Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Capsule wardrobe # 54 - black and ebene

Hope everyone enjoyed a wonderful Christmas and holidays!

The Christmas pudding I made a couple of weeks ago turned out to be a success, and we had it on Christmas day..

..with whipped cream and chilled dessert wine

The orange box under the tree contained a real treasure

in ebene evergrain leather and palladium hardware

And finally it has turned cold enough to play with the shawl ring and the newly restored Ex-Libris shawl

Capsule pieces: black jeans and sweater
Shoes: mocca Jumping boots
Accessories: Ex-Libris shawl, MT collection horn bracelet in noir, 35 Birkin in ebene evergrain
Scarf tying method: Shawl folded into the basic bias, wound once around the neck and ends secured in a basic slide with a MT collection shawl ring in black. Please click here for a how-to

Variation: criss-cross knot

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  1. How beautiful everything looks! So enjoying the shawl rings here--perfect for winter's wool.

  2. Many thanks, dear weave and spin. This time of year there is so much beauty to capture.. and just love the cable knit in your avatar pic :)

  3. What a beautifully set table! And what a pleasure it is to see Ex-Libris rejoin the party as well. Congratulations of your lovely new Christmas gift. Santa was very good to you, dearest MaiTai! :-) I just simply love ebene and black together. Perfect choice of bag.

    Wishing you an early Happy New Year! Champagne toasts!

    Warm orange hugs,

  4. Congratulations! Great Christmas adventures!

  5. Lovely addition to your collection! Ebene is such a beautiful dark brown, and I love it in a leather with a bit of texture. I imagine this will compliment so much of your wardrobe. And vicariously enjoying your Christmas pudding, as unexpected travel before the holidays prevented me from having time to prepare your recipe. So glad your's was delicious!

  6. Champagne toasts right back, my dear CS, and a very happy early New Year to you too! I am over the moon with Ms Ebene, in combination with evergrain, it has been a dream bag for a long time. Many thanks for all the good wishes, and warm orange hugs to you x

    Thanks so much, dear Tereza, and a very happy New Year to you!

    Dear NiniKnows, hop over quick, there is still some pudding left! So glad you like the new addition, I simply adore ebene's such a rich and cool shade of brown.

  7. If only you could hear my long, slow whistle thru your monitor! WOW!
    The table and pudding look very beautiful. Now onto the new Ebene again! Love the whole black look with Ebene and love the knotting options with the shawl rings!
    Me whistling again;)Cheers to Ebene dreams, T xx

  8. Do u still have an ebene kelly or will you be saying goodbye to her?

  9. Gorgeous. Nice work with the Birkin. Glorious. Happy new Year Maitai. x

  10. I love Christmas pudding more than any other dessert, we had it just as you did, with lashings of cream but I feel obese now!
    The shawl is wonderful, I don't have an H shawl, that may be my next item to save for, it seems so versatile and the bag well, we'd expect nothing less under your tree!

  11. Thank you for the fast shipping. Now I have two beautiful scarf rings in my collection and can´t wait that the fur collar arrive. My new Hermes "Magic Kelly Scarf" looks so good with the scarf ring.

    Thank you so much!

    xoxo, Sandra

  12. Merry Christmas - your pudding looks beautiful and your new handbag is just wonderful - can't wait to see the different ensembles you pick to wear with it! xxx

  13. Everything looks exquisite and elegant. Congratulations on your wonderful gift. The neutral color will ensure that it'll be a mainstay in your wardrobe for years to come. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

  14. Jumping in the car and heading chez MaiTai a.s.a.p. - of course only because I want to taste your delicious looking Christmas pudding! :-) And in case you're coincidentally missing this stunning beauty of ebene birkin afterwards - just remember I'm your lovely dht! :D Only kidding, of course - that grail was made for you. Huge congrats, enjoy her as much as you can and already looking forward to more pics of you two; hugs, Macs!

  15. It's lovely to celebrate Christmas with you MaiTai, your table looks wonderful! We had Christmas pudding as well, which was delicious, but like you I am now planning some simpler meals (with a small break for New Year celebrations!). Your new bag is stunning, and I love your outfit, so cosy and so stylish too!

    Melusine x

  16. What a lovely Christmas you had! The newest Birkin is indeed a beauty; I expect we will be seeing quite a bit of it in upcoming wardrobe photos. Gorgeous color; your husband has superb taste!

    Cheers to you and your lovely family (and my fellow readers!) for 2012!

  17. Congratulations on your new Birkin... what do you intend to do with your ebene Kelly? :)))) (droooooling)
    Big kiss! M

  18. OMG! another amazing goodie to your collection! your look in this post is simply elegant and gorgeous!!! xoxoxo Rosa Maria.

  19. Happy Holidays, MaiTai.

    I have so enjoyed finding your site and reading the postings this year...lovely and very inspiring.

    Your Christmas pudding recipe is fabulous! I served it with vanilla custard and added some small silver charms (for luck, love, prosperity...) Even the American fruit cake skeptics at our table admitted it was not like "that kind" of a fruitcake and asked for seconds. Thank you for sharing the recipe! (The only changes I made were leaving out the cherries and using chocolate bread crumbs.)

    Your new bag is gorgeous - the ebene and silver go together so beautifully. I was looking at dark brown Birkins too. In the end, I told Santa's elves if a chocolate suede Victoria II Fourre Tout with silver hardware were to appear under the tree, I'd be delighted...that's what I got this year.

    Wishing you and this online community a most joyful New Year!

  20. Congrats! I love ebene and black together. I have an ebene chevre Kelly and I wear it with black all the time! I think the rebirth of the shawl is the best Christmas gift.
    Your table looks so beautiful and festive! Best Wishes to you and your family for a happy and healthy New Year! (Big kiss for Santa!)

    Looking forward to the blogs of 2012!

  21. Dearest MT and fellow followers,

    Sending only the best of wishes for a peaceful,prosperous and healthy New Year for all gathered here! I look forward to many lively discussions in 2012:) T xx

  22. I hear you, my dear Trudye, I hear you <3 Was hoping for a second you were standing right next to me! Black and brown always makes my heart sing too, so happy you like Ms Ebene. Chin chin to the ongoing bonnes fêtes x

    Hello A, I adore my ebene Kelly, and she will always have a special place in my collection.

    A very happy New Year to you too, my dear Faux Fuchsia! Christmas chez vous looked a joyous and happy affair, and being Baby FF’s first, it must have been so very extra special x

    Bourbon and Pearls, I’ve have failed to start on the regime, and starting to feel the consequences! Happy New Year, and hope all your shawl dreams will come true!

    Thanks so much, dear Mrs. Exeter, I am too looking forward to trying different wardrobe combinations, hope you’ll enjoy them :)

    Merry Christmas and happy New Year to you too, dear Chocolate, Cookies and Candies! Could not be happier with color and leather, I’ve been dreaming about this combo ever since seeing it on a fellow customer at the scarf counter in Harrods a few years ago.

    Yay Macs, you are on your way! Rushing to get the champagne on ice! Don’t forget to bring Ms Chocolate Birkin, oh what a fun party we’ll have!!

    Dear Melusine, so lovely having had you join the celebrations, and cheers to Christmas puddings. Many thanks also for the sentiments expressed in your earlier comment, that was so kind and thoughtful of you x

    Dear Reese, Christmas is without a doubt my most favorite holiday, I love it more than birthdays! Many thanks for the good wishes, have a most wonderful and fabulous New Year too!

    Dearest M, thanks so much! Ms Kelly is a keeper (apart from the style, it is quite amazing how different ebene comes out in both, in evergrain it is a lighter and warmer brown than in clemence). Have a wonderful start into the New Year!

    Many thanks, dear Rosa Maria, so very kind of you to say. My best wishes to you :)

    A warm welcome to you, dear bphiloppi! Hope you’ll enjoy the coming posts too. How fun to add silver charms to the pudding, did you stir them in prior to steaming, or were they part of the decoration? Vanilla custard sounds delicious, and I bet DS would welcome the chocolate bread crumbs ;) Many congratulations on your beautiful new bag, it must be stunning in suede. Wishing you and the clever elves a very happy New Year too!

    Bonne Année 2012 to you, my dear gracekelly, and big Kelly cousins hugs! Ebene must come out beautifully in chevre, I only have it in a little 48 coin purse in black, and love it very much. Many thanks for the warm welcome to the new member, and will be thinking of you tomorrow (Fri on V!)

    My dearest Trudye, you are the sweetest friend, many thanks for the lovely good wishes. Joining in the toast, much love and happiness for the coming year to you, the lovely ladies of our chat corner and all readers who enjoy coming here <3

  23. My dear MaiTai

    I couldn´t agree more with Trudye.
    Wow!!! One, two, three times! Your Christmas pudding looks delicious (maybe I should give it a try one day...), your dishes are beautiful and your new birkin trully pretty. Congratulations! I would gladly join you and Macs for a toast (maybe one day...).
    For you and everyone here in this magic, cosy place a very Happy New Year! The warmest orange hugs, M.

  24. Oh wow oh wow oh wow, thank you for sharing the unveiling of the orange box. What a treasure, I'm sure you will have many good times with the new Birkin. Your christmas pud looks fab. Believe it or not we were still eating pudding last night... it must stop soon I'm feeling the effects of all this indulgence!

    Looking cosy in your Ex-Libris, its warm and sunny here, a million miles away from winter wraps right now, so, nice to enjoy yours. Wishing you the happiest new year. Thanks for all you wonderful posts in 2011. A xx

  25. Congratulations on your new ebene beauty. I love ebene as I feel it is a very versatile, classic colour. She fits right in w all of the elegance you create in your home. Wishing you and your Family happiness, many blessings and above all health in 2012!


  26. posso dire soltanto:

  27. Congratulations on your lovely Christmas present dear MaiTai. Beautiful leather/color combination. And many thanks for sharing your lovely Christmas table with us. Wishing you a early happy New year.

  28. My dearest MaiTai,
    My goodness….everything is just glowing and flowing with love…..your delicious pudding looks scrumptious and so very beautiful on your sparkling table - a most joyous celebration it must have been!
    Congratulations and a warmest welcome to the ravishing Ms. Ebene, I'm so very happy for you dear MaiTai! Ebene is such a special beauty, truly a gem - and what a dream to have the versatility of reaching for either a Kelly or a Birkin in the color you love, such extraordinary yet very different bags. Also, very lovely to see the gorgeous Ex-Libris revived to it's new glory - I'm totally melting over the giant criss-cross <3
    Finally, a most heartfelt thank you, dearest MaiTai, for all the beauty, goodness and joy you've given us throughout this year. My very best New Year wishes to you and to all the dear ladies gathered here, such a very special family.
    Wishing you and your loved ones a wonderful celebration for the New Year! With all my love and warmest hugs and kisses xxx

    P.S. Sending dear Manuela a special Happy New Year hug :)

  29. Dear MaiTai, please allow me to send a special New Year hug to dear Scarf Enthusiast. Thank you. Happy New Year!!!!

  30. The black and ebene colour combination is gorgeous. Happy New Year Mai Tai and your family.

  31. Happy,Happy New Year! and a big thank you for your wonderful and inspiring Picture Book...looking forward to all the wonderful pictures and posts of 2012 !
    The Christmas decorations and pudding looked lovely ..too good to eat!! Thank you for taking the time to post during what is probably the busiest time of year for all mothers!! Raising a glass and wishing you (and family) again a very Happy 2012. Amou.

  32. My dearest Manuela, hope you will make the Christmas pudding one day, it gives such a festive extra touch, as so many things do which are traditional and seasonal. Also hoping for a toast to come one day! Thank you for the lovely compliments and friendship throughout the year, here’s to you x

    My dear ms T, thanks so much for sharing my orange joy. Hope you had a most wonderful and happy Christmas, and wishing you all the best things to come in the New Year (we had the last morsel of xmas pudding tonight, so glad there is no more!)

    Thank you, my dear Maisie and fellow ebene lover! I adore this color for the same reasons as you, and am over the moon for having siblings, both will be lifelong friends! Enjoy a most wonderful and happy New Year too <3

    Mille grazie, dear Emanuela!!

    Hope you had a most wonderful Christmas, my dear booksnchocolate, and thanks so much for the lovely compliments. Wishing you all the best, and a très bonne année 2012 x

    Dearest Scarf Enthusiast, as so very often, your beautiful words are the icing on my posts, I just hope to do them justice. As with most movies based on books, the images rarely live up to the words. Merci also for the warm welcome to Ms Ebene, again you have said it better than I ever could. Of course I thought of you when trying the giant criss-cross first, and wishing you a most wonderful and healthy New Year too, filled with love and happiness! <3

    Thanks so much, dear windowshopper. A very happy New Year to you too!

    Thank you for the lovely good wishes, my dear Amou! Hope you enjoyed a wonderful Christmas, and yes, it certainly has been very busy! Here’s to a calm January and a happy and bonne année 2012!

  33. Dear MaiTai,
    Happy new year, ein glueckliches, gesundes 2012 fuer die ganze Familie!
    Thank you for sharing your beautiful traditions and gorgeous table setting. You are a continuous inspiration in so many areas. I am a little intimidated by your Christmas pudding but would love to try it some time. The steaming part sounds difficult :)
    We made some Plaetzchen after Christmas which went well with my little helpers. Congratulations on your gorgeous Birkin - it is so you and a wonderful addition to your wardrobe capsules.
    Many hugs and best wishes and with much appreciation,

  34. Well, that pudding does certainly look tempting, but I'm afraid that it can't hold a candle to that gorgeous new ebene Birkin (you are expanding that bag collection on pretty much a monthly basis, aren't you!).

    I don't think that there's a more elegant color than ebene, especially when it's in Evergrain. After all the very trendy, here today/gone tomorrow brights Hermès has been shoving down our throats lately, ebene is a classic and an always chic choice and just exudes class.

    And black and brown? Absolutely my favorite color combination and one I wear often (like today!). Now that it has the MaiTai stamp of approval, I'm even happier.

    Congratulations and enjoy carrying that elegant Birkin for many years to come. Considering the dire stock situation, you must be very well connected at Hermès to be offered such a prize.

    Happy New Year,

  35. Liebe Maedi, Dir auch ein frohes und gesundes Neues Jahr, mit hoffentlich vielen schönen Überraschungen! Your lovely and kind words made me so happy, and glad you enjoy the little excursions from the scarf posts as much as I do. Re the steaming, please don’t let it deter you, I promise it is the easiest part. But nothing beats Plätzchen, of course! A very happy New Year to you, and your little helpers ;)

    My dearest Jerrine, Ms Ebene is blushing with all the kind praise! I feel so very lucky and fortunate to have two amazing bags in this beautiful color, and so nice to hear you love them for the same reason as I do. Here’s to black and brown, my dear, looking forward to rocking this combo as a duo <3 Counting the days!

  36. Dear MaiTai, Many thanks for the warm welcome! With regard to the Christmas pudding - I add the silver charms at the very end - once the pudding has been steamed for the second time and is ready to be flipped out of the bowl and served, but before flipping it. I place the charms evenly in a circle around the base, so that several, if not all, of the guests are likely to find one. I sterilize the charms before putting them in the pudding. To sterilize, I place them in a small pot of boiling water - a double boiler works well - and let them boil for at least 15-20 minutes. Occasionally a charm may tarnish a bit in this process, but surprisingly enough, a good scrub with toothpaste and a new toothbrush works like magic. I am very particular about hygiene and cleanliness, especially when preparing or serving food, so I also wear thin rubber gloves after sterilizing and then when handling the charms to insert them in the pudding. The charms add an element of fun and surprise to the dessert, and my guests have always enjoyed having a little memento to take home with them. Some of my friends or their children even wear them. : )

  37. Dearest MaiTai - I am afraid I post so infrequently here, but I always enjoy your blog so much. Your Christmas photos were so festive and elegant, just like you. The picture of you with your beautifully tied ex-Libris shawl and your new evergrain ebene birkin has to be one of my all time favorite MT pictures. Congratulations on a truly beautiful bag - it came home with the perfect person, I think!! Happy New Year to you! :)

  38. Dearest Pauillac, it is wonderful to know that you enjoy visiting, and thanks so much for the lovely warm wishes and sweet compliments. My very best to you, and have a most wonderful 2012 too! <3