Monday, October 22, 2012

Capsule wardrobe #70 - Autumn in Paris

At FSH (Faubourg Saint-Honoré), the window displays have not changed since my previous visit, so no new outdoor pics this time. The AW2012 'Parcours d'H' carrés were on display though, and I thought them a must-have for anyone who enjoyed labyrinth games in their childhood!

Later that day, when strolling in the cour d'honneur of the Palais Royal, I was reminded twice of Hermès..the black and white striped columns of the 'Les Deux Plateaux' installation by Daniel Buren
not only resonated with the above scarves, but it was also how the artist framed the Photo souvenirs au carré scarves he created for Hermès in 2010. The installation consists of 280 marbled columns of various heights (DS very much enjoyed climbing on them when he was little) and was completed in 1985.

Not owning a 'Photo-souvenirs au carré' scarf, the next best design for the occasion seemed to be my race course scarf, the Circuit 24 Faubourg!

Capsule pieces: black jeans, shirt and coat
Shoes: black ankle boots
Accessories: Hermès 'Circuit 24 Faubourg' 90 Carré, Kelly dog bracelet in black croc and black togo Birkin, MaiTai Collection scarf fur collar in mocca
Scarf tying method: fold your scarf in the basic bias, and pull through all five loops of the scarf fur collar. Secure ends in an Ascot knot

Stepping out of the courtyard, the Louvre is right opposite us. The current exhibition 'Late Raphael' just opened, and shows until January 14, 2013.

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  1. This is one of my favourite photographs of you, dearest MaiTai!!! You look so elegant, chic, absolutely stunning!!!!
    Ooh! How I miss Paris, Le Louvre, those lamps, etc...
    Thank you for showing us 'Les Deux Plateaux' installation by Daniel Burren.
    It looks great! Something else to add to my 'must see' list when in Paris.
    Soon I will be wearing my mocca fur collar too! There will probably be snow showers by the end of the week already. Blowing a kiss from the North to you, M xx

    1. The pic was taken just after our lunch at the Bistrot Vivienne, the happy vibe must come from the Tarte Tatin within! Please blow a few snow flakes over, we are having 20 degrees plus and I am longing for some cool and crisp air. Autumn bisous xx

    2. I will, my dear! <3
      Bisous to you too. M.

  2. Dear Mai Tai,
    What a treat it is to see Paris in Autumn from my office thousands of miles away.
    By the way, I have nominated your blog for the 'Super Sweet Blogging Award'. If you like the idea, go check it out at

    1. Many thanks for the nomination, so very sweet and kind of you. The cupcakes look divine!

  3. Good to view Parcours d'H at close hand and it would perhaps seem to be a design best appreciated flat rather than tied? I wonder if you were tempted to try it?!

    However, to my mind, you can't beat that wonderful ebony and black Circuit 24 Faubourg with its aqua highlighting.

    Peeking back at your pictures of this scarf earlier in the year, I appreciate all the more its trans-seasonality and have to say it looks just as fabulous against the mocca of your fur collar as the white jeans/chocolate tank ensemble. You are the epitome of chic, year round!

    1. Love the flat view of the PdH! The corners are dominated by the 'goals' though, leaving a round empty space each side. If folded the other way, 'Hermes Paris' and the name of the design dominate the corners... I think the labyrinth design as such is a lovely idea, only I could not find a way to wear it. Very happy with the C24F, it truly is an all year round winner. So happy you like it too, many thanks dear pussywillow!

  4. You and Paris look wonderful.

    Love the fur collar too.

    It is so hot here. Better revisit your summer scarf tying arrangements x

    1. Stay cool and fresh, dear Faux Fuchsia!

      You could try these two
      Drape knot
      Collier knot


  5. Hello MaiTai, love your outfit and am coveting your scarf - the colours are lovely. Just wondering (forgive me if you've been asked before) but how do you clean your scarfs? Do you dry clean only, or hand wash etc? Thank you

    1. Thank you, Heidi! The 'cleaning post' has been on my list for too long, thank you for reminding me of it! In the meantime I hope this helps: if the scarf just needs freshening up and/or has non greasy stains, I handwash. Those which greasy/oil-based stains I bring to the dry-cleaners.

  6. Dear Mai Tai,

    you look absolutely gorgeous, très élégante (comme toujours), but your attitude, your smile (as if you know something others do not)!
    I haven't been to Paris for much too long and I enjoy your Paris posts so much.

    This is only the second time that I write a comment although I could write every time - that I love your blog, your pictures... and, overall, your warm and friendly charisma that is shining through all your answers. I just wanted to let you know about this.

    Maybe you remember... I am writing from Cologne but have decided to write in English so that everyone can share my comment.

    And if I may add a little more: About two weeks ago, I 'discovered' "The Vivienne Files" and since then so much has changed. Especially in the way I'd like to dress... and, to come back to your blog, it will go in the direction of your style. Not imitating, but as a very beautiful inspiration.

    The last thing: Since I realized that in my wardrobe there is a lack of accessories, I am going to change this... by allowing myself, probably for Christmas, my very first Hermès Scarf!
    I am so much looking forward to going in the store, taking time and then decide...

    With warmest regards from Cologne
    and all the best for you,


    1. Dear Birgit,

      Many thanks for the lovely comment and kind compliments. Love the Vivienne Files too, and how she mixes and matches the 'ingredients' into every changing new looks.

      Very exited to hear about your plans to purchase your first H scarf, and as you described so well, choosing 'the one' is so much part of the fun. Stock varies from boutique to boutique, so if you don't find the right one in Köln, you could always check out Düsseldorf. They are usually well stocked, and very nice and helpful. Can't wait to hear what you'll decide on!

      Mit lieben und herzlichen Grüssen aus Südfrankreich in die Domstadt

      PS. I recently went from the Gard du Nord to Hbf with the Thalys, it was a very comfortable and easy..perfect even for a day trip?

    2. So well written and therefore hope it's okay, if I join Birgit on this one - sorry to repeat myself, but your understated elegance puzzles me every time! ;-) sending hugs from Vienna to the South of France - xox, Macs

    3. Hugs right back, my dear sweet Macs! Birgit wrote beautifully, so nice of you to join her comment <3

  7. J adore cet endroit quel enfant n est pas monté sur ses colonnes
    Vous estes radieuse comme d habitude et vous qui ne l etes pas vous incarnez le chic a la française
    Pour l instant dans le sud de la france manteau et fourrure sont encore dans les dressing
    Le turquoise de circuit donne un coup de fouet a votre tenue

    1. Merci pour le beau compliment, ma chère Myriam! Vivre dans votre beau et raffiné pays est un vrai privilège, ça me donne un l'inspiraton quoditienne. Aujourd'hui, on a les brumes d'automne, j'espère on peut sortir les bottes, manteaux et cols en fourrure très bientôt. Une belle journée à vous! Amitiés MT

  8. Just stunning, MaiTai! The circuit lifts the look wonderfully.

    1. Thank you, my dear Bienchen. As you've said before, it's a wonderful autumn/winter scarf too :-)

  9. Hi from Switzerland Maitai,
    what can I say that has not been said previously: you look supremely elegant as usual!
    You have a knack for buying/wearing scarves that I would have never initially laid my eyes on in the shop: but when I look at your posts, I find myself wanting all of them!
    Now, enough with my scarf obession... I am looking for a nice black coat for this winter and yours looks fab: may I ask you where you have found it?
    Très bonne continuation,

    1. It is always so nice to see a new face here, a warm welcome to you, dear Béatrice! Thank you for the lovely comment, so happy you like the scarves in my collection. The coat comes from Benetton, a truly fabulous find. I've had it for almost five years now, and I still get compliments for it. Apostrophe makes lovely coats, I got one a couple of years ago and still love it very much. Good luck!

  10. Dearest MaiTai,
    Thank you for a most wonderful treat! From the Parcours d'H to the Buren columns to our twin C24F, how much I love it when you connect the dots, or 'the lines' - total harmony, total bliss. Your ensemble is absolute gorgeousness and you are so divinely beautiful, dear MaiTai! Wishing you the happiest weekend, sending you much love and giant friendship hugs xox

    1. So happy you enjoyed the virtual 'line connecting', my dearest Scarf Enthusiast and darling C24F twin! Wishing you a most beautiful and happy weekend too <3 With hugs and bisous xx

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