Friday, March 23, 2012

MaiTai Collection in action #3

I feel very fortunate to have received so many more beautiful pictures from around the world, from dear clients and friends, showing their individual and beautiful ways to wear items from the MaiTai Collection. Thank you so much for participating in the collage, and for bringing new wonderful ideas, and fresh inspiration dear Anonymous, bagmoma, Bienchen, Bliss, Boubi, hair-mess, katihazel, Kseniya, lala28, lanit, Laura in Georgia and w.y.h. Some host their own blogs, I always enjoy checking out:

Left and bottom right: w.y.h. with a horn bracelet in mushroom/ebene/ecru. Bienchen (top right) wearing a Gavroche with a petit scarf ring in black horn in the basic slide.

Shawl ring creativity by Boubi (left column) and Bienchen (right column). Boubi wearing a CSGM in a criss-cross knot, and Bienchen 90 Carrés in the basic slide

Left column: Twilly with a petite scarf ring in black horn by Bienchen, below La Danse du Marvari CSGM by Anonymous in a basic slide with a dark sunshine shawl ring. Right column: still-life of a waterfall necklace in sienne by Laura in Georgia. Below: still-life by lala28, featuring a fox fur collar in black, mesh chainlink necklace in argenté and horn bracelet in noir

left column: Still-life of stacked petite, moyenne and grande MoP scarf rings by Laura in Georgia. Below katihazel, wearing her scarf in a snowball knot, secured with a moyenne scarf ring in honey. Right column: Bliss wearing her scarf in a criss-cross bow knot, secured with a grande dark MoP scarf ring

left column: lanit wearing a 90 Carré in the basic slide, secured with a grande scarf ring in dark MoP. Below: still-life of ebony shawl ring and burnt orange waterfall necklace by Laura in Georgia. Right column: Bliss wearing her scarf in a criss-cross knot with a grande scarf ring in dark MoP

Still-lives by Kseniya (petite dark MoP scarf ring with a Twilly and moyenne sunshine honey horn ring as a pendant)

Left column: Macs (aka hair-mess) wearing a mocca scarf fur collar. Right column: lanit wearing hers in black (scarves pulled through in the two loop-method)

Still-life of a grande light Mother of Pearl scarf ring by Laura in Georgia (left), Boubi with a CS PM in a cowboy knot, secured with a grande dark MoP scarf ring (right)

Below, clockwise: lanit with a 90 Carré in a cowboy knot, secured with a grande dark MoP scarf ring. Still-life of the scarf and scarf ring, also by lanit. Below, bagmoma with a storm grey scarf fur collar. Still-life of MT Collection scarf ring boxes by Kseniya

left column: lanit with a mousseline GM in a cowboy knot, secured by a grande dark MoP scarf ring. Right column: Anonymous wearing a CSGM with a dark sunshine shawl ring in the basic slide. Below: Still-life by Kseniya, featuring a moyenne horn ring in sunshine and a petite in dark MoP.

For more information on the above MaiTai Collection items please click on the links below:

MaiTai Collection scarf rings
MaiTai Collection shawl rings
MaiTai Collection horn bracelets
MaiTai Collection scarf fur collars
MaiTai Collection waterfall necklaces

For anyone who would like to participate in collage #4, please email your photo to Looking forward to hopefully many contributions!

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  1. Wow, you have the most gorgeous, stylish readers, Mai Tai!

  2. I just looked through the post and thought 'WOW' too, my dear Tabitha ;) Need your pic for number four!

  3. Beautiful post, my dear MaiTai! What a fabulous combination of pictures of stylish ladies and your beautiful accessories! Thank you for taking the time to show them to us. Enjoy a sunny weekend. Warm hug, Manuela

  4. Awww! Merci, MaiTai. You did a great job on the montage...I feel special. ; ) I appreciate the link and your lovely, scarf-saving product! Seriously. Can't wait to get a bracelet next! xxBliss

  5. ITA agree with everything Manuela said! Great gal pals and wonderful showcase for your collection! Bravo to all and thanks for the collage number three:) T xx

  6. So lovely to hear you enjoyed the collages, many thanks my dear Manuela, Bliss and Trudye!

    Sweet Manuela, hope you will join again in part IV, missed you this time <3

    Bliss, thanks so much again for participating, it is such a joy to see 'my babies' in their new homes, happily in action !

    Trudye, dearest, thinking so much of you! Enjoy a beautiful rest of the time at the HI, so special to know you are there xx

  7. MT - what a gorgeous group of collages! I am so honored to be a part of it. Your keen sense of design continues to amaze and delight! Hope you have a wonderful weekend and thank you for creating such a fabulous array of products and accessories! (heart and hugs).

  8. I love this series! As always, you've put it together beautifully, and thoughtfully. Many thanks to you, and to all the ladies who contributed. Will look forward to number four.

  9. Thank you very much :) It's always interesting to see how people like to wear scarfs and rings.

  10. Ladies you all are truly fascinating!

  11. Thanks for the lovely collage (and the plug for my blog). I love seeing how everyone of us is making your scarf and shawl rings our own by styling them in our own ways. I learn from you and your followers all the time. Fabulous styling!

  12. The collage series is always one of my favorites! Thanks to all who participated. After seeing Boubi, Anonymous, and especially Bienchen modeling her 90cm carres, I, without any doubt, am convinced that I, too, need a shawl ring (or two). MaiTai, do you have a idea of when the new shawl rings will be in stock?

    Orange and MT Collection hugs to all,

  13. Salut and Cheerio! So excited to be part of the crowd again, thank you for including me and also for putting together yet another wonderful collage. Hope that you and also my fellow readers have a great start into this spring week! - xox, Macs :-)

  14. My dearest MaiTai,

    Thank you so much for this marvelous idea and for bringing it to us with such a wonderfully creative and artistic vision. What an amazing group of ladies - all so imaginative and so beautiful. Thank you, dear ladies, for sharing your lovely personal expressions - truly inspiring. Huge cheers to the most fabulous and indispensable MaiTai Collection! Sending you much love and warmest sunshine spring hugs xoxo

  15. What a stylish lot of blog followers Maitai! Lovely collage. Ax

  16. MaiTai
    Thankyou for providing the fabulous scarf rings and accessories for us to play with !
    These ladies are all proof that real women can look as good as those magazine models, given flair and a few great accessories . In fact better !

  17. My fellow readers are an inspiration! The horn cuff with the evening gown is magnificent.

    Now I know I need a MOP scarf ring, too.

    Thank you everyone and you, too, Mai Tai.

  18. Dearest lanit, NiniKnows, CashmereLibrarian, Eévia, marinaki, Bienchen, CS, hair-mess, Scarf Enthusiast, msT, Estrella and Maria, so very happy you enjoyed the collage as much as I did, many thanks for the wonderful comments. A very special thank you to the amazing ladies who participated, you are the best <3