Monday, September 19, 2016

MaiTai Collection collage #19

Thank you so much again for participating and sharing your fabulous style, dearest Ann-Charlotte, Cecilia, Desert Mermaid, Eva, Fifi, Happy Face313, Jerrine, Johanna, Jonathan, Katja, Kaya7, Lanit, Lauren, lifemagazin, Macs in the City, Mademoiselle Orange, Marla in the OC, myh_myh_myh, Perla and Sharon_8000.

Blogs and social media pages of the participients of part two of the collage (please click here to see part one):

Macs in the City:
Mademoiselle Orange:
Marla in the OC:
Sharon_8000 :

Still-life by Jerrine: L'Instruction du Roy' 90 carré with a Crystal Cluster necklace in Charcoal Blue

Still-life by Jonathan, featuring masculine scarf ring packaging (leave a request in the 'instructions to seller box' when placing your order)

Macs in the City: Gold Picotin 22 kept in shape with a MTC Picotin 22 bag insert

Still-life by Mademoiselle Orange, featuring Hermes accessories and a MTC shawl ring in translucent horn

Still life by Jerrine, featuring a Bolide in Rouge Casaque, a 'Reve de Coreil' 90 carré and a MaiTai Collection Howlite statement necklace in red

Marla in the OC wearing a statement Turquenite necklace

Still-life by Lauren: Ex-Libris en Kimono cashmere GM with a linen GM travel/storage pochette in rose

Ann-Charlotte with a 'Brides de Gala' Geant carré tied into a Wrapped Basic slide, ends secured with a MTC Shawl ring in black horn

Clockwise from left: Fifi with a 'La Marche du Zambeze' 90 carré tied in a wrapped Basic Slide (looped twice around the neck), ends secured with a Classique Petite scarf ring in Ebony. Still-life by Eva: Lindy 30 with a Birkin 30 bag insert. Kaya7 with a 'Pays des Oiseaux Fleurs' 90 carré in a Criss-Cross knot, tied with a Grande Classique lacquered scarf ring in Bleu Canard.

Still-life by Sharon_8000: Lindy 30 with a Birkin 30 bag insert 

Still-life by Jonathan, featuring an Hermes Collier de Chien bracelet, 'Fleurs et Papillons' 90 carré and a MTC Grande Classique scarf ring in horn.

Cecilia with a long gemstone necklace in Vieux Or (similar here)

Happyface with an Hermes 'Chasse en Inde' 90 carré and a MTC lacquered Grande Classique scarf ring in Purple worn as a pendant

Johanna with a Howlite statement necklace in red, Happyface313 with a 'La Femme aux Semelles de Vent' 90 carré folded into a rectangle and tied with a Classique Grande scarf ring in dark MoP in a Criss-Cross knot. Perla with a 'Au Pays des Oiseau Fleurs' 90 carré, tied with a Shawl Ring into a Pleated Rectangular Fold

Hermes Picotin 18 with a MTC Picotin 18 bag insert in lilac

Kaya7 with a 'Faune Lettree' 90 carré in a Cowboy Knot, secured with a lacquered Classique Moyenne scarf ring in Bleu Marine

Still-life by Cecilia: Anneau Infinity lacquered scarf rings  in Vert Sapin, Teal, Rouge Jaipur and Rouge Noir

Ann-Charlotte with a 'Tatouage Jungle Love' 90 carré tied in a looped Basic Slide with a Grande Classique lacquered scarf ring in bleu marine

Katja with a 'Brazil' Maxi Twilly worn as an Obi belt, ends secured in the Basic Slide with a Grande Classique scarf ring in dark Mother Pearl

Still-life by myh_myh_myh: Kelly 28 in Malachite with Kelly 28 bag insert in gris

Still-life by myh_myh_myh: Carré pochette (90 carré, single) with Hermes bracelets and scarves

Lanit with a 'Les Léopards' Twilly secured with a Moyenne Classique horn scarf ring  in the Basic Slide.

Still-life by lifemagazin: 'Ponts de Paris' 90 carré with a boxed up Anneau Infinity scarf ring

Unwrapped: Anneau Infinity scarf ring in Copper/Bronze

Desert Mermaid with a 90 carré looped through a Scarf Fur Collar in Midnight blue and tied with a lacquered Anneau Infinity scarf ring in ivoire in the Cross-slide.

New in the shop.. French Artisan sugar

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  1. Dear Mai Tai,

    my last comment get lost somewhere between my place and south France, (Newton, was that you?) I hope this will not ....

    Love love love all pictures and have to agree with Jerrine, waiting for Emanuelle Alt' s call. haha who cares Giselle?
    All of the ladies and the still lifes look gorgeous and inspirational.

    Thank you dear Mai Tai for putting this together and a lovely week for everyone.


    1. Rita, you and your comment were probably lost in City Pharma:)

      Everyone looks gorgeous, don't they? And, I want to add to my want/steal list:

      - Fifi's great hair.
      - Johanna's joie de vivre (she always has the most
      engaging smile on her face.)
      - Kaya7's beautiful swan neck, which reminds me of
      our Chief Swan's.
      - Ann-Charlotte's very pretty face, and
      - Katya's trim, tiny waist.

      And, oh yes, I'd like all of their Hermès and MT goodies, as well.

      Happy Tuesday from a still very summery Atlanta,

      PS - The artisan sugar goodies are wonderful. I love the croissants, but can you imagine how adorable the little Kelly bags would look on pastel cupcakes for a girls party? Why can't we be inventive like the French? We just put sugar in bags and boxes here! We certainly don't make it into little treasures like these.

    2. ...and I agree with our dear swan leader MaiTai: Jerrine, your writing is topping on the cake, and the cake is extremely yummy to start with! Dear MaiTai, what an achievement- so many ladies and a gentleman "modelling" for your fantastic creations, it's such a pleasure to see your items in action. Putting all the pics together is certainly a piece of work - and you have done so well! I'm speechless, and I could add a lot to my steal list... Jerrine, watch out!
      Bravo to all swans and to you, dear MaiTai!

    3. Haha Jerrine, who knows .....
      Love your wish list. I would like to have Manuelas hair or her hair styling skills as I do not have the nerv to do it at 6 a.m. further Perlas eyebrows which are great and Mai Tai's legs would be nice.

      Have to say, that modeling pics are really helpful as I found 2 ladies here with similar skintone like I have and I have examined the cw of their scarfs sometimes back years to avoid painful mistakes.

      So please keep sending pics, this blog is a treasure and so helpful in so many ways.


    4. I agree, Rita, Manuela has fabulous hair, and since I'm struggling with mine right now (about to call stylist for a re-cut:(, I need her tips.

      And, Perla is just adorable all over, including her eye brows!

      Glad to hear that you're such an avid student of MT University, but I certainly agree - one can learn much from the blog and all the lovely models who participate on it.


    5. Dears Rita and Jerrine,
      You are so sweet and kind! Thank you for the lovely compliment to my hair.
      Rita, it takes about 15 mn to style it (i don't have much time in the morning either:-).
      Jerrine, don't wash your hair everyday, use good hair products (I can recommend Shuemura shampoo and conditioner for coloured hair or/and volume and Redken Color extend magnetics shampoo and conditioner, that I have been using lately and that gives a smooth and shiny hair.
      Good luck, girls! Big hugs to both of you Manuela xx

    6. Thank you, Manuela. My problem is that I have way, way too much hair for one head, and it's straight on the sides and top and super wavy in the back and way too thick all over. It's just impossible, and the stylist struggles to get the cut right (failed miserably last Saturday; second attempt to be made this Saturday!).

      I use really good products on it and only shampoo twice a week, but it takes me an hour and a-half to blow it out and style it, and there's nothing quite like having a hot dryer blowing on your head for 90 minutes when it's 95 out. And, the minute I walk out the door into Atlanta humidity - bang, frizz ball!

      I have to find a way to simplify the process, and other than shaving my head and buying a wig, I'm not sure what that will be.

      Perhaps, I will have to start wearing H. scarves on my head, a la Grace Kelly. What a lovely thought in this heat.

      Thanks for the tips regardless. They certainly work for you.


    7. Katja, I've got my eye on you, you cute little potential thief.

      Thank you for the compliment and the very best,

    8. Dear Manuela,

      many thanks for your recommendations. You are not the first person who is recommending Shu Uemura products. I have heard only good thing about so far but not tried until yet. I will check if they have smaller sizes to try. Shiny hair, I dream about like about more volume.

      Jerrine, I agree with Manuela, do not wash your hair daily if you do so. The hot water is neither good to the scalp nor to the hair. A couple years ago I read a lot on the longhaircommunity which is great source. But I have to say, it is really dangerous to dive in as you won't have any time for other things. :-)

      I wrote in the morning an other comment which went also direction Citipharma or Pierre Herme or Ladure? Hope this arrives safely at MT.

      Hugs and kisses, girls

    9. You ladies are funny! Thanks for the compliment to my hair, Jerrine! My secret is Minoxidil (and I wish I were kidding). My thick, wavy hair began thinning in my 60s. I haven't quite given up and gotten a pixie cut, but no doubt am headed in that direction. I notice some of the Swans have very short hair and they look great! I rather like Ann-Charlotte's haircut. Gives me hope for a fashionable future. Jerrine, good luck with haircut #2! I wish you could find a stylist that really "gets" your hair. It makes all the difference. I heartily agree with you and Rita about Manuela's fabulous hair. Happy Thursday, everyone!

    10. Dear Jerrine,
      Have you tried to have your hair cut in layers? And to use a hairmask instead of conditioner in the ends?
      I have a friend with very thick and curly hair and for her moroccon oil is the solution. After she washes it she uses moroccon oil (not close to the scalp though) and her hair becomes soft and easy to style. You can buy moroccon oil on amazon. Give it a try! A good hairdresser is essential, I think. Even after 28 years in Denmark I still get my hair cut in Portugal or in France when I have been there in the Summer. They cut and style in a different way.
      Good luck and a big hug to you, my dear, Manuela xx

    11. Dear Fifi,

      Thank you for the lovely compliment.
      Have a nice weekend. Warm hug, Manuela xx

    12. Dear Rita,

      Good luck with the Shu Uemura products.
      Have a lovely day! Warm hug, Manuela xx

    13. I love Ann-Charlotte's haircut, and if I looked like she does with short hair, believe me, this mane would be gone! It's very frustrating when hair is unmanageable, and it just makes me feel "messy." I guess a couple of more inches will have to come off.

      I love the color of your hair, Fifi, and am envious, but I can't figure out how to do it without wearing a bag over my head for several years. I suppose I could wear an orange H. bag, though . . . hmmmm.

      And, Rita, rest assured that I don't wash my hair everyday. I couldn't, as there aren't enough hours in the day. Let's see, 90 minutes to blow dry and style x 7 days = 10.5 hours a week. No way! Two nights of torture is about all I can stand.

      Happy Friday, Swans, and a good weekend to all,

    14. *sorry I meant 'or in France when I am there'

      M xx

    15. Update! I'll keep this brief, as I know my hair talk has bored the poor swans half to death. But, Manuela, Rita and Fifi, I'm happy to report that the re-cut was a huge success, and I feel like a human being again.

      All it needed was to whack off a couple of more inches and go over it once more with the thinning shears. What a relief. I can take the bag off of my head now!

      I always wonder why hair holds such a powerful sway over women. I don't see it affecting men in the same way at all. If our hair looks great, we're happy and feel chic and confident, but oh, boy, bad hair can ruin our day. It's not that we're shallow human beings and obsessed with ourselves, but hair does have that make it or break it power.

      Thanks for hanging in there with me M, R & F.

      Happy weekend to all,

    16. So happy to hear tge good news dear Jerrine :-) Have a wonderful weekend! Big hug, Manuela xx

      P.S. You are absolutely right about the importance hair has on us women

    17. So happy to hear tge good news dear Jerrine :-) Have a wonderful weekend! Big hug, Manuela xx

      P.S. You are absolutely right about the importance hair has on us women

    18. Yay, Jerrine! You can take that orange bag off your head now.

    19. And, I was just starting to like that orange bag, Fifi!

      Thank you to you and Manuela for the kind wishes. Day three, and the hair is doing great. Big, big relief! And, it just might be cool enough here tomorrow to break out an H. scarf. I was beginning to think that day would never come.

      Love to all,

    20. Dear ladies in the salon,

      me too, try to keep my words limited :) which is hard....
      Jerrine, happy you can leave the house with nice hair, yeahhhh. Although I would love to wear a hair scarf somehow Grace like. I did this so far when we were in Italy and had rented an open top car. I felt very glamourous with the scarf, have to admit :)))

      I was on saturday in the salon near to me with Shu's products and asked for a travel set for purchase. They did not had any but the lady gave me a generous bunch of samples to try.

      Thank you Manuela for the recommendation.

      Lovely rest of the week to all the beautiful ladies here,

  2. Wow and wow! Will ditto my comment from previous post!
    Dearest MT, your skill at arranging these collages is beyond! What a kick you must get from this!
    I bow and raise my glass to all ! Applause applause... Mwahs, T xx

  3. GOOD DAY!
    ANOTHER beautiful collage.............
    I had sent you a note asking about the HORN scarf do~DA in a medium..........I assume you did not get that as I did not hear back!Do you have those in stock?I NEED TWO!!!!!

  4. Oh yes, WOW is right!! What a wonderful collection of photos and models! I love seeing the genuine smiles on beautiful people with such elegant taste. Happyface, your pendant just made my day! Thanks to all, especially dear MT for this treat! xoxo

  5. Dearest Mai Tai,

    The second part is even more beautiful than the first one. Thank you so much for all the work you had in making this collage.
    It is so much fun and truly inspiring! Wishing you all a lovely day! Hugs, Manuela

  6. Darling swans and dearest readers, - thank you all so very much for the lovely comments, reading them always makes my day. I've been a little pre-occupied recently, so please forgive me not to come back individually this time. Loved the discussion about hair products and care, and so glad that Jerrine's cut was a success! Much love and have a wonderful week everyone, MT xx

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