Friday, November 25, 2016

Late Autumn - Capsule wardobe #173

Evening fires are one of autumn and winter's greatest pleasures, and the log piles double as a wonderful background for the new Pebble necklace in my collection!

Pebble necklace in Or with a Puzzle II 90 carré worn as a belt

During a walk with Milo last week.. since then, a couple of storms blew half the leaves off the trees and vines, changing the season almost overnight!

Rust, gold, brown and black.. 'Monsieur et Madame' is one of my favorite autumn scarves

What a big boy!

A cooler variaton of the above with a 'Quadrige' 90 carré in an asymmetrical wrap

More MaiTai Collection news - the scarf and shawl pochettes now come also in Toile de Jouy (click here)

The single lined shawl pochette doubles as a travel pochette for 70 x 70 scarves

Capsule pieces: White shirt and blue jeans. Black blazer (cool) and rust cardigan (warm)
Hermès accessories: 90 carrés 'Quadrige' (cool) and 'Monsieur et Madame' (warm), Clic-H bracelet in black (cool) and Kelly Double Tour bracelet in ebene (warm)
MaiTai Collection accessoires: Pebble necklace in Argent (cool) and Or(warm).
Shoes: Ankle boots in black (cool) and sand (warm).

What else is new:

Hair accessories: Elastics, Barettes, Chouchous and clamps
(click here)

And the new generation bag inserts for a Birkin 35 are finally in stock:

Have a great weekend and a wonderful remaining autumn everyone!



  1. So pretty. Fall finally came to the San Francisco Bay Area. Finally scarf weather. I bought 2 of your lovely scarf rings and a scarf pouch. They are beautiful!

  2. Everything very useful and you more and more beautiful and little dog already taller... Amities

  3. Wonderful post! LOVE the pebble pendant and Milo, too!
    Kindest regards,

  4. Oh, my goodness, the new necklace is so pretty! And I love your cool choices with the Quadrige scarf and blue jeans. Autumn colors don't flatter me so much but they look pretty in nature, and on you, dear MT!
    Much aloha from soggy Seattle,

  5. MILO!
    He could fit in THAT handbag of YOURS!
    Love the scarf holders in Toile!You have BECOME a DANGER for ME!
    Beautiful countryside...............Beautiful items!

  6. oh goody hair accessories!

    Love all the toasty snaps it is BOILING here xxx

  7. Looks like Milo might lean toward warm colors! Another beautiful pendant,& wonderful that it comes in both silver & gold. I mainly wear warm colors, but I do like to wear silver & some cooler colors sometimes, so thanks for the warm & cool inspirations!

  8. Loving all these looks and Santa & I will be paying an online visit as among other goodies that mink chouchous will be finding its way into a stocking late Christmas Eve and glamming up Windy City sidewalks soon thereafter.

  9. The pleated rectangular fold is one of my faves! As are you and Milo--such wonderful photos and such lovely scenery! In the Deep South, we're in the midst of a slight heat wave in preparation for some much needed rain! Perhaps you could design some posh Wellies?

  10. Greta, we've been praying to the rain gods for the past three months, and about a third of north Georgia is already burnt to a cinder. How about you? They keep promising, but then it never materializes. Big teases!

    I have no idea where my rain boots are, but I'm betting they're very dusty from non-use.

    Lovely new goodies, MT. Very tempting, and, of course, little Milo is the best goodie of all.

    Happy Monday to all. I'm home again today babysitting a Google install. Boy, they do not like installing in old homes. They're quite grumpy about it. Just hope the house survives and they get out of here before it's time to go to bed.


    1. Well, I know where all your rain went, dear Jerrine! It's been pouring relentlessly here, with a few very short sun breaks just to tease us with hope before releasing the next deluge. Everything is soggy, including my mood! Sure wish I could share some of the H2O with the great state of Georgia. Hey, what size shoe do you wear? I need rain boots...
      Aloha from Mudville,

    2. Jerrine--did it rain in North Georgia? It did in Coastal Alabama and we're expecting more! I had to dig out my rain boots this morning--they were buried in the back of the closet.

      I hope your Google install went well--and not too late. Technology was supposed to make our lives easier, wasn't it???


    3. Oh, gawd, Fifi, I'm sorry you're having to slog through endless mud. Mud is especially not festive this time of year!

      I can't find my rain boots (maybe I offered them up as a sacrifice to the rain god, who knows). But if I do find them, I'll let you know. Shoe size is an 8 narrow; sometimes an 8-1/2 (38 or 38-1/2 European). Will they work?

      YES, Greta, rain finally came to Georgia. I woke up to it this morning and for a minute, couldn't identify the sound. It had been that long. How welcome, though, even if it did snarl traffic and cause a bushel of accidents. More coming tonight and tomorrow, too, and . . . all of next week. I will soon be joining Fifi in the mud!

      And, Google is STILL installing. I should have known that technology and old houses are never a good match.

      Best to you two lovelies and all the Swans,

    4. Jerrine, congrats on getting some rain! My feet are a big ol' 9 medium, but you are sweet to offer. Good luck to you and Greta, hope your rain is just enough and not too much!
      xoxo Fifi

    5. Boy, Fifi, did we get rain - floods in a matter of minutes. We also got severe tornados yesterday, which caused much damage in Georgia, Alabama, the Carolina's, etc. I was at the car dealership for car repair (rodents chewed the wiring under the hood of my new car), and they had to evacuate us to the employee break room, as the building is almost entirely glass - quite scary!

      It took me over three hours to dive back into the city and home. At least my house was okay, and I had power when I finally reached it. Others weren't as lucky.

      Greta, how about you? Are you okay? I just wonder what's next!

      Hoping today will be a bit calmer,

    6. Jerrine--

      It hasn't been anywhere near as exciting here--just lots of rain and so much wind, but not even any thunder! Now it's chilly, chilly and I'm wishing for a parka, which you know we Coastal Alabama girls don't even OWN! And now I hear there is more rain coming? Poor Texas and New Orleans!

      Rodents chewed through the wiring of your car? That's crazy! And a three hour drive home? Wow--between that and the sheltering in place, you had quite a day yesterday! So glad you returned home safely and to power--at the end of a day like that, you need a hot bath, nice jammies and a good cup of tea!

      Happy Friday, all!

    7. Oh my goodness! You gals take care of yourselves and stay safe! Jerrine, what a grueling day you had! I'm glad your house was okay. We had a 2-day break from the rain here. Alas, the rain has returned. But at least we don't have tornados! Big hugs and hot toddies all around -- Fifi

    8. Heck, Greta, I'm impressed that a Coastal Alabama girl can spell PARKA! Yes, it was a grueling week, and tea didn't do it . . . had to break into the wine.

      But, hey, at least the Google Fiber team finally finished up for the meantime. Progress.

      Hey, Fifi, I can commiserate about the rain. It hasn't stopped here all day, and I think there are three or more days of it to follow, but we all kind of feel like our prayers have finally been answered. All the forest fires up in the mountains are now out!

      Hope all the Swans are enjoying the weekend (and Milo, too, of course),

  11. Beautiful Autumn style sheets and new additions to the collection, dearest MT!
    Of course, my favorite pic is of the growing Milo! He is the best of all and growing so quickly!
    Sending him a lipstick kiss on the forehead and mwahs to all, T xx

  12. I love the new necklace, dearest MaiTai- but you make it very hard to choose. Both versions, cool and warm, are tempting and I simply cannot decide...Trouble...Milo definitely goes the warm way- he's such a cute addition.
    If anything comes down here- it will be snow! Sending cool spells westwards, cannot share sunshine, it's too rare, sorry...
    Have a wonderful Advent time,

  13. Bonjour ma chère Maitai Une éternité que je n’étais venue ici Instagram est tellement facile .Ton nouveau sautoir et magnifique la photo tout en bleu marine est divine sa te vas merveilleusement bien Quant a tes chouchous en fourrure j adore ils sont si doux et si jolis je suis ravi de les possédée
    Ton Milo comme tu le sait je l'aime tu l'as acheté dans la région ?il est si beau .
    Je te souhaite un bon weekend et un bon deuxième dimanche de l 'avent
    Plein de bises

  14. Dearest Mai Tai,

    Sorry for my late comment but I have been busy lately. Congratulations on your new lovely necklace, bag inserts, travel pochete and chouchous. Love your capsule
    pieces. Always so inspiring... I wish you a lovely weekend and do look forward to your next post. Much love, Manuela xx

  15. Biggest hugs to you all! Loved everyone's comments and hope to be able to join you again soon. Hope you had a happy start into the holiday season, and that the weather improves for all swans who got flooded or stuck with torrential downpours! xxx


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