Sunday, February 12, 2012

Paris street style - winter 2012 part two

As promised, here's the second part of street shots in wintery Paris.

There were so many fur hats that I stopped counting, most were in combination with simple and clean lines,

whereas young Parisians teamed them with short coats,

leggings and flat sheepskin boots

Shearlings outnumbered full fur coats

and came in all lengths and colors

Those wearing their fur on the outside, accessorised with hats or berets in wool or felt

Whereas some had to add an extra woollen coat

The look below reminded me so much of Inès de la Fressange's casual elegance..

Hope everyone is enjoying a wonderful weekend x

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  1. Love the pooch in his grey flannel!
    Thank you for this, I love these kind of street chic shots.

  2. Dear Mai Tai,
    Love the shots of the Parisan ladies....finally spotted a Birkin! I was wondering if Hermes handbags were as popular in Paris as they are in New York!! Its amazing how many Hermes bags can be spotted on Madison avenue on any given day!!
    Bundle up..stay warm and I cant wait to see what your next thread will be about...
    Kisses from Orange Gaga

  3. Such great fun to see these great street shots! I love how the Parisians syle their furbies! I am sure that would make for a post of it's own,also! Have a great week ahead and hoping you log in some cozy time in front of the fireplace!
    This weather makes for perfect snuggling time on Valentine's Day,or any day;)) T xx

  4. Dear Mai Tai,

    Thank you for sharing the Paris fashions!

    The last lady does look very chic ~ looks like she may have Louboutin boots too!

    It's so nice to see real fashion ~ when in London recently lots of people, too many people IMHO were wearing Hunter wellies in the smart parts of town, maybe I'm too old (39) but honestly, what's that all about???


  5. I love these street shots too - so chic!

  6. Dear MaiTai,

    Thank you for these shots of the lovely Parisiennes (and a Parisian or two) "in the wild"! It is looking as though I might be there myself in early April--I'm so excited!

  7. Merci! Je n'ai jamais vu Paris en hiver. :)

  8. Thank you so much for taking the time to "shoot" all these wonderful parisian winter ladies. Actually made me "try a little harder" last Saturday, although we were only running very casual errands (again). Really love this creative post, but also very curious to know, what my (our) all time favorite inspiration wore herself. ;-) Although I have no doubt that you were probably the best looking woman on the street, I also once again admire your elegant way of portraying and turning the spotlight on others. <3

  9. I fully agree with Macs regarding your good looking walking through Paris and I totally agree with you regarding the lady on the last picture. She could very well be Ines de la Fressange, but then again I think she might be wearing Roger Vivier instead of C.Louboutin boots. Thank you for the lovely photographs, my dear. Enjoy a lovey evening. Warm hugs, M xx

  10. Dear MaiTai,
    How very fun so see!
    Thank you for taking us to Paris again. :-)

  11. As I sit here, counting freckles accumulated on yet another bright sunny Argentine summer day, I dream of wearing a coat and hat.
    I just happen to have a black fur hat ..
    Being in the land of leather and shearlings, I have those too.
    All I need is the cold weather ... send some please ?
    ps .. I know how popular Hermes is in Paris but never thought to see it so much here .. silly me :)

  12. Ooh a little french chic, thanks for sharing some real Paris with us. Neutrals are the go I see.

  13. I too really enjoy your candid photos. Although it is cold, I'm sure people are happy to have the opportunity to wear their winter wardrobes. Not too many scarves visible though...

    Many thanks as always,


  14. Dear Tabitha, Orange Gaga, Trudye, Penelope Pitstop, LR, VnSoie, Lara, hair-mess, Manuela, NiniKnows, NotesFromAbroad, msT and MaisieZ, thank you for joining me on my strolls in Paris, always so much fun to share with you <3 Hope everyone enjoyed a lovely Valentine’s Day week, and wishing you a great weekend ahead xx

    Tabitha, he was so cute, but despite the coat still shivering!

    Orange Gaga, yes plenty of H wildlife sightings in Paris, much depending on the arrondissement though!

    Trudye, hope you had a wonderful snuggling time on VD day too!

    Penelope Pitstop, Hunter wellies in town.. you got me too.

    LR, thank you!

    VnSoie, how exciting! Fingers crossed that everything falls well into place.

    Lara, so glad you enjoyed the pics :)

    hair-mess, I wore black (jeans, rollneck) with brown (reversible shearling coat, ankle boots, Birkin), accessorized with black/naturel Ex-Libris cashmere GM and CDC bracelet in black croc.

    Manuela, how wonderful to have the shoe experts chime in! I could not tell one red sole from another apart..;)

    NiniKnows, always great to take you girls on a trip!

    NotesFromAbroad, blowing as much cold air over to you as I can, please send some warm sunshine in return!

    msT, so true re the neutrals (which made our dear Monsieur stand out even more!)

    Maisie, silk scarves seemed to have hibernated indeed in this cold spell.. hoping for warmer weather on my next trip!

  15. Wow I love the last photo, so cool that her luggage is so functional as well! Thank you for all of these pictures :)