Saturday, May 4, 2013

Cascade knot ~ how-to

As promised, here is the how-to video for the 'Cascade knot'

Fold your scarf into a triangle, place around your shoulders and follow the video instructions below:

The Cascade knot is perfect for:

70 scarves
90 dip dyes
90 jerseys
90 PM mousselines

I will be away for a few days, celebrating my upcoming 50th birthday tomorrow...  looking forward to catching up with you mid May.

 Until then, have fun knoting!



  1. Dear Mai Tai,
    Wishing you a very happy Birthday and I hope you receive lots of lovely pressies (especially those in orange boxes!). I took delivery of my very first Hermes scarf a few days ago and I'm already deciding which one of your beautiful scarf rings I shall buy. Have a fab time away! Kindest Regards, Jo.


  2. My dearest MaiTai,

    I wish you a wonderful Birthday with a lot of love and joy spent together with your most loved ones. I will raise my glass to you and think of you tomorrow, dear friend. <3

    Thank you for this amazing video. So easy and so chic! :) can't wait to try it!
    Sending you the warmest Happy Birthday hugs and lots of bisous, Manuela

    1. Happy Birthday, dear friend!
      Have a great time away! M xx

  3. Happy birthday! we must be 'twins' celebrating the same birthday this year - enjoy! Jenx

  4. Maitai!
    A very happy birthday to you! I know you will celebrate in style with your loved ones ad hope you have the bestest of time!
    I have to say there is a certain picture of you laughing on the icy way to your post box with a lovely shawl (Sunday, January 10, 2010)and I always thought you don't look a day older than 25 on it. It wasn't long ago and you haven't changed a bit. If this is what getting older looks like, then I don't mind!
    Wishing you good health, joie de vivre et beaucoup d'orange!
    Béatrice, Switzerland

  5. Hi MaiTai, just wanted to say that I am finding real inspiration in your capsule wardrobe posts, which I find myself checking in on, then opening up my wardrobe and putting together lovely outfits which I had not thought about before. Great styling! Thank you os much for putting these together! I understand its your birthday - best birthday wishes. Both my children, now 13 and 15, are Taurus, they love luxury and beauty - classic Taurus - so we are in birthday mood in our home - much celebrating and fun! Do enjoy.

  6. Twins (but I still have 7 months to accept the idea ah ah ah) ! Have a wonderful birthday with love love love and love.

  7. Happy Birthday, enjoy your special day. Best wishes from 'down under'

  8. Another birthday best wishes from Down Under. I hope you have a fabulous birthday, no doubt celebrated with your usual style and grace. Can't wait to see some photos of your celebration and gifts!

    Susan x

  9. Happy Birthday dear MaiTai! I hope you have a wonderful time away and are thoroughly spoilt with lots of H and champagne! Looking forward to seeing the photos afterwards.

    And thank you so much for generously offering to identify my lovely shawl; I will send you a couple of photos and if you have a moment would love to know what you think.

    And I agree - you don't look a day over 25!

    Melusine x


  10. Hip, Hip, Hurrah ! Happy Birthday to You, dear Madame Maitai. I am sure you'll have a wonderful time. May we see your birthday pics ? :) Thankyou so much for the new video of cascade knot with the new scarf ring- as always, so smart and classy!

    Cheers and best wishes, Mandy

  11. Happy birthday. I hope you have a wonderful trip and birthday.

  12. Alles gute zum Geburtstag, liebe Stier-Geborene, von einer Ebensolchen - Sanne

  13. Happy Birthday Lovely Mai Tai! I hope you have a wonderful time. SarahBx

  14. Happiest birthday, Mai Tai. Do have a wonderful few days. Looking forward to a blog and pics when you return. And thank you for the cascade knot - I think it's my favourite!

  15. Very best wishes to you for your birthday! Have a wonderful time! xxx

  16. Happy Birthday, Joyeux anniversaire ! Catherine

  17. Wishing you a most wonderful birthday and entrance into a new decade of life. May it bring much joy and be shared with those who you love.

  18. Have a wonderful time and a very Happy Birthday Maitai, sending many best wishes on such a joyful occasion :-)

  19. A very Happy Birthday to you dear Mai Tai. May this special day be filled with happiness.
    Thank you for all the joy you have given us in the past year.
    I hope you are surrounded by flowers.
    Warmest best wishes,
    N. J.

  20. Best wishes. Lea

  21. Dear MaiTai,

    Wishing you a very Happy Birthday,
    enjoy your special day and time away

    Best Jane x

  22. Age is a privilege. Your elegance and grace increase with time, topping the 'un- top- able'!

    Many, many happy returns dear Tai. Enjoy your day and all the good things to come.

    X X

  23. Enjoy a wonderful, and special birthday, dearest MaiTai, surrounded by those you love. Wishing you all of the best in this new decade of your life.

    Warmest of hugs, dear.

  24. WOW! That's all there is to it...pretty amazing.
    Happy birthday to you; thank your for sharing your special blog with us.

  25. Lots of love and happy birthday to my dear MT

  26. Thank you for sharing this beauty and Happy Happy Birthday!!
    Barbara A

  27. My Dear Tai,
    One would NEVER know you have hit this are gorgeous and radiant and truly look a decade younger!!! May you continue to be blessed with good health and joyous days and spend them with loving family and friends!!
    You bring so much pleasure to all of your H family....thanks for all the time and effort involved in sharing so much beauty with all of us!!!
    My best wishes that all your dreams continue to come true!!
    God Bless....

  28. Happy Happy Birthday dearest MaiTai! You know we share the same birthyear and so my 50th is around the corner as well. Although I rarely write in, due to my new position (yay, finally!) as a UC professor in the OC, I do check your blog faithfully. You are and always will be a great inspiration to me, and so, my dear, dear "birthday sister," I'm sending a big hug and my fondest wishes for a wonderful 50th year.

  29. Ahhh 50 .... the new 30 !!! Belated Birthday Good Wishes from Irlande. Have a wonderful time. ~ Joni

  30. Dearest MaiTai,
    A very happy birthday to you!! My youngest son shares your birthday and he's 4! Have a wonderful time and best wishes to more joyful years to come :)
    Lots of hugs,

  31. Happy birthday!!! You look at least a decade and a half younger.

    I am on leave and will be in your country next weekend! x

  32. Happy Birthday MaiTai--I hope you were suitably celebrated and enjoyed every moment of your birthday. Thank you so much for everything you do for all of us.

  33. Belated Happy Birthday dear MaiTai!!!

    You are a truly inspiration for us " femme d'un certain age"... forget it girls and other nonsenses you are a perfect example of how aging gracefully and with elegance.. on the other hand I can't either believe you are 50 or that I'm going to be 50 next July!!!

    Time really flies,doesn't it?

    All the best for you and your family

    Regards from Barcelona

  34. Dearest MaiTai,
    Hope you had the most wonderful and special birthday celebration and the happiest time away! Wishing you another half century of good health, much happiness and abundant joy <3
    Missed you terribly while away, and have been admiring all the incredible past posts - as always, I am totally transported. Many congratulations on your new spring beauties and a special welcome to your newest ingenious creation - the fabulous Anneau Infini scarf ring. You are so very kind to have left us a wonderful how-to video before your trip. Thank you, dearest MaiTai, for all the gifts of beauty and inspiration. Sending you my heartfelt best wishes and big hugs with all my love to you xxx

  35. A belated Happy Birthday dear MaiTai - I hope you had a fabulous birthday and that you received some nice (orange?:-)) goodies too! I'm with Ilsa me too next July LOL!! SAxx

  36. Thank you so much everyone for the lovely good wishes for my birthday, the sweet compliments and warm and kind comments!

    I had the most wonderful time away and one of the happiest birthdays ever, celebrating with DH in beautiful Venice . It could not have been lovelier or more magical, and I hope you'll enjoy the upcoming travelogues.

    Turning 50 is a milestone indeed, and I look forward to gradually adapting my style... towards a timelessly chic and stylish ‘femme d’un certain age’! I hope you’ll enjoy exploring the journey with me.

    Warmest hugs and ‘joyeux anniversaire’ to all 1963 birth year twins (can’t believe how many were are!), and a very happy birthday to all fellow Taurus'. Much love, hugs and kisses to you, and all of you other lovely ladies too xx

  37. Warmest hugs to you too, dearest MaiTai! It's so great to have you back! I am so happy to hear that you had a great time in Venice and look so much forward to seeing your travellogues:)
    Have a wonderful weekend ahead, my dear MaiTai.
    Much love, Manuela xx

  38. Thank you for your sweet words. I will be delighted to ' explore the journey' with you, dear friend<3. Warmest hugs M xx

  39. Happy belated Birthday, dear MaiTai! My DH is a fellow 1963er and is turning 50 this July! You seem to have had a blast in Venice, my dream some day...Thanks for the ring, it's perfect and my first one yet! I am having a great time knotting, it's so easy now.