Thursday, January 26, 2012

MaiTai Collection in action #2

A couple of months ago, the very first 'MaiTai Collection in action' collage was born. Since then, I received many more beautiful photos, each one of them making me proud and happy. It is such a special joy to see different items from my collection being worn by women from all over the world.. Thank you for the inspiration, and for sharing your creative and beautiful ways, dear Anna, Boubie, Cecilia, DeLois and Solvei, Julian.F, Holsby, Laura in Georgia, lazuli, Macs and Pussywillow.

In more detail..

Cecilia who not only has one of the most beautiful grey tops I've ever seen, but who ties her outfits and accessories together with fabulous style
noir/ecru and caramel MT horn bracelets

..and looking equally gorgeous wearing her 'La Femme aux Semelles de Vent' CSGM
MT shawl ring in sunshine honey

lazuli who always looks so chic and beautiful in neutrals, and who still manages to have the best hair, even when windblown
MT waterfall necklace in black

Pussywillow's eye for color and balance is inspiring, and a beautiful example on how the right scarf illuminates the face.
MT shawl ring in sunshine honey

Laura in Georgia, who's still-life skills make the scarf rings appear like jewels, had the wonderful idea to attach a silver chain to a MoP ring and wear it as a pendant. Mille merci :)
moyenne scarf ring in light Mother of Pearl

Julian.F's pic made me say out loud 'wow'. Elegant and flawless like a Hitchcock heroine, with scarf tying skills to match.
Tourbillons 90 Carré in a rectangular fold, ends secured in the basic slide with a shawl ring in sunshine honey

Another fabulous study in neutrals, Boubie's L'Arbre de Vie' 90 Carré with a SAGA fox fur collar in taupe. A 'greige' lover's dream of casual and easy glamour!

The way Holsby draped her 'Les Ponts de Paris' 90 Carré into wide folds is such a beautiful example on how to give a elegant and soft touch to an all black outfit.
Left in a basic slide, with the scarf wound once a around the neck, and right in a criss-cross knot, tied with shawl rings in sunshine honey and black

Macs (aka hair-mess) who demonstrates winter chic with her 'Clic Clac' cashmere PM and SAGA fox fur collar in mocca, and who shares many more ideas on how to go through winter in style on her blog

scarf in rectangular fold, in variations of the two loop method

DeLois who rocks blue like no one else, brings out the details of her 'Les Cheyennes Plissé' with a criss-cross knot and a grande scarf ring in black, all perfectly set off with a horn bracelet in mushroom/ebene/ecru horn.

Delois is not only one of the chicest mums, but also a resourceful one... the horn bracelet doubles as a toy for her little princess Solvei, who seems to be readily following into the foot steps of her stylish mum..

When I see picture of Anna, I always think of Renaissance beauties, Botticelli would have snapped her up to sit for him. While her giraffes ('Les Girafes' CSGM) are tamed by a shawl ring in sunshine honey, the beautiful 'Claque au Vent' and 'Szechuan' silks are accompanied by
horn bracelets in noir/ivoire and maroon

Anyone who would like to participate in the next collage, please email your photos and the ID/nick/name you would like to be credited with to:
Looking forward to hopefully many pics to come!


  1. Ah, I think you must have the chicest followers!
    I shall certainly send a photo for the next round.

  2. I agree with you on the level of chicness, dear Tabitha! Would LOVE a pic of yours for the next one, looking forward to it already. Have a happy weekend!

  3. Bravo! Beautiful followers all !
    I agree with Tabitha,chic and very creative! Just lovely, MT! Happy weekend,T xx

  4. Dearest Taina, you are so sweet and kind. Thank you for the lovely compliments and for posting my photograph. Stay warm and cosy and enjoy a lovely weekend. Blowing a kiss your way <3, Manuela
    P.S. Looking very much forward to the new outfits :-) Thank you.

  5. Dear MaiTai!
    Your compliments warm and sweet!!!
    Thank you!
    Second collage is really interesting and creative!!!

  6. Wahh - you're unbelievable. Making such an effort by creating this wonderful collage of (some of) your greatest fans. I feel so honoured to be mentioned here. But stepping behind the curtain and letting us take the applause won't work - as we all couldn't do it without you; your wonderful inspiration and the perfect little helpers from the whole MT collection. So cheers to you, dearest MaiTai and as much as I'm looking forward to any new post from you; I'm also anxious to see, what some of the other lovely readers have to share. Wishing you and my fellow readers/colleagues a most wonderful weekend, xox, Macs

  7. Macs is absolutely right!
    I propose a toast to our dear MaiTai! Warm hugs, M. xx

  8. Great collage of lovely and very chic ladies. Thank you all for sharing. And thank you dear MT for this blog which is an endless source of inspiration to us all.

  9. Seconding Macs...a lot of us learned our skills and got our great ideas (and beautiful products) from you. My scarf collection is certainly the better for it!

    I truly enjoy following your blog and look forward to each new elegant episode.


  10. It's always interesting to see how your followers wear their H and MT Collection. ITA with others, very chic and inspiring. Thank you to all you lovely ladies who contributed, and you too, dear MiaTai for your beautiful horn collection and for putting together this fabulous collage.


  11. Beautiful and chic ladies, exquisite collection and creative ideas...all brought to us thanks to our wonderful MaiTai ! Bravo and thank you !!

  12. Many thanks for the lovely comments, dear ladies <3 It is wonderful to hear you enjoyed everyone's contributions as much as I did. Special thanks and orange hugs to Manuela, Anna, hair-mess and Julian.F, you gals rock xx