Friday, April 20, 2012

Scarf it up - a touch of spring colors with Fleurs d'Indiennes

Spring always comes with surprises, sometimes it feels as if summer has come early, and then it's winter all over again. But most importantly, it fills the air with exuberance... the daily display of new blossoms, fresh green leaves, busy bees and butterflies puts a light and happy spring into my step, and makes me reach for my most colorful scarves. Wearing 'Fleurs d'Indiennes' again (tied into a sash in the previous post), but today I felt like bringing out the design and colors..

Capsule wardrobe: jeans, white shirt and beige suede jacket
Accessories: Hermès 'Fleurs d'Indiennes' 90 Carré, clic-clac H enamel bracelet in bourgogne, Muse belt buckle with gris-tourterelle belt strap in togo, and Picotin in sanguine.
Shoes: two tone mocassins
Scarf tying method: Scarf folded in a very loose basic bias fold, and then tied in a criss-cross knot, using a MaiTai Collection horn shawl ring in sunshine honey

Have I mentioned how much I love these shoes?

For us, this has been the last day of Spring for a little while, as we are heading towards winter again tomorrow. DS's Easter school holidays hardly ever coincide with Easter, but they are in tune with the end of this year's skiing season! So bye-bye to spring colors for now, and hello to white and (hopefully) blue. Looking forward to seeing you all again towards the end of April.

PS. I am hopelessly behind on comments and emails, please forgive me. Will try my best to catch up before coming back x


  1. Those shoes really are gorgeous!

  2. What a refreshing look for Spring and I understand why you adore these shoes. I have been shying away from busy & colourful scarves, settling for either busy or colourful if that makes sense. Maybe I need to take another look. Have a wonderful skiing trip (Ski heil) and I bet you come back to summer!

  3. Gorgeous. The shoes and bag are perfect with that carré! You look divine! Have fun skiing!

  4. I love your spring look and those shoes are super - I hope the sun keeps shining as you enjoy the last of the snow! xxx

  5. What a gorgeous outfit, dear MaiTai! Your shoes and Ms. Picotin are beautiful and you look stunning! I wish you a lovely time skiiing and look forward to your return. Lots of orange hugs, Manuela

  6. I think I've said it before but that is one of my favourite scarves of yours and somehow seems really suited to spring given the gorgeous profusion of flowers and colours in it. And those shoes are lovely! They look stunning with Ms Picotin too.

    Here it's finally stopped raining and really feels like spring - my favourite season!

    Have a lovely trip!

    Melusine x

  7. so happy to have found your wonderful blog! just in time for a trip abroad where i will be depending heavily on scarves. thank you!

  8. Many thanks for the sweet compliments and good wishes, dear Lady Blog, Bienchen, Gina, Mrs.Exeter, Manuela, Melusine and Kitchen-Dreams! It's great to be back, missed you girls! The trip was fun, and there was no shortage of snow.. if anything, there were a few too many snow storms, which is unusal for the end of April. For those interest in the shoes, please check my facebook page (can’t post a direct link, you need to scroll down and click ‘recent stories’
    MaiTai Collection on facebook
    Enjoy a wonderful Sunday everyone xx

  9. Welcome back, my dearest MaiTai! Hope you've had a most fun and relaxing skiing vacation with your family, so very glad to have you back <3 I have been away myself too and very glad to be home again. How wonderful is your lovely cheerful spring outfit - there is nothing sweeter than your dear Ms Pico with your prettiest darling shoes, sharing the bright happy day together. And as always, you know just the perfect knot - the criss-cross with the shawl ring truly brings out the magnificent FdI in its full glory.
    Hope you're having a wonderful Sunday back at home. Sending you big spring flower hugs with all my love xxx

  10. A warm welcome back to you too, my dearest Scarf Enthusiast! Hope you had a good trip, I always miss you when you are away. So happy you enjoyed the post, your beautiful descriptions never fail to bring bright and warm sunshine into my day. Wishing you a wonderful 1st of May, hope it is a beautiful, relaxing and and lovely day <3

  11. What a beautiful Spring look! The scarf, the picotin, and the shoes are perfect together! You look gorgeous as usual Mai Tai! :)

    xo, sam

    1. Spring greetings to you, my dear Sam! Happy you liked the post, many thanks :)

  12. Hi a friend of Andee's who sent me this way, we have our love for Hermes in common besides counting Andee as a friend:) Love your site and am going to have such fun going through your blog!

    Please tell me who makes those darling shoes, I have to have them, they are screaming out my name:)