Saturday, January 11, 2014

MaiTai Collection in action #9

It's been only a few months since the last collage, but I've received so many beautiful contributions since, that I'm thrilled to present the 9th MaiTai Collection in action collage today!

A big thank you to Carol, Elizabeth M, Johanna, Julie of, Julie, Kate, lanit, Lisa, Macs of 'Macs in the city', Maedi, Manuela, Marla in the OC, Monica and TuuMa for sharing your fabulous pictures, looks and ideas!

Clockwise from top left: Marla in the OC with a 'Axis Mundi' GM mousse in a rectangular fold, tied with a shawl ring in a vertical slide. Manuela with a 'Charmes des Plages Normandes' 90 carré in a criss-cross bow knot, tied with a Classique scarf ring in Grande. Maedi with a 'Fleurs et Papillons de Tissus' 90 Carré, tied with a black horn Anneau Infinity in a slip knot.

Carol with a Nordstrom scarf, tied with a Grande Classique scarf ring into a Waterfall knot. Macs with a sunshine honey shawl ring as pendant. Manuela's 'Rose' and 'Lilac' 'Lavande de Provence' lavender sachets.

Manuela's lavender sachets at (gris and lilac )

Clockwise from top left: TuuMa's double Gavroche (Vif Argent and Burberry) look, secured with a shawl ring in dark sunshine horn. Julie with a 'Monsieur et Madame' 90 carré, tied with a black horn Anneau Infinity in a slip knot. TuuMa with an 'Aux Pays des Epices' 90 carré in a loose and slightly twisted basic bias fold, secured with a Grande Classique scarf ring in honey. TuuMa's 'Chasse a Vol' 90 carré, folded to emphasize the edge: fold your scarf into a triangle, and then into a long strip (fold from the longest edge towards the tip). Wind once around the neck, and secure loosely with a  Shawl ring.

Kate's scarf rings in their lacquered orange box (Shawl rings in dark sunshine and black, Classique Grande horn rings in black and honey, Classique Grande in dark MoP and Classique Moyenne in bone

Elizabeth M with an Anneau Infinity scarf ring (in combination with a slim H ring) and lanit with a black fox fur scarf collar and a 'Colliers de Chiens' 90 carré in a half bow knot

No collage is complete without Faux Fuchsia, so here she is tripping the light fantastic in an archive shot, featuring a 'Tres Kelly' 70 carré in the basic slide with a Grande Classic scarf ring. Hope the temperatures cool down soon in Australia!

Johanna with a Gemstone necklace in green. Elizabeth M with a 'Tous les Bateaux du Monde' 90 carré, tied with a Grande Classique MoP scarf ring into a basic slide knot. Macs with a 'Brides de Gala' 90 Dip Dye, ends secured with a shawl ring. Julie with a 90 Carré secured into a criss-cross bow knot with a Grande Classique scarf ring.

Clockwise from top left: Johanna with a 'Monsieur et Madame II' 90 Carré, tied with a shawl ring in sunshine honey in a vertical slide. Carol with an Eileen Fisher scarf and a Grande Classique scarf ring in honey, also in a vertical slide. Manuela with a 'La Promenade de Longchamps' Gavroche, tied with a Classique Petite scarf ring into a Snowball knot.

Carol with a 'Colliers de Chiens' 90 Carré, tied with a Grande Classique scarf ring into a Waterfall knot. Macs with a Silky1Way scarf, looped once around the neck and tied with a Classique Petite scarf ring into a Snowball knot. Maedi with a 90 Carré and a black horn Anneau Infinity in a slip knot

Monica with a Gemstone necklace and green H stole

TuuMa's oval horn dishes in large and small/medium

Macs with a mousseline scarf in a twist knot, with a Grande Classique scarf ring

lanit with a black fox fur scarf collar and a 'Mythiques Phoenix' 90 carré. Lisa with a 'Ex-Libris en Camouflage' 90 Carré, tied with a black horn Anneau Infinity in a slip knot.

Marla in the OC with a 'Carré Kantha' 90 carré in a pleated rectangle, secured with a Shawl ring in a vertical slide. Julie with a 'Galop Chromatique' 90 carré and a fox fur collar in caramel (five-loop method, with the addition of a Classique Grande scarf ring in the basic slide). Rose and lilac 'Lavande de Provence' lavender sachets in Manuela's closet. Macs with a Silky1Way scarf, tied with a Classique Petite scarf ring into a Snowball knot.

For more info on the various MaiTai Collection items in this post, please click the links below:

Anyone who would like to participate in collage #10, please send your pictures(s) and a short note on know how you would like to be credited to: 
Looking forward to your contributions!

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  1. Marla your hair is beautiful..

    1. Wow! Thanks so very much for your kind compliment!

  2. A feast for the eyes! Beautifully done!

  3. Ah, lovely ladies all looking very good! You,my friend, are a very good teacher and have taught us all how to step it up a notch,or in this case,knot or two;-) Thank you,MT, for continuing to inspire! A toast with the bubbly to our leader and her followers, T xx

  4. My dearest MaiTai,

    Thank you so much for including me once again in this lovely collage. So nice to see all the other ladies!
    It´s with a great joy and pleasure that I wear and use all my items of the MaiTai collection, pieces that I will always treasure <3

    Wishing you a lovely remaining weekend and sending you much love, Manuela

  5. Dear Maitai, thank you for including me! I really do love my scarf rings. I haven't worn a scarf for ages as it is so hot but I am looking forward to wheeling one out. I did buy a 70 carre in October with a sort of circus print…As always I really enjoy seeing how all these gorgeous women around the world accessorise. Always fascinating xxx

  6. All you lovely ladies are looking so chic and beautiful!
    Simone xx

  7. Chin chin to all! Everyone looks wonderful. Merci MT.
    XO, TuuMa

  8. Totally agree with Trudye: Tai is indeed a very good teacher. I know I've stepped up my game since I began following this lovely blog. It is always so much fun to see how other women wear their scarves. Thank you dear MT for all your inspiration. And for bringing wonderful, useful goodies to us! I love how you positioned me next to Julie in the big collage! Julie you are wearing one of my all time favorite combos: red and leopard! Love it! Maedi: you have a really joyous smile--the best accessory ever; Macs: so chic--love the way you tied your mousse.

    1. Dear Marla, I agree MaiTai is a wonderful teacher - I have so much improved my style since following this blog. My "target style" resembles yours so much and therefore you are such a good inspiration to me...except I am never that successful in reaching my target :))). Oh, how yellow Carre Kantha is beautiful in your ensemble. I must continue my learning seems that talent has helped to many learners, however, I still must work hard :)))
      Please, continue with the future contributions.
      Compliments to all other dear ladies as well - you are all beautiful in your styles, with your scarves and outfits.

    2. Lea -- Thank you so much for your lovely compliment. I am extremely flattered – especially since I am considering offering my skills as a stylist to ladies in coastal Orange County. If you are, by chance, in this area (or Silicon Valley, where I often visit) I would be pleased to assist you. Re: my golden yellow Carre Kantha – I don’t wear it often and it had lived with me a while before I realized how well it worked with that blouse. : > ) Looking forward to seeing some of your outfits in the next collage! BTW I do apologize for the late response. Hope you see this note.

    3. Marla --- sorry, I am late with my response too; hope you will be back once upon time to read it.
      Oh, how much I would like to participate in your courses! Namely, I live in Europe, therefore I am sorry I cannot attend them :(
      Anyhow, you have all my support for the courses - you have much to offer! I so much like seeing nice "harmonies in ensembles", it is an art. My cupboard is full of clothes and still much think, think about combining the pieces into an outfit.
      MaiTai's and your outfits are always so harmonius, I always have a feeling you always know what to wear and how...what a great skill I would like to share!
      Wish you all the best in your courses. I hope our dear MaiTai would enable posting an info about your courses/advices, if possibly available online in the future.
      Best, Lea

  9. Truly inspirational photos, fantastic models and stunning scarves!

  10. I love these sneak peeks into your stylish readers' lives.

  11. Love these collages and always feel so honored to be included among so many creative, lovely and chic ladies - Thank you for being the best inspiration(s)! Thank you also, Marla for your compliment and so happy to read how much everybody enjoys MaiTais compositions and of course each and every one of her great accessories. :-) sending kind regards from Vienna, Macs

  12. So wonderful and inspirational!

  13. Wow, wow and WOW! I love the MaiTai in Action posts. I always get great ideas on how to wear my scarves using your scarf ring. Maybe next time I will join in the fun! Take care, ma chere.