Monday, December 14, 2015

MaiTai Collection collage #16

The collage posts are very much one of my favorites and I am so thrilled to have received so many fabulous contributions since posting the last one in June this year.

Assembling the wonderful ideas and beautiful looks coming from so many different places around the globe into a collage makes me think of a tapestry woven with an unseen thread of friendship and shared likings, and brings tremendous joy and inspiration. Thank you so much for sharing your fabulous ideas and style, dearest Anna, Anne, bagmoma, Carol, Catherine and Newton, Cecilia, Cynthia, Desert Mermaid, Faux Fuchsia, Fifi, H.O., happyface313, i.c_rus.7, Johanna, Katja, KS, Macs in the City, Manuela, Monica, Myriam, Paola and Veronika. You are the Best xx

Due to the long break in July and August we missed a summer collage this year, so the lovely contributions featuring lighter looks and outfits will come out once our minds start looking forward to next spring.

Todays contributions come from: Arizona, Australia, Austria, Canada, Denmark, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Illinois, Italy, Japan, Netherlands, New Hampshire, Ohio, Russia, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Qatar and Washington.

Here are the links in alphabetical order to everyone who has their own blog or site:
Macs in the City on instagram:

Still-life by Monica with a Pearl Statement necklace in gris/argent, gemstone necklace in green (no longer available) and a waterfall necklace in black.

Carol with a 'Colliers de Chien' 90 carré tied into a vertical basic slide with a shawl ring in sunshine honey. H.O. with a 'C'est la fête' 70 carré tied into a slip knot with an Anneau Infinity scarf ring in black horn

Still-life by happyface313 with a Classique Grande scarf ring in dark Mother of Pearl and a 'Cent Plis de Miao' 90 carré

Desert Mermaid with a fox fur collar in gris argent and a long gemstone necklace in gris/citrine

Manuela with a 'Ceintures et Liens' Giant silk carré in a looped vertical basic slide, secured with a Classique Grande scarf ring in black horn.

Desert Mermaid with a Tassel necklace in noir/argent

Johanna with a long gemstone necklace with a vieux or tassel

Still-lifes by Johanna with a 35 Kelly Sellier and a K32 insert in taupe

Still-life by Monica with a waterfall necklace in black and an 'Effet Domino' 70 carré

From left to right: Still-life by Monica with a waterfall necklace in black, an Hermes Kelly Dog bracelet and Cape Cod watch in etoupe. Monica with a waterfall necklace in black.

Manuela with a 'Zebra Pegasus' 90 carré, tied in a vertical basic slide with a Classique Grande scarf ring in black horn.

Macs in the City with a cashmere scarf and a lacquered Anneau Infinity scarf ring in Rouge Noir. Still-life by Anna with a 35 Kelly in etain and a Birkin 35 insert in naturel

Johanna with a Pearl statement necklace in blanc/ivoire.

Cecilia with a 'Tyger Tyger' cashmere silk shawl in a cowboy knot, ends secured with a lacquered Anneau Infinity scarf ring in teal.

Desert Mermaid with a 'Tyger Tyger' 90 carré looped through a fox fur collar in midnight blue.

Newton having fun playing with his mummy's Catherine's long gemstone necklace in vieux or/grenat, scarf ring pochette shawl and carré pochette in gris and an assortment of Classique scarf rings and Anneau Infinity scarf rings in lacquer, Mother of Pearl, black and sunshine honey horn.

bagmoma with a Pearl Statement necklace in blanc ivoire

Still-life by Cecilia: Cashmere hot water bottle in light camel, lacquered lacquered Anneau Infinity scarf rings in vermeil, or and copper/bronze (from left to right)

Cynthia with a 'Promenade de Longchamps' 90 carré tied Classique Grande scarf ring in sunshine honey

Faux Fuchsia with a 'Printemps-Été 69/Automn Hiver' 70 carré tied in a cross-slide with a lacquered Anneau Infinity scarf ring in Ivoire. Myriam with fox fur collar in black. Fifi with a 'Ferronnerie' 90 carré tied in a looped basic slide with a Classique Grande scarf ring in dark Mother of Pearl.

Still-life by i.c_rus.7: Picotin 22 insert in naturel

Veronika with a 'Mythes et Metamorphoses' 90 carré tied in a Criss-cross bow knot (scarf looped once around the neck beforehand) with a Grande Classique lacquered scarf ring in clay.

Fifi with a waterfall necklace in aqua

Still-life by Cecilia: lacquered Anneau Infinity scarf rings in taupe, light beige and ivoire. Lacquered shawl rings in clay and ivoire (from left to right)

Faux Fuchsia with a 'Zebra Pegasus' 90 carré in a pleated rectangular fold secured with a lacquered shawl ring in vieux rose. Katja with a 90 carré tied into a halter top, with ends secured behind the back in the basic slide with a Classique Moyenne scarf ring

Desert Mermaid with a 'Tyger Tyger' 90 carré in a reverse basic bias fold and a lacquered Anneau Infinity scarf ring in Ivoire

Still-life by Desert Mermaid: Fox fur collar in gris argent, Tassel necklace in noir/argent, 90 carré travel pochette in lilac and the following scarf and shawl rings: lacquered Anneau Infinity scarf ring in ivoire, Classique Grande scarf ring in dark MoP and black horn, Classique Moyenne scarf ring in sunshine honey and a shawl ring in dark sunshine horn.

Still-life by Paola with a Carré Pochette in lilac. Cecilia with a 'Tapis Persans Zoom' Gavroche tied in the basic slide with a Classique Petite scarf ring in african horn (no longer available).

Monica with a waterfall necklace in black

Monica with a Pearl Statement necklace in gris/argent

Anne with a 'Cavalier de Caucase' 90 carré in a cowboy knot, ends secured with a black horn Classique Moyenne scarf ring. Johanna with a 'Carré en Carré' Maxi Twilly, tied into a looped cross-slide with a lacquered Anneau Infinity scarf ring in purple. KS with a 'Della Cavalleria' 90 carré in a Twist wrap knot, tied with a Classique Grande scarf ring in Mother of Pearl.

Faux Fuchsia with a 'Gauchos' 70 carré tied into a cowboy knot, ends secured behind the neck with a Classique Moyenne scarf ring in the basic slide. Still-life by Paola with a Picotin 22 insert in naturel.

Still-lifes by Johanna: a Lindy 34 with a Kelly 35 insert in taupe and a Bottega Veneta Parachute bag with a  Birkin 35 insert in noir/naturel.

For detailed how-to's on all scarf knots please click here: SCARF TUTORIALS

For MaiTai Collection items please follow the links in the captions above the individual photographs, or click here:

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  1. Dear Maitai,

    Thank you so much for including me- I've said it before and I'll say it again- my scarf tying skills would be non existent without your fabulous scarf rings and I live in fear of losing them. When I started reading your blog I didn't even own any Hermes scarves or bangles (ha! those days are long gone).

    Because I am very nosy I absolutely love seeing what your gorgeous readers are wearing and can I just say how beautiful Desert Mermaid's hair and home look?

    The comments on your blog are always thoughtful and interesting- you really do have the nicest bunch of readers, and I am sure they enjoy the camaraderie of the comments section as much as I do.

    Happy Christmas from boiling hot Brisbane.

    Yours in Friendship and Scarf Solidarity xxx

  2. Dearest Faux Fuchsia, - Thank you so much again for participating, no collage would be the same without you! Your blog is one of the few I read... I just love the warmth and joie de vivre it radiates, and how you go through the ups and downs of life with glamour, humor, honesty and a sparkle. Happy Christmas to you and your beautiful family. Friendship hugs xx

  3. Beautiful collage, with beautiful items of your collection with many of your swans' club ladies, all of them very 'chic" and pretty. Great job MT.

    1. A grand merci again for sending me your beautiful pictures, dearest Monica. The still-life photos are as 'chic and classe' as your action pics, and I love all the gorgeous neutrals!

  4. Dearest MaiTai,

    Thank you so much for including me in your collage. It is always an honour to be part of it and to be able to show how I use your beautiful scarf rings. I love them! They are all so special to me, each in its own way.<3
    To see how the other Ladies use theirs is so inspiring!!!! I love all the pictures but please allow me to point out bagmoma with your pretty pearl statement necklace. Stunning picture!
    Monica, I love the way you use your necklace with the turtleneck and the fabulous grey poncho (may I ask which brand?), Veronika, your knot tied close to the neck looks great! I totally agree with Faux Fuchsia on Desert Mermaid´s house...and her look as well.
    I could go on and on....
    All the looks are so inspiring and beautiful and all thanks to you, dear friend.
    As you very well wrote, I also feel the "thread of friendship and shared likings" in this collage. This blog is just such a special place! <3

    To you and all the Ladies a very Merry Christmas and friendship hugs, Manuela

    1. Dear Manuela,
      Beautiful picture of you in Paris… Are these men-horses playing cricket a traditional celebration in Denmark?
      Christmas hugs,

    2. Chere Catherine,

      Merci <3 The picture was indeed taken at Place de Voges last October.
      The men-horses with me were indeed pretending to play cricket but this is not a traditional celebration in Denmark.
      They were part of an event organized by Hermes in Copenhagen last June.
      It was a wonderful evening!
      Bonnes Fétes et bisous, Manuela

      PS. Ton chat est tres mignon!

    3. J'espere que je peux dire 'tu':-)

    4. Bien sûr, je suis ravie que l'on se tutoie ;-)
      Newton est devenu un chat mignon de 5kg !
      Je te souhaite de merveilleuses fêtes et d'être entourée de ceux qui te sont chers au Portugal ou au Danemark...
      Bises, Catherine.

    5. Merci, chere Catherine. Un Joyeux Nöel et une bonne nouvelle année pour toii et ta famille aussi. <3 Bises, Manuela

  5. Très chère Maitai
    Merci de m'avoir inclus au milieu de toutes ces belles dames qui viennent du monde entier et merci aussi d'êtres la et de trouver et vendre de si belles choses
    Je te souhaite et a toutes ces belles dames un très joyeux noël et une belle fin d'année .
    Je part a paris samedi jusqu'au 3 janvier
    Je t'embrasse

    1. Bon séjour dans la capitale. Passez de belles fêtes Myriam, entourée de tous ceux que vous aimez.

    2. Merci Catherine
      Passez vous aussi de très bonne fêtes de fin d'année avec votre famille et retrouvons nous l'an prochain dans le salon
      Amitiés Myriam

    3. Oups est ce votre chat si bien bi jouté ?
      Il a l'air de bien aimé la collection Maitai
      Amitiés Myriam

    4. Oui Myriam c'est le chat abandonné qui nous a choisi comme nouvelle famille l'été dernier. Nous n'avons pas pu résister ...enfin... surtout moi ;-)

  6. So beautiful and inspiring! The collage itself and all the ladies and gentleman in it! I love each and every one of the pictures!
    Dear Manuela, would you please tell me the story behind the picture with the tall and handsome horsemen? Was it taken at a Sport event or a traditional game? And are the mysterious men your sons? Please excuse my curiosity, but the picture enthralled me :-)
    Merry Christmas to all Swans from warm germany (no snow at all) Claudia

    1. Dear Claudia,

      The handsome horse men were part of an event organized by Hermes last June to which I was invited.
      There were many of them, some playing cricket, some welcoming the guests, some sitting on benches in the garden.
      So, no... They were not my sons. :-))

      Christmas hugs, Manuela

    2. Dear Manuela, thank you so much for satisfying my curiosity. After your discription of the event it seemed to be a wonderful party! I forgot to mention, that you are looking really great in the midst of the tall horsemen! (Looking at the photo I had the same idea as Catherine, how funny...)
      Christmas hugs to you, Claudia

    3. Heck, I wish they were my sons, Manuela. They all look quite dishy!

      Of course, you looked pretty dishy yourself.


    4. Thanks!:-) Manuela xx

    5. I loved this photo so much! Thanks for sharing!

    6. It was my pleasure, dear Greta. Christmas hug, Manuela

  7. What wonderful brand ambassadors you have across the globe, darling MT!
    Everyone and everything looks so lovely!
    Warmest of holiday hugs to you all and the beauty you inspire,
    T xx

  8. How lovely all you beautiful swans look in your scarves and elegant MaiTai pieces.

    Thank you MaiTai for all your inspiration. I have learned so much from everyone!

    Merry Christmas to all, Simone xx

  9. Dearest MaiTai,
    Wonderful collage of gorgeous swans !
    xx Catherine

  10. Dearest Maitai and gorgeous flock of swans, what gorgeous, stylish photographs. You are all the epitome of elegance and sophistication. Thank you for proving a corner of style where I can lose myself every now and then. Wishing your all a peaceful and happy Christmas xxx

  11. All beautiful as always! Does anyone have experience handwashing their cashmere/silk shawls? I handwash my cashmere things and I handwash my silk things, so I don't see why I can't handwash my cashmere/silk things! I just haven't dared because I'm worried about colour runs on these multi-coloured items. Anyone tried before? I hate the chemicals in dry-cleaning! Emily :-)

  12. You all look fabulous! Fun to see some new faces! Happy Holidays to one and all!

  13. Absolutely wonderful and inspiring photos! Thank you Mai Tai for curating them and thank you swans for submitting them. And yes, please Manuela, do tell the horse-men story! LOVED the Newton pics too! What a treat to see!! Merry Christmas to all!

    1. Thanks Kendal, he is a funny cat. Merry Merry Christmas to you.

  14. Dear Kendal,

    You can find the 'horse-men story' on my answers to Catherine and Claudia above.
    Have a lovely Christmas! Hugs, Manuela

  15. Well, everyone looks beautiful . . . or handsome, depending on the gender.

    While I think every swan looks fabulous, it's Catherine's Newton that I want to get my paws on. Awwww . . . so sweet. And, to think that he nearly escaped life on the streets. What a lucky little guy.

    Now, he's obviously living in the lap of luxury and even enjoying Mom's jewels. Way to go, Newton!

    A very Merry Christmas and a bright and peaceful New Year to all,

    1. Oups, I posted late last night and I probably did something wrong… let’s try again :

      I knew that the hairy little monster would steal your heart ;-)

      I wish you a Merry Christmas and a sparkling New Year. Rendez-vous in 2016 in order to share all together MaiTai beautiful posts and your so funny and talented written comments.
      Amitiés >3


    2. Merci, Catherine, and a lovely Christmas to you and Newton, as well. Gosh, I just love him! He actually looks like he's smiling in the first picture. I think he knows just how lucky he is. And, he seems to enjoy being "decorated."

      That's one very relaxed kitty!

      A rendezvous sound fabulous - we should do it.

      Meowy Christmas,

    3. Oh, Catherine, your Newton is just the cutest! I have to admit he has stolen my heart in this collage. Just don't tell my two furbies! Now I am going to see if they will let me play dress up with them for the next collage;)
      Merry,Merry, T xx

    4. Dear Trudye,
      I'm so happy we found this little cute devil! Good idea, I am convinced your two furbies will be next collage mascots.
      Merry Christmas dear T !

  16. Dear MaiTai, thank you for sharing this wonderful collage and for including me in it for the very first time, among your beautiful and handsome, stylish blogreaders. I enjoyed it very much and feel honored by the idea of belonging to a flock of swans who are your ambassadors... ;-)
    The other ladies and the gentleman are all so elegant and glamorous. It is very inspiring to see them. Thank you also for your blog and sharing your stylish ideas and products. I would never have started wearing the Promenade de Longchamps scarf, which my father gave my mother for their engagement, without your scarfring and your knotting ideas. And that was only the beginning, for now I thoroughly enjoy wearing and knotting H scarves and I cannot imagine not wearing them...
    Thank you and your swans for giving me so much inspiration. It is so much fun! Merry Christmas and a H New Year to everybody! Cynthia

  17. What stunning company! Thank you Maitai for including me in the collage. I love seeing how everyone wears their pieces. Thanks to Monica - I would not have thought about pairing the pearl collar with a cashmere poncho. Such casual elegance. Thank you Manuela for your kind comments. Love seeing such beautiful, elegant women. Happy Holidays, Bagmoma

  18. Due to christmas preparation I am a bit late.... Woah stunnig pics of stunnig ladies! I really enjoyed Mermaids pics (do you have blog or pinterest account?) as well as of Monica and Johanna. Faux fuchsia has beautiful lips but my absolutely favorite is Newton. Selfconfidence and elegance in purrrfection.

    Merry Christmas and a happy new year to all,

    1. Dear Rita,
      Newton is definitely self-confident, elegant but concerning perfection I am not convinced! Merry Christmas to you.

  19. Wonderful collage, dear MaiTai! It's a tie between Newton and the Horse Men for my absolute favorite pin-up. Manuela and the Horse Men have a slight edge. Doesn't she look like a cat sitting in a dish of cream? (I know I would, in her place!) Thank you, wonderful MaiTai, for creating this place of beauty, style, and camaraderie. A very Merry Christmas to all the beautiful swans in Le Salon, and may 2016 bring every one of us much joy and prosperity. With warm aloha and big holiday hugs,

    1. Dear Fifi,
      You made me smile :-) I had nver been compared to a cat before:-))
      I must confess, I felt quite well among the handsome gentlemen...
      Thank you for the sweet words. <3 Merry Christmas and all the best to you in the New Year. 'Warm aloha', as you say, Manuela xx

    2. Dearest Manuela, I agree with Fifi and her apt description;) I must admit that when I first saw this pic, I thought they were polo ponies! look marvelous!
      Darling Fifi, Sending you warm wishes for a blessed Xmas and plenty of wood for the fire to stay warm ...given yours is the only part of the country experiencing Winter at this point!

      Wishing all gathered here a holly, jolly Xmas and joyful New Year! T xx

    3. Aw, dearest Trudye, thank you for your sweet and kind words. I wish you all could have participated. It was so much fun! 💃💃 Merry Christmas and 'tchim' 'tchim' to a New Year of friendship and silky moments, Manuela xx

    4. Dearest Fifi,
      I wish you a merry Christmas and some very challenging rides for next year. I am full of admiration for you, self-willed woman with such a gentle face ;-).
      Catherine xx

    5. Dear Manuela, here's hoping your Christmas was merry and your New Year will be filled with handsome men! Dearest Trudye, isn't the weather crazy? I'd love to be in Manhattan right now, dressed for summer. I don't mind if it's cold, but wish it would stop raining. Dear Catherine, thank you for the kind words. I hope you had a lovely Christmas and that 2016 is good to you and all of the lovely swans I have come to know in MaiTai's Salon.
      Much love and many hugs,

    6. Dear Fifi, I'm smilig again! Thanks for your good wishes. Hope the new year is fantastic for you too! <3 Manuela xx

  20. Late as I am, I can only repeat what has been written above...I also adore Manuela and her horsemen - gosh, I'd love to see the faces, too:) - plus all the other creative and stylish ladies and gentleman who set MaiTai's designs in scene. Congratulations, dear MaiTai, it is a great success to have people around the globe sharing the love of your creations!
    A wonderful and Merry Christmas and a Happy, peaceful 2016 to all the swans out there,

  21. Thank you, dear Katja. So sweet of you to say. I'm blushing with your lovely comments, dear Salon sisters. Have a Merry, Merry Christmas and a very happy New Year! Warm hugs, Manuela xx

  22. Dear Mai Tai and Salon Sisters,

    What a wonderful collage, you are a bunch of inspiring women!!!

    And it's so nice to put faces to some dear names!!! ( I'm still a bit shy and quite useless with moder tech!!!)

    I just want to say thank you for all that we have sahre this year, and wish you all peace and happiness.

    And Dear Mai Tai, thanks againg for your kindness and generosity, you are an ispirations for us!!
    To you and all the swans.

    Happy Xmas !!!

    Regards from Barcelona

  23. Dearest MaiTai, and All the Salon Swans,

    Thank you for creating this oasis of beauty and grace.
    I wish you all the happiest Christmas and a prosperous New Year!

    With kindest regards,