Sunday, October 2, 2011

Flower knot 'how-to'

The Flower knot is not only ideal for small square scarves, but also a great for warmer weather, as the main bulk of the scarf forms the silk flower

Place your scarf on a flat surface, facing down

Belles du Mexique Gavroche 45x45 cm

Take two opposite ends as indicated,

and tie them together in a small double knot.

Take one of the remaining ends, and feed under the knot you have just created

Take the other end,

and do the same.

Pull both ends apart,

but not too tight

Turn the scarf around, so that it is facing up.

Puff out the folds of the 'flower' and place the scarf around your neck. Secure the ends behind your neck with a double knot, or with a petite size scarf ring.

You could also tie the flower around a pony tail, and I am sure there are more fun ways to use it. It is one of the rare knots which brings out the centre of a scarf,
Ex-Libris Gavroche

just make sure to puff out the right folds

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  1. Thank you! I was shown this knot a while ago and promptly forgot how to achieve it. I am grateful that you have it here!

  2. What a lovely knot - thanks for sharing!

  3. Love your idea to tie this around a pony tail!

  4. When the photo is taken from different angles and closely, as you did on these ones, Hermes scarves show their full beauty, lavish colours and prints. Although the gavroches are absolutely adorable, there are some new carres 90 we have not seen in action yet...if the weather forecast is to be believed, we might expect some temperature drop (although sligh) at the south of France in the second half of the following week...hopefully those hidden 90s might come out to the daylight and be recorded as action pics? Secret-weather-service-Lilian, LOL

  5. Thank you for sharing this knot, I will try this some time this week. But why oh why did you have to torment me with another BdM gavroche (no, sadly I do not have friends in Oz);) only joking. Having said that, I feel the same about the Brazil gavroche....

  6. Another fun distraction from the tasks at hand for today. Thank you for featuring this playful little knot again.
    Orange hugs,

  7. Love it!!!!<3
    Thank you so much, my dear MaiTai, for a perfect explanation of what is one of my favourite knots for the gavroches. It is so feminine and pretty! Big hugs and the best wishes to you for the coming week, Manuela

  8. MaiTai, lovely knot and very original!!! Thank you for sharing!
    Have a great week!

  9. Lilian said: "there are some new carres 90 we have not seen in action yet". What new carres? MaiTai????

    I'll send some of our cool weather over to you (and you, too, Pam - 40C?). Ohhh, I can't wait to see what you've added to your collection, dear! (clapping with enthusiasm) Bring them on!


  10. Hi CS, it seems we are communicating through our dear MT's blog. I referred to Bolduc carre (black-white), then Ex Libris en Kimonos and cashmere L'Arbre de Vie, then Coupons Inidens - we have not seen action photos yet and it is what I am awaiting impatiently (the carres were bought during the hot summer season). Namely, I am losing my inspiration without our leader's support. I am one of those copy-pasters LOL, spare team players waiting the leader to tell me which direction to go. She always plays better than myself and after her photos, I hit my head and say:"Oh, my how didn't I come to that idea." That way, I am just impatient to see the leader in action, KWIM? (So that I can walk around the city and pretend my style is as gorgeous as hers, LOL). Hugs, Lilian

  11. Updated to say that this knot works beautifully. Although my orange Belles don't look quite as elegant as yours, the knot is quite presentable. Thanks again for sharing this little gem of a knot.

  12. I use this knot a lot on my gavroche and like Bienchen I LOVE this colourway in BdM, I agree that the orange (which I have) is not quite as lucious as this one.

  13. Thank you!! No new gavroche yet, but I'm still determined to stock up on those, especially after seeing this wonderful knot. Have a great week - xox, Macs

  14. Thank you for the how to MiaTai I will have to try the Ex Libris for sure! SA:-)

  15. Dear MaiTai and Lilian: My fluttering heart thought that the two of you might have enjoyed a shopping spree in Paris, and that you, Lilian had first hand knowledge of what was to come our way.

    Yes, it's true that we have not seen the Ex Libris en Kimonos and Coupons Indiens with fall clothing. I am looking forward to seeing the cashmere GM L'Arbre de Vie in action! (I tried it in the silk, but it did not suit me.) I remembered the two silk scarves, and the GM, but must admit that I forgot the Bolduc carre! How could I forget that one? It's another that I wish I had in my closet! Sometimes I think I have the attention span of a gnat.

    So, I too, and looking forward, dear MaiTai, to seeing how you pair your new carres with your wardrobe. Perhaps we can see the Bolduc first?

    Many orange hugs,

  16. Many thanks for the kind comments, dear ladies. I was shown this knot quite a long time ago, and only realised now that I’ve never posted a how-to. Glad you enjoyed it!

    MiaT, glad the instructions came in handy x

    Black is the New Black - happy knotting!

    sushi queen, I wore it with a ponytail yesterday, we still had 30 degrees celsius..

    Lilian, so true about the beauty of our beloved H scarves! Many thanks for the good weather news, can't tell you how much I look forward to playtimes with the new scarves and to wearing boots, jackets and sweaters <3

    Bienchen, very much hoping the BdM will be yours one day soon. Paging for a scarf fairy..

    CS, it is a playful knot indeed, as is your lovely expression! x

    Manuela, here’s to the pretty and feminine flower knot! Have a most wonderful rest of the week <3

    nádya, have fun with the knot and a great week too!

    Lilian and CS, hugs to you both, my dears! xx

    Bienchen, many thanks for reporting back, so good to hear :-)

    Ali-Bagpuss, this is my favourite knot for the BdM Gavroche too.

    hair-mess, your little fairy should get to work, and find a pretty Gavroche! Hope they will reissue the Bibliotheque one day x

    Scarf Addict, E-L twin hugs to you :-)

    CS, we’d never leave you behind, my dear! What fun a shopping spree in Paris would be with you ladies! Looking so much forward to playing with the new additions, if only the weather would start to cool down. Dreaming of autumn colors, so Ms Bolduc might just have to wait a tiny little bit longer..Autumn hugs x

  17. Dear MaiTai

    I have been reading your blog for quite a while and only today I am posting a comment. I was never a fan of 70cm scarf because I thought the size was quite limiting. However, today, I am going to wear my 70cm and follow your Flower Knot. Thank you for the fabulous idea!

    Kind regards,

  18. A warm welcome to you, dear Candelabrum! So nice to hear you enjoy it here, and wishing you much fun with the flower knot today :)