Thursday, February 16, 2012

Reader's style challenge - Variations on colour

Last week, dear hair-mess (aka Macs) came up with a new style challenge, asking how I'd wear the yellow coat (not long ago combined with a black wardrobe, boots and bag) with the (still relatively new) ebene Birkin.
Style challenges are amongst my favorite posts, they are always inspiring and great fun. Many thanks for bringing one up, my dear Macs!

Choosing warm coloured accessories to tie the brown and yellow together.. chocolate Hermès 'Brides de Gala' dip dye carré, clic clac bracelet in bourgogne and a MT scarf fur collar in the new bourgogne

Carrying the color scheme through to the clothes with dark burgundy jeans and a dark chocolate sweater (dark brown ankle boots for shoes)

Inspired by the challenge, setting myself a new one.. replacing the brown Birkin with a Bleu de Prusse Bolide,

and changing the BdG for a 'Cuirs de désert' 90 carré

In a further variation, replacing the chocolate sweater with a green top. Green is usually a difficult color on me, but when I saw this at Zara a couple of months ago, I fell in love straight away (it has beautifully structured shoulders). A dark bottle green seems to turn almost into a neutral when combined with a pop of (muted) color, looking forward to warmer weather and further experiments!

I would love to hear more style challenges/requests, and if you have one, please write in the comment section below, or email me at Merci in advance!

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  1. Looking very lovely and do I detect a shift away from neutrals?

    Btw, the first image does not show. I am sure it will be stunning, sounds perfect from the description.

  2. Many thanks, dear Bienchen, and also for altering me to the missing image! Promlem fixed, I hope. Re the shift, this is what's so great about style challenges.. new inspiration!

  3. Yipiieeee! When I requested this challenge I kinda went through your closet and of course I was very curious, what you'd dish out. Certainly, there would have been several possibilities and all of them would have been very chic, but this one definitely exceeds my expectations. Seriously, how do you do that - how do you always manage to take it to a(n even) higher level? :D Sending many hugs and also love your personal variations; xox, Macs <3

  4. PS: Must add that I was right, though (giving myself a pat on the shoulder now ;-) - Ms. Ebene B and that curry chicness of a coat do make a great couple. Not implying that you didn't know this fact, just thought I'd write it out black on white. :-))

  5. Dear Mai Tai,
    Love this new style challenge as I always like to see how a look is "finished" with a coat especially when you wear a fur collar. I find that the collars are beyond fabulous however sometimes an outfit is perfect until its time to add the final layer... and I stand at the coat closet going hmmm? LOL The cold winter challenge of needing your shearling or fur coat yet wanting to wear a fur collar with Hermes scarves...havent solved this one yet!! :-)
    FYI the second pix comes up as removed by photo bucket!!
    Have a fabulous weekend!
    Kisses from Orange Gaga

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  7. Of course!! The yellow highlights (which caught me by surprise when I first saw her in the flesh) in Ms BdG make her the perfect companion for your winter woolly coat. You've nailed this challenge MT, I love all those muted colours.
    Must pop over to the MT Collection, seems you have some new additions.... Ax

  8. Thank you for the "variations on colour", my dear MaiTai. You can combine any colour and as Macs very well wrote" take it to a higher level". Great to see different looks and different possibilities. Besides the neutral colours, I like orange and pink. How would you combine for instance an orange or pink cardie with Hermès accessories? Wishing you a lovely weekend, Manuela XX

  9. P.S. I could see all the pictures.
    Hug, M.

  10. Ah, lovely Mai Tai! Your coat inspired me to get a chartreuse/mustard yellow cardi from APC. I'm still waiting for it to arrive but, in the meantime, you are teaching me new ways to wear this color. Love it with the blues and the burgundy! I would have never considered these combos before seeing it here. They (and you) look so chic together and it's a wonderful way to incorporate color in an understated way. Thanks again for the inspiration!

  11. Bonjour
    Moi qui et toujours du mal avec les couleurs je trouve que celles ci vous vont a ravir

  12. Beautiful and inspirational, MaiTai! I, too, love a bottle green.

  13. Great challenge,Macs! Super lovely response dear MT!!
    You have outdone yourself in the color department! I have yet to see a color you cannot wear. Lucky lady....for me and my neutrals color will baby steps;) Happy weekend, T xx

  14. Dear MaiTai, What a treat to see you in such rich saturated colors! I love your Cuirs du Desert - it seems to go well with so many colors.

  15. Dear Mai Tai,
    I am always inspired by your ingenuity. I plan to take your suggestion to pair yellow with burgundy re: my bright yellow rain slicker as a nice break from black.

  16. This is a head-turner, dear MaiTai. If I saw you walking down the street like this I'd be in awe. Love the bourgogne with the saturated yellow. Both combinations are fabulous. Great colors!
    Merci mille fois,

  17. I'm surprised that greens are not flattering on you since the bottle green seems to bring out the greens in your eyes.

    Speaking of which - I also really admire your eye for colour. Great post! :)

  18. You look fab, as usual, dearest Mai Tai!

    If I may be so bold as to submit a request of my own: I would love to see the Cent Plis des Miao deployed with colour. You've already done an amazing shoulder wrap-with-white top combination. I'm wondering how it would look with a bright top.


  19. You look lovely in your warm yellow coat and burgundy accessories! SA:-)

  20. Hi MaiTai!
    You look amazing in Green! I hope you add more green to your closet... I love playing with the shades of green from spring to fall...
    For a style challenge idea do you have a set guideline for necklines and certain knots??? scoop neck, vee neck, boat neck, turtle neck etc?? I have a few knots that never look right with certain necklines...

  21. Many thanks for the sweet and kind comments, my dear ladies. A special thank you to those who came up with style challenges, either here or via email x

    Dearest Macs, so happy you like the outcome! Many thanks again for this great challenge, I had such fun putting the look together <3

    Hello, dear Orange Gaga! So lovely to hear you enjoy your fur collars, many thanks :) Great ‘fur on fur’ challenge, merci beaucoup!

    Dear msT, I thought you’d recognize the highlights instantly! They get so often hidden in the bias it too, when they pop out.

    My dear Manuela, I simply love variations, and so happy you enjoy them too! Orange and pink is a beautiful combo. Even though I do not have many pieces in these colors, I think I can come up with something for spring! Thanks so much for the challenge/inspiration <3

    Dear Maria, hope your cardie will arrive soon! I might have to get one too, lol! Mustard will be beautiful in spring too and summer.. it’s so fresh and yet beautifully understated.

    Bonjour Myriam, merci pour les petits mots de gentillesse. Amicalement, MT

    Thank you, dear Linda B! I love bottle green for various reasons, one of them is because what is inside! ;)

    Dearest Trudye, thank you my sweet. If you want to see a color I can not wear, let’s go and play with the new season’s scarves, lol. Still nothing for me from SS2012 collection..

    Dear SophieG, I bouth the Cuirs du Desert around this time last year, there is something ‘end of winter’ about it! Perhaps because of the blue resembles so much an early spring sky..

    Hello, dear Karletta! So happy you found the post inspirational, hope you had a wonderful outing with your break from black!

    Liebe Maedi, it was great fun to play with the colors, and quite surprising how many combos were possible (Coupons indiens with rubis Pico was lovely too) Herzliche Grüsse!

    Thanks so much, dear enniferj! It is probably possible to find a shade that suits in each and every color. With green, there seem to be only very few that work for me, all the happier to have found one!

    Dear Frances, many thanks for the challenge! I have thought about the Cent Plis de Miao recently, and love the idea of combining it with a bright top (the biggest challenge will be to find the top, my wardrobe is somewhat limited in bright colors!)

    Many thanks, my dear Scarf Addict :-)

    Hi Renae! Bowing to the green queen! Love the idea of guideline of which knots for which necklines, merci for the superb suggestion!


  22. Wonderful, love chocolate brown and idea of warm colour accessories with my new a yellow winter..though still not sure I have the pizzzaz to carry off a fur collar ;0) Cheers, Mandy

    1. Congrats to your new coat! Instead of a fur collar, you can always accessorize with a beautiful scarf.