waiting to collect the horn rings which arrived at the post office ;) can't wait to use your horn rings soon!

  8. I fully agree with Trudye, my dear MaiTai. You "keep on giving", spoiling us with lovely sugestions and variations, different ways of tying knots on our much cherished Hermès scarves, even when you are busy and have other, more important matters to think of.
    Thank you so much for your time and for all your dedication. Big hugs, Mxx
    P.S. Love this way of tying the scarf! It looks like a pretty necklace and is so beautiful with a black dress.
    Have also tried your recipe of the tapenade and it turned out very well. I´m afraid it will become a favourite "delikatesse":-)

  9. Thank you for taking the time to post from abroad. Always enjoy reading your entries! Sending best wishes for your trip to offer support, and hoping your 'rentrée' went smoothly as well.

  10. Dear MaiTai - I have been reading your Capsule Wardrobe #43 as we're off to the Maldives in a couple of weeks but I'm in need of your assistance for the temperatures here in not so sunny England and there are quite different, also I get cold on the plane too ~ what would you recommend to travel in and to combat the two different climates? I usually change on the plane into a velour tracksuit and then have an outfit for arrival at Male (as it's so hot) and do the reverse on the way home (as it's so cold) I was thinking of taking my MaiTai fur collar!

    I hope you'll be able to let me know your thoughts before we fly....

    Warm regards,


  11. My dear CS, Blighty, DD, Lika, hair-mess, Trudye, Stephanie, Manuela and NiniKnows, thank you so much for the lovely comments, so happy you like this version of the Collier knot xx

    Lika, you could try wearing your scarf as a top (if too hot, try the 'Collier top') or as a belt. When going outdoors, you could tie it to your bag, attach it to a hat, and if your hair is long enough, wrap around your pony tail. You could also experiment with mousses or cotton scarves :-)

    Penelope, instead of a track suit, you could try a pair of loose linen trousers, and wear a t-shirt/tank with one or two cardigans (one could be short and thin, the other longer and heavier) on top, and add a pashmina or cashmere shwal for extra warmth and cosiness. To keep the feet warm, you could take a pair of cashmere socks. A layered look allows you to adapt to the changing temperatures on the plane, and for the arrival in Male you could take most layers off, and just wear your linen trousers with a t-shirt or tank top. Hope this helps, and have a most wonderful trip!