Sunday, October 16, 2011

Pleated bow knot - how to

To show just a certain part of your scarf in the bow (as in the video), or to achieve a bow with few pleats only, fold your scarf into a rectangular shape.

Turn the scarf around, so that it faces down, and start folding it into pleats.

The result is a narrow strip, consisting of just a few pleats

Pull both ends through a scarf ring as shown in the video above,

and continue with a simple knot as shown

For an alternative look, pleat the whole scarf (again with the design facing down)

Place one pleat on top of the other..

until you reached the end. This results in more pleats,

and a bow which shows most aspects of the scarf's design

With the ends knotted together (alternatively, you could also try a criss-cross knot, as shown here)

I'll be away this coming week, and look forward to catching up when back.

Wishing everyone beautiful, crisp and golden October days ahead x


  1. Wow x 2, this post has made me truly happy. I have played with my CenCs for almost an hour; these video and instructions have taken me exactly to the point I dreamt about when asked about the possibility to remake the "Reentre" knot with carre 90 (Reentre was actually title of that post, which showed us carre 70). Of course I was trying hard to recreate that knot (of course without success); I am so grateful you have taken all of us to this knot as it has great potential to show the scarf in full swing - I guess many members of our team are knotting now and will continue in the time to follow. You have done it again in your style, simply and with ease - bravo, maestro! Hugs, Lilian

  2. Very simple but very beutiful!!!

  3. Thank you, my dear MaiTai, for showing us how to tie the pleated bow knot. Yes, I love your Carré Kantha tied in "soft pleats" like the petals of lovely roses.
    This is a "happy" knot, I think, though you have just shown us that it can also can be used with darker colours. Looking forward to your next post. Warm hugs, M.

  4. Dear MaiTai,

    Thank you for all you have shared with us. Always interesting and useful. I thought I'd ask if you
    might be posting a fall/winter
    capsule soon? I will be traveling
    over the holidays very close to your part of the world. Any thoughts? The example of your capsule will be very helpful.
    Best. New England Anon

  5. Thank you for sharing this beautiful clip. I noticed it got music background and written instruction on the screen. your how-to video just got better and better! I must tell you when i google 'scarf ring', your name appears up front of the scarf ring related search result list. Maitai is scarf ring authority! hehe...

    hope your get-away is wondeful!


  6. My dearest MaiTai,
    Woohoo! Thank you so much for another fantastic video and how-to guide - what a marvelous knot/scarf/music combination. As dear Manuela said, it is truly a happy knot - a bright big smile with delightful delicate layers. And dear Lilian is right, I have been practicing away with my new and gorgeous MT wood rings - what magic they perform! Hope your time away was joyful and magical too <3 Wishing you a most sunny and cheerful weekend with all my love and big cozy hugs xxx

  7. My regret is same as yours, dear MT - although I have 2 cws of CenC, I regret not having more of them...the more I knot and play with them, the more I miss more cws. What do you think, will Hermes ever reissue CenC? If so, as you live so close to H, will you please let us know, so that we can rush to our closest boutiques in CenC fever? Welcome back, hugs, Lilian

  8. Lilian, dear, so glad we finally resolved the ‘La rentrée knot’ for the 90s! I took a while, as I had to find another way rather than pulling the pleats trough a round ring (as with the 70s). Secretly, I will call this knot ‘la rentrée’ too <3

    Many thanks, dear Emanuela!

    My dear Manuela, so sweet you should call this a happy knot, and so very true too! I tried it with a blazer the other day, and the soft and whimsical pleats instantly gave a feminine ‘rose petal’ touch to the look. Happy hugs to you!

    Hello Anon! So nice to hear you enjoy it here. Our summer dragged on for so long, that I am rather behind with the AW capsule wardrobe sheets, thank you for reminding me! There will probably be four basic blocks of color (black. brown, grey, navy), consisting of trousers/sweaters/cardies/blazers or jackets, plus a few extra pops of color, much like in the previous years. Hope this helps in the meantime :) Have fun planning your trip!

    Dear Julia, thank you for the lovely compliments. The fab google result makes me so happy! Went to Paris last week, it could not have been lovelier, so autumnal and beautiful..

    Dearest Scarf Enthusiast, so wonderful to hear the wood ring babies already came out for some fun playtimes, lucky rings! You and Manuela have brought the knot truly to life with your beautiful descriptions, many thanks and big hugs to you both. Hope you had a most happy weekend too <3 x

    Lilian, should you ever come across another CW (any really), please snap one up for me as well! Praying for a re-issue too, but since it only came out relatively recently, I don’t hold my hopes too high.. Best of all would be a ‘surprise release’ à la Mr et Mme, or Coupons Indiens, in the original CWs! Should I ever spot or hear anything, I will post about it immediately!