Friday, October 11, 2013

Maxi Twilly ~ more ways to knot, wear and tie

Over the last couple of weeks, I've received a lot of requests echoing the style challenge submitted via blog comment by Ros:
I love my maxi twilly have the Brazil in grey but am finding it a bit long. Hope your next post gives some ideas to wear it a bit shorter.

Many thanks to Ros, and everyone who asked similar questions. I enjoyed the challenge, and hope you'll like the how-to's and ideas.

Look #6: 'Double Tour' from the Hermès Maxi Twilly knotting leaflet

Knot the ends of your Maxi Twilly together (I secured them with a Petite scarf ring in the basic slide), and place on your neck. Cross the loop in front of you, and bring behind your neck.

Pull one of the loops out, cross, and bring behind your neck again.

arrange the folds to your liking..

LOOK #7 - Looped cross-slide

Fold your Maxi Twill in half and slide an Anneau Infinity scarf ring to the center:

Place the scarf around your neck:

Take one end, and pull it through your scarf ring:

Repeat with the other side:

You can vary the look and length by wearing the scarf closer of further away from your neck.. you decide on this in the first step, by pulling the loop around your neck looser or tighter.

With a high loop starting point:

With a low loop starting point:

Variation #1: Maxi Twilly bow knot: pull both ends again through the scarf ring (here with a medium starting point)

Variation #2: Maxi Twilly half bow knot - as above, but with one scarf end pulled out

Variation #3 - as step #1, but with the scarf pulled close to the neck

Look #8: 'Ceinture Smoking' from the Hermès Maxi Twilly knotting leaflet

Wrap your Maxi Twilly around your waist and tie the ends together in a double knot. You can also secure the ends with a Grande scarf ring in the basic slide, which takes up less fabric (it leaves the ends longer, or gives an extra few inches around the waist)

LOOK #9 -  A similar look to #7 can also be achieved with a shawl ring, or a Classique scarf ring in the Grande size

Variation #1: 'Looped basic slide' with a Grande Classique scarf ring

Fold your Twilly in half, slide a Grande scarf ring into the center, and place around your neck

Secure the ends in the basic slide

As above, you can decide how close or far from the neck you want to wear the scarf

Variation #2 - 'Looped criss-cross knot' with a with a shawl ring

Proceed as in the previous example, and secure the ends in a basic slide, or as below in a criss-cross knot

For more ideas, and how to wear the Maxi Twilly in a long style, please click here


  1. Thank you Mai Tai, I have just bought mum one for her 92nd birthday next week and was panicking that it was the same height as her!

  2. In my opinion, your two posts truly prove that Hermes did perform successfully and very wisely with maxi twilly - it is very versatile, both in length and in finall impression, which are both diversified.
    Your scarf rings truly work beautifully with maxi twilly - still thinking that your rings do the best job and tremendously widen the maxi twilly wearing options.
    In this post, I would vote for # 7 and, optionally, for # many options with this beauty!
    Lea xx

  3. Maxi twilly to the max in your creative hands,dear friend! You have taken these fun new silks to a new level! These looks appear to be a breeze to recreate...we shall see if I am so lucky;) Thank you so much for the inspiration and showing us again how to get the max for the investment<3 Have a beautiful Autumn weekend! T xx

  4. Hi Maitai!
    Lovely ideas and you sport them all very well: my favourite is definitely maxi twilly worn as a belt/sash. I love your skirt, by the way and we are twins on the black Clic-Clac (if my sight does not fail me).
    Have a fab weekend,
    Béatrice, Switzerland.

  5. Dear MaiTai,

    Love all the looks with this beauty....I am in agreement with Beatrice, love look #8. Thank you for this wonderful post!
    Wishing you a great weekend,

  6. So talentuous dear Mai Tai...

  7. Me too I found the belt as a superb idea

  8. Funny because the maxi twilly at first glance seems ridiculously long but as you showed so is incredibly versatile (even for someone not 5'11")!~ LOVE the rich and perfect for fall:) Thanks for giving me the idea of using it as a sash/ it!

  9. Unbelievably chic and once again impressed by your huge and the same time very organized effort to present us the Maxi Twilly in so many different ways. Love them all, especially Nr. 8. ;-) sending hugs, Macs

  10. This post is so perfectly timed...just as I'm playing with my new goodies from Paris!
    ( I thought of you! )
    It makes a chic belt, and I love how you've accented it with the Anneau ring. I think the Maxi Twilly is pretty much foolproof to style, especially with your innovative inspirations.
    I can't wait to see more!
    Barbara A

  11. Lovely looks, dear, especially No. 6 and 8. I'm (im)patiently waiting for the arrival of Cavalcadour at my local H. Have you tried the maxi with a fur collar? The mornings and evening are a little cool here, so Ms. Storm Grey will be coming out soon.

    Warm orange hugs, dear

  12. Thanks so much for the lovely comments, dear ladies xxx

  13. Dear MaiTai, I discovered your blog a few weeks ago and I'm delighted with all the tips you share with us. I'm enjoying my Hermes scarfs as never before. I live in Lima, Peru and although we have a long grey winter and spring just arrived, I'm hoping not to have a warm summer so I can keep having fun with my scarfs every day. Would you have any suggestions for my new GM Pique Fleuri de Provence in rouge/orange/ turquoise?

    Warm regards


    1. A warm welcome to my blog, dear Gretel! I hope you'll find some inspiration for your GM in here: Cashmere GMs
      Good luck, and have a wonderful spring and summer ahead!

  14. Dearest MaiTai,
    You are a scarf tying/knotting/folding virtuoso!! And of course, your instructions are the absolute best - the clearest and the simplest. You are truly an incredible creative force. Thank you for all your efforts in sharing your extraordinary gifts. Much love and giant orange hugs xox

    1. Isn't it always just wonderful when Hermès comes up with something new! The Maxi Twilly has already provided endless hours of fun, and I can't wait to see next season's designs and colors. Have a wonderful weekend, my dearest Scarf Enthusiast! Bisous and warmest hugs xx

  15. You are truly an incredible creative force. Thank you for all your efforts in sharing your extraordinary gifts. May Tai You are the Best of the Best ! You are maxin' out my potentials !

    1. Thanks so much for the kind compliment! Have fun maxin' it to the max :)