Saturday, June 2, 2012

How to wear an Hermes scarf as a necklace

Starting point: basic bias fold, then continue as shown in the video below:

Print version:

Fold your scarf in the basic bias. Make a simple knot in the middle, make two more knots either side and place the scarf around your neck. Secure the ends with a double knot, or in a basic slide with a scarf ring (petite size).

Create variatons by pulling the knots tighter or making them looser, or experiment by wearing with another necklace


  1. Wonderfull idea ! Thank you from Paris.

  2. How fun ! Perfect way to get those scarves out this summer !

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  3. Wonderful, you show great style. May I ask what kind of beads is your blue necklace ? Cheers ! Mandy

  4. Many thanks! The necklace is part of the MaiTai collection and made of acai beads. This link gives you more info: waterfall necklace


  5. Golly, I hadn't realized acai beads can look classy...thanks for the information...among other styles, been practising this knot.
    Cheers, Mandy

  6. Beautiful and original idea. I am adopting it :)

    Kindest regards from Geneva, Switzerland,